How The Police And Press Work Together

The police, who killed George Floyd, protesting the death of George Floyd. And press reporting it. Via

Our relative was killed by the police outside his own house (in Texas). The police took the man’s body, his phone, and didn’t tell the family who went looking from hospital to morgue. In the meantime they coordinated a story, released it to the press, and the two worked together to cover-up a murder. This is what the police/press nexus does.

In the US Alec Karakatsanis laboriously documents ‘copaganda’ (especially in the NYTimes), but this is everywhere. Everywhere the boot of cop steps, there is a journalist telling you its for your own good. They are part of the same system. Cops are fundamentally there to protect private property (the rich) and those rich enough to own private presses use it to protect the cops. One hand washes the other, while both feet stomp wherever they please. As 21 Savage said:

Know we walk around the world
Steppin’, not givin a damn ‘bout where our feet land at, yeah
Get your ass mushed, smooshed

Where I live, in Sri Lanka, I can see it in closer circumstances. So close I can’t even talk about because the persecution (pressecution) is ongoing. If you ever see the press talking about you or your loved ones you see how much they A) get wrong and B) lie and then you realize that this is endemic. In Sri Lanka the press constantly reports on poor people being killed by the cops as ‘trying to escape’ or ‘reaching for a weapon’. The police devour bodies and the press shits them out. The police/press nexus constitutes one tapeworm embedded deep in our body politic.