How The ‘Free World’ Is Occupied Territory

The global protection racket of the White Empire

Once you realize that it’s been Opposite Day since the end of World War II, things start to make more sense. In 1949 the Department Of War became the Department of Defense and people believed this lol. At that point the United States occupied Europe (especially Germany), Japan, started war in Korea, and maintained a permanent garrison in the Pacific, centered in Australia. When the USSR did this it was called occupation, but when the USA did it they were ‘just visiting’. But then they never left. So occupation it remains, just buried in a barrage of opposite words.

Today these countries are called ‘free democracies’ or ‘the free world’ or often just ‘the world’. That’s how insular the view within White Empire is. What to anyone from the Bronze Age onwards is an obvious occupation is, in our brazen age, called ‘freedom’. But look at where the military bases are. Occupation by another name still reeks of defeat.

What the privatized propaganda of the ‘West’ calls ‘free democracies’ are actually occupied territory. Look past the words and just look. If you have another country’s troops on your soil you’re not free. Saying they’re there for your protection is a deeply traumatized reaction to what any honest peasant would recognize as military occupation.

Just as a few examples, the US has been caught spying on the leaders of France and Germany and they just take it. They have blown up Germany’s natural gas infrastructure and they just take it. They may or may not station nuclear submarines in Australia, when the issue is raised in Parliament the Australian people are told they don’t have a right to know. They have of course couped Australia before and are now making them buy their own subs (pissing off France, cause also fuck them). Why? To protect their trade with China from China. Does this make sense? No, but Empire says so.

The treatment white people get from the White Empire is still better than the other colonies. When Iraq voted for American troops to leave their soil they were told to fuck off. Japan’s own military remains constitutionally neutered while they remain occupied with multiple divisions worth of rapey foreigners. Koreans cannot decide on their relationship with their own families without permission from Washington.

Like vassals within any empire, these nations have nominal control of their affairs, but when push comes to shove, they get shoved. When the banners are called they have to supply troops to whatever province the Empire is beating up on, and when economies have to be sacrificed against whoever Empire is besieging, it’s vassals that have to bear the brunt. Right now ‘for’ Ukraine, the White Empire is calling up an un-integratable hodgepodge of tanks and materiel from Spain, Germany, South Korea, and whoever has it. Ukraine gets very expensive coffins while those vassal states get demilitarized. We are who about to die and destroy our economies salute you, as these modern Cable-TV gladiators shout out.

The Empire calls ‘sanctions’ (White word for sieges) against Russia, but it’s actually its vassal, occupied ‘allies’ that have to bear the brunt. Germany gets deindustrialized, the UK goes cold, and India just laughs at it all and resells them Russian resources at a premium. I’ll repeat, these are not free countries. Are they free to decide what wars they get embroiled in? Are they free to act in their own economic self-interest? Empires throughout history have given their vassals great freedom, but they always had to pay tribute in treasure and armies and blood. Please put yourself in the sandals of your average ancestor and ask, how is this White Empire any different?

I’ll repeat because it does not seem to penetrate peoples skulls. Look at the map again. If you have tens of thousands of troops on your soil, you are not free. If someone openly spies on your leaders and blows up your infrastructure, you are not free. If you get dragged into random wars and sieges that have fuck-all to do with you, then you are not free. You may have a flag and a currency and a cuisine, but you are not free. You are living in occupied territory. It’s Freedom© and Democracy™, but these are just marketing taglines on what to any objective observer is just the biggest Empire in history, doing the worst fucking things.

Right now poor Ukrainian menfolk are being sacrificed so that the White Empire can slightly bleed its Russian enemy. Right now the entire European economy is being sacrificed so that Russia can be mildly inconvenienced. Meanwhile the citizenry within the latest capital of White Empire (America now, was the UK, it keeps moving) have seen their life expectancy drop well below China and even with Sri Lanka while their elites make even more money. The great innovation of this incarnation of White Empire has been making money by losing wars and looting their own treasury. And everyone is supposed to believe this is freedom. Everyone is supposed to be proud of this. It’s a crying shame. After you wipe your tears, just look at things clearly.

After World War II the United States did not just benevolently take over British bases and colonies all over the world. They occupied the UK. They did not benevolently help out Germany, they integrated Nazis into NATO and they occupied them. Same thing for Japan and Korea, and wherever their boots still be. World War II was a scramble for power and it’s just the power of American propaganda (all those fucking WWII movies) that made it seem like it was all ‘aw shucks’ good intentions. Meanwhile the evil commies (that actually won the war by killing the most Nazis) occupied the Warsaw Pact. But what about the parallel occupation on the other side? Nothing to see here, that’s freedom. Freedom™. It’s a mockery.

I’m occupied in Sri Lanka. I know this. Our government got color couped and we’re run by the IMF now. We’ve been occupied for hundreds of years. I know this. But you in the heart of empire are occupied too. Do you vote for these wars? Do you feel proud of having foreign troops on your soil? Hell, if you’re in America, do you like being occupied by your own highly militarized police? Do you ever wonder why you get embroiled in beating up random poor people all over the world, and get inundated with hate for random places you’ve never heard of and which have fuck-all to do with you? What do you think is happening to you? Where do you think you are?

These so called ‘democracies’ are social clubs with no actual control of fundamental economic or military policy. They get drawn into every war and siege, at the price of their own misery. We get to keep our culture and customs, up to a point, but we must quarter foreign troops and/or pay taxes by holding foreign currency (the dollar reserves which fund Americas profligacy). This is literally the same thing that rich land/slave owners in America revolted against as the most brutal tyranny. And it’s the system they’ve imposed on the rest of the world (everyone that isn’t actively under siege). So peel the stickers off the life marketed to you as freedom and democracy. Look behind the words and realize that it’s been Opposite Day since 1949. The so-called ‘free world’ is occupied territory. And you’re probably in it. The least you can do is claim the few cubic centimeters inside your skull.