How Renewables Are The Only Secure Energy Source Now

This Sauron shit obviously isn’t good

The same sun shines on everyone. The same wind blows across the Earth. The same water cycles round and round. We have energy we don’t have to import and don’t have to pay for in dollars. This is energy that no one can sanction, that no one needs to be invaded for.

Renewable energy isn’t magic (takes resources to catch it) but it isn’t completely tragic like fossil fuels. And I don’t mean that fact that fossil fuels end in tragedy. I meant that they’re already wrecking lives right now.

Where I live we ran out of oil and coal just cause we ran out of dollars. In Europe they’re running short because America wants them to. At any point anybody can run out, and it’s not much better if you’re an oil producing country. Then you’re highly likely to get invaded, besieged, or couped.

Hence the real draw of renewable energy isn’t price or sustainability. It’s security. Controlling your own energy supply is controlling your own destiny and the best energy is the kind that you can produce at home. So the sun, wind, and water that’s common to us all.

Hence it’s not even about the future of the planet, which people honestly can’t care about when they’re struggling right now. It is about right now. Especially for poor countries, renewables are a matter of national security right now.

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