How The Rich Gambled Away Our World

Gambling scene from Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon

The stock market is just gambling on corporations. That’s all it is. Since time immemorial men have wagered on fighting cocks, running dogs, and racing horses—anything that moved. In the 1600s men made-up artificial beings called corporations and wagered on their predatory movements across the globe.

And now—as with so many gamblers—the human family will have to suffer. These degenerates have bet the whole house, and all bets are off. God is coming to collect and They’re bringing the flood, the fire, the whole fucking apocalypse. How did the world go bankrupt? As Hemingway said, slowly, then all at once.

Artificial Cocks

Corporations are legal persons. That’s just a legal fact. In practice, however, they’re superhuman, which is why I call them beings instead. We talk about the coming of AI, but it’s already here—has been since the 1600s in fact. That is the corporate form, and it’s already taken over the world, multiple times.

From the beginning, these artificial beings were given dominion over entire continents, while rich men created the first stock markets to take bets. We think of stock markets as being a modern thing, reaching their greatest heights, but the largest corporations in history were actually among the first listed.

The Mississippi Company, the South Sea Company, the Dutch East India Company. Absolute predators upon humans and the land, but who made gamblers a lot of money if they got in and out on time. You can see the South Sea Bubble popping below. It was an absolute supernova of money set alight.