How Palestine Is Beating Israel Militarily

A brave resistance fighter blowing up an Occupation tank. Israel has no similar images at all, and must round up civilians to look like it’s doing something

As Israel rounds up, strips, and executes civilians, it proudly posts photographs saying that these men were Hamas. Which we’re supposed think is evil, simply because the word sounds Muslim. But, even as a Buddhist, I love and revere Islam. These are not bad sounds to me. At the same time, I have seen with my own eyes what the White Empire and Israel actual practices, and heard their lies long enough. Evil is as evil does, and gods know it’s right in front of us now. I’m with the Resistance. More power to them.

The men Israel is pulling out of refugee camps and parading in their underwear are not Hamas, and certainly not the fighters of its Al Qassam Brigades. Israel runs from these actual fighters and has not captured a single one, not even on camera. The men Israel is rounding up for a perverse photo op are just poor civilians; stripped naked, made to kneel in the cold, and — in some cases — field executed. This is just textbook genocide, marketed as war. In truth, Israel is all war crimes and no war. They are winning battles against civilians, and losing the actual war against soldiers.

The Objective Objectives

By Israel’s own stated objectives, they’re losing, and losing bad. Israel’s stated objectives — the objective reasons for this violence — are freeing hostages and destroying Hamas. Israel could have freed hostages on Day One, by exchanging them for the thousands of Palestinian hostages it holds. Instead, Israel took more hostages and attacked civilians, ie everything they accused Hamas of.

If Israel wanted to engage Hamas, all they’d have to do is walk into Gaza. The Al Qassam Brigades will come and find them, as they have been doing whenever Israel shows up. Israel, however, is afraid of this, hiding in tanks that Al Qassam hits anyways, or hiding even further in planes and drones, dropping bombs on defenseless civilians. If Israel wanted to destroy Hamas they’d have to stand and fight on the ground, and take heavy losses. Because the Occupation Forces are cowards, however, they just drop heavy bombs on civilians, and lie about Hamas hiding under the bed. But Hamas is literally underground, and Israel’s genocidal campaign hasn’t weakened them at all.

Israel has not captured a single Hamas fighter or achieved a single military objective thus far. As I’ve written, Israel is winning the genocide and losing the war. As terrible as the humanitarian situation is for Palestine, for Israel the military situation is even worse.

The Battle Hymn Of The Republic Is Genocide

The point of war is engaging and destroying the enemy army. Insomuch as the army is embedded in a population, this can theoretically be done by simply killing everyone, but practically this is almost impossible. While you can raze a lone rebellious village or even city-state, subduing a larger population requires a hideous amount of resources and is ultimately counterproductive. Such evil inspires both tenacious resistance and international condemnation.

America pretends like this is a modern tactic and calls it ‘strategic bombing’, but it’s really just old-school burning down a village with modern technology. And it doesn’t work. America lost in Vietnam, drew in Korea, lost in Afghanistan, and so on. The only place it sorta worked was when they nuked civilians in Japan, and that was backed by actual boots on the ground from both them and the much more honorable Soviet Army. In modern times, America always loses by committing these ancient war crimes, even against much lesser forces. And this is the strategy Israel is openly copying, except in much different circumstances.

Unlike America, Israel is not genociding some distant population. They are still trying to commit the genocide of the land they physically occupy, something America did long ago, with far less cameras watching. Israel’s population thus faces costs that Americans have long forgotten. Also unlike America, Israel has many hostile neighbors, and even the colonial satraps (Saudi, Egypt) are unreliable. Furthermore, Israel is committing its genocide in the 21st century where it is A) live-streamed and B) fought against natives with RPGs, rockets, and GoPros. Israel’s tactics are fundamentally unsuited to the time and place they live in. They can kill a lot of people, they can raze Gaza to the ground, but every time they engage the actual enemy, they get destroyed. Israel hits hospitals and misses the point entirely. You’re supposed to eliminate the enemy, not create more.

Gaza Is In Terrible Shape And The Resistance Is Fine

In its openly genocidal campaign against the people of Gaza, Israel has already killed at least 1% of the population, and injured and disabled many more. But they have not destroyed Hamas, or any of the resistance armies. They have not even meaningfully degraded them. Fighters are still eliminating Israeli troops and rockets are still hitting Israeli settlements.

Al Qassam et al are engaging and destroying the Israeli Army at point-blank range, while Israel is wasting all its tinder and time murdering civilians. Israel simply cannot keep going on this way, until everybody else is dead or ethnically cleansed. They don’t have enough time, tinder, or political cover.

Israel’s own corrupt government is internally weak and can fall at any time. The corrupt western leadership that backs them is going against their own population. Biden will lose the next election and none of these politicians can even go out to dinner without getting accosted as genociders, which they are. It goes without saying that the majority of the world hates Israel at this point, and all around the region, the natives are getting restless.

On the other side, Israel are not fighting children throwing rocks anymore. The children they didn’t kill have grown up and have anti-tank weapons and rockets now. They operate underground, with connections to each other, to other resistance groups, and state powers. What is the point of carpet bombing when your enemy is deep beneath the rug? All Israel has done is make itself into an international pariah, while the much more professional forces of Hamas et al rip them a new one. As the assassinated Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin said, “Our first generation, of the Nakba, passed. The generation of stones and bombs emerged, the generation of fighters. The coming generation is the generation of liberation.” That’s the generation fighting now. Sheikh Yassin is dead, but these fighters carry the homemade Yassin 105 shell, and they’re tearing Israeli tanks apart.

The Gaza Front

The mainstream news is part of the western corruption and simply embed with the genocidal army and report whatever these known liars tell them. The media landscape, however, has changed, and you can just follow the Resistance for yourself, most notable on Telegram. And every day they post how much men and matériel they eliminate. You know, actual military stuff, unlike the terrorism the Israel blankets the media with. As Abu Obeida of Hamas’s Al Qassam Brigade (whose word is backed by video evidence) said recently (via Telegram),

Over 410 Zionist military vehicles have been completely or partially destroyed since the beginning of the ground aggression on the Gaza Strip, and dozens of soldiers and officers of the occupation army and brigade leaders have been killed. According to the enemy’s admission, 90 soldiers and officers were killed, and undoubtedly, the real number is much higher. The number of wounded enemies exceeds 2000, many with serious injuries.

Note that the so-called terrorists are talking about military objectives while the so-called military is bombing hospitals. You can see who the real terrorists are, can’t you? If you follow the Al Qassam Brigade directly (you need to use Telegram Web or Desktop), you can see for yourself. The Resistance reports about attacking tanks, bulldozers, and soldiers, while the Occupation drops 100,000 bombs and pretends that Hamas was under all of them. Which it obviously wasn’t, cause Hamas et al are still actively fucking them up.

Israel lies about ‘human shields’ when such behavior would obviously be pointless. What’s the point of hiding behind civilians? Israel is targeting them first. The worst place for a militant to hide would be among civilians. In truth, Hamas actually hides underground, are able to emerge within meters of Israeli occupation points, and disappear like ghosts. When Israel does find tunnel entrances, they get blown up on top of them. Israel has never released footage of them capturing or even engaging Resistance fighters because they don’t have it. They just invade hospitals and point at toilets like lunatics.

Militarily, Israel completely lost the first two months of battle in Gaza, accomplishing none of its objectives of destroying Hamas or freeing hostages. All they did was kill/disappear over 20,000 people, most of them women and children. When Israel did deploy ground troops and tanks, they got destroyed at point-blank range by Resistance fighters. Israel claimed ‘control’ of the North of Gaza, but they were really just encircled from underground.

When Israel finally agreed to Hamas’s terms of hostage exchange — which had been available from day one — Hamas humiliatingly released the hostages from within the North of Gaza, which Israel had lied about ‘controlling’. Even more humiliatingly, the Israeli hostages were well-treated and friendly with their captors, while Israel’s hostages emerged with broken bones, or were beaten to death for asking about the ceasefire at all. All Israel has shown was a capacity for bullying innocents, while being total losers against actual soldiers. And now they’ve come back for round two.

Since Israel ended the ceasefire and returned to daily terrorist attacks, their military situation has still not improved. In fact, it’s gotten worse. Take just the last 72 hours of attacks reported by Al Qassam (on December 7th):

During the last 72 hours, the Qassam Mujahideen were able to completely or partially destroy 135 military vehicles in all fighting axes in the Gaza Strip, and left dozens of Zionist soldiers dead and wounded after blowing up a number of tunnel openings and houses belonging to enemy soldiers after booby-trapping them and targeting the Zionist forces penetrating into places of concentration and positioning. They fired anti-fortified missiles, missiles, and anti-personnel devices and clashed with them from zero distance. They also destroyed military concentrations with mortar shells and short-range missiles, and directed intense missile barrages at various targets and with different ranges into the Zionist entity.

Perhaps you doubt the provenance of this information, but Al Qassam releases videos of tanks being blown up, while Israel only has images of them running around shooting up empty schools in response.

The Resistance Is Everywhere

And bear in mind, Al Qassam is just one resistance group Israel is fighting against. Israel is also being hit by Saraya Al Quds (Islamic Jihad), the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade (Fatah), the Lion’s Den, the Martyr Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades (PFLP, communists), the Al Nasser Salah Al Deen Brigades (formerly Fatah), the Mujahideen Brigades (Mujahideen Movement), the Omar Al-Qasim Forces (Marxists), and Night Confusion. And these groups are operating not just in Gaza, but in the West Bank and across Palestine as a whole. When I report on Hamas hits, that’s just one faction across one front, and Israel is fighting on multiple fronts.

The Loss Of North And South

Most notably, the much better armed Hezbollah resistance movement in Lebanon has effectively decolonized the north of Palestine already. Hezbollah has been fighting a systematic ‘battle of the towers’, dismantling the ‘great wall’ Israel had built to protect its northern front. As of last month, Hezbollah reported destroying: 33 radars, 140 surveillance cameras, 69 communication systems, 17 jamming systems, and 27 intelligence systems. Again, many of these reports are verifiable because they release videos. Hezbollah has also targeted troops and its attacks have caused settlements to empty out in north Palestine, with over 80,000 colonizers fleeing.

Note that this degradation of Israel’s military has been without ground forces. Hezbollah is fighting Israel through the air, where the Israelis are usually dominant. And they’re still losing there. The Israel Occupation Forces have not even encountered Hezbollah’s ground forces yet, where they would get destroyed. With their eyes and ears shut down in the Battle Of Towers, Israel is in great danger (and Palestine is given great hope) of Hezbollah liberating the north. Not only does Israel not control the north of Gaza, they don’t control the north of occupied Palestine at all.

At the same time, Yemen — which survived its own genocidal attack from White Empire (the US and Saudi) — has completely cut off Israeli shipping to the south. Now Israeli ships have to go all the way around Africa or get taken to Yemen, where the crew are given great hospitality and the Yemeni people take graduation photos aboard. Neither America nor Saudi do anything because the Yemeni government (under Ansar Allah) have proper missiles that can hit the Saudi oil fields, and nobody wants that. Again, the oil is what this is all about, Israel is just America’s unsinkable aircraft carrier, plonked there to divide and conquer. But now their ships can’t even float through the Red Sea. They’ve lost both the north and the south.

The Loss Of It All

Israel today is fighting a war on multiple fronts while expending most of their energy, resources, and support on genocide, which is completely counter-productive from a military standpoint. Israel are not degrading their enemies in Gaza or the region and are, in fact, being degraded by them on a daily basis. Israel is not freeing its hostages and, in fact, has to accept Hamas’s terms while being humiliated at how humane their enemies are, especially compared to them. Broadly speaking, this is not going well for Israel.

In response they are making things go even worse for the innocent civilians of Gaza which — while it seems therapeutic to these psychopaths — is worse than useless militarily. Israel is increasingly making the case that it has no place to exist at all, any more than anyone could live with the Nazis, or Rhodesia. Meanwhile the Resistance across the whole divided region is making the case for complete Palestinian liberation, from the river to the sea, as it should be. A place where Muslims, Jews, and Christians can live together, not an apartheid military garrison set up by carbon crusaders, inflicting constant violence upon everybody.

Palestine, unfortunately, has to beat the whole White Empire that actually runs the place, not just Israel, but for both of these historical evils, time is simply running out. America doesn’t have the power it had last century or even at the beginning of this one. Iran, Syria, and to a shambolic degree Lebanon escaped re-colonization and supports Palestine. And the rest of the world is watching this traumatic genocide in real time and doesn’t support it, for what it’s worth. Which sadly isn’t much.

This is a war of liberation and such things are not won with thoughts and prayers, and certainly not by condemning freedom fighters. This war is being won on the ground by the martyrs, mujahideen, and resistance fighters of Palestine, and the resistance fighters across the Arab World. These are the people painstakingly achieving the military objectives that Israel and Empire scorn, and bearing sacrifices the imperials know nothing about. A common motto I hear across the Resistance channels is, “Indeed, it is a jihad of victory or martyrdom,” and so it goes. Allahu Akbar, as the saying goes. God is great, and the last, most wicked empire of man is weak and crumbling before our eyes right now. It still has great power to kill, but it simply cannot live much longer.