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How Joe Biden Is Killing Millions Of People Right Now

“Your murderers come with smiles. They come as your friends. -Goodfellas

Right now Joe Biden is starving almost everyone in Afghanistan through cruel, pointless, and spiteful sanctions. Right now Biden has killed more Americans with COVID than Trump. Right now Joe Biden is still blocking global patent-free vaccines.

Beneath his ‘aw shucks’ grin, Joe Biden is a cold-blooded killer. He’s killing millions of people, right here, right now. Trump was at least a killer clown, obviously bad. Biden is worse because he comes as a friend.


While Biden takes credit for ending the 20 year war on Afghanistan, he has not ended the war. Siege warfare is still warfare, in fact the most brutal kind. We look on ancient troops starving entire populations to death as barbaric, but this is what Biden is doing through bureaucrats.

As Bernie Sanders said: “Afghanistan is facing a humanitarian catastrophe. I urge the Biden administration to immediately release billions in frozen Afghan government funds to help avert this crisis, and prevent the death of millions of people.”

On his ignominious way out of Afghanistan, despite America (under Trump) negotiating with the Taliban, Biden froze billions of dollars of Afghanistan’s own money. This means that people were unable to get paid, to buy food, the entire economy has functionally collapsed.

This is all happening as Afghanistan enters winter, meaning people are starving to death. A shocking 97% of Afghan people are on the brink of universal poverty. According to the UN, a million children are thus far fated to die .Joe Biden is quite literally starving everyone in the country, and for what? To point out that the Taliban is bad?

The sick thing is that Biden does it all with a smile, while his envoys talk about ‘friendship with the Afghan people’.

To paraphrase Henry Hill from Goodfellas:

“When you’re [living under Empire] nobody ever tells you that they’re going to kill you. Doesn’t happen that way. There aren’t any arguments or curses like in the movies. See, your murderers come with smiles. They come as your friends.”

And ordinary Americans don’t even know what they do. Americans will come kill you and then make movies about how hard it was for them. That is, in fact, what’s happening right now.

Today Hollywood has cast Tom Hardy and Channing Tatum as American soldiers ‘saving’ Afghan people. Meanwhile the Afghan people are actually dying, right now. It’s absolutely macabre. America kills so many people and then plays with their bones.


The meat-grinder of American necro-capitalism is so ravenous that it even devours its own. As an American ‘centrist’, Biden doesn’t actually represent people, he represents corporations. The Tootsie-Roll center of American politics is pure corruption.

Hence Biden is throwing his own people into the meat-grinder of Omicron because who cares? The stock market is going up. The great golden god of the economy is all his administration talks about, and they’ve corrupted the CDC to just throw sick workers, nurses, and doctors right back into the most contagious wave they’ve ever had.

Biden has now killed more people with COVID than Donald Trump, and the numbers are rising by thousands every day. The entire healthcare and education system is collapsing and he doesn’t care, because the stock market (ie, rich people’s feelings) is still going up.

Eventually, of course, even the market will crash into reality, ushering in a fascist government like the Great Depression ushered in Hitler. Americans are meeting their fate on the road they took to avoid it. Instead of a New Deal, they just got the same old self-dealing, a final orgy of corruption on the way down. In that sense Biden was a return to normal. It’s business as usual while everything around them burns.


Contrary to what Kamala Harris has said, Omicron did not come out of nowhere, it was widely predicted. It was caused. As Dr. Tedros of the WHO said, “no one is safe until everyone is safe.” As every scientist said, COVID spreading anywhere will lead to variants that spread everywhere. In truth, White Empire effectively brewed Omicron in a bathtub of its own corruption and greed.

In October 2020, America, Europe, Canada, and their lackeys blocked India and South Africa’s proposal for patent free vaccines. They are blocking it still. This would have enabled us to use vaccines to help end the pandemic, but they just used them to make money.

Biden, in his standard lying style, said that he supported patent-free vaccines but not the proposal on the table. And so no patent-free vaccines have been made. Nothing has been produced, least of all distributed. It’s all hot air. We’re still negotiating with these assholes to save all of our lives.

In the meantime both pharma companies and COVID-19 are making a killing. Only China has been pulling their weight, while the US just attacks Chinese vaccines, instead of uniting as human beings. The US government is now just the marketing arm for corporation, with guns.

Biden has told his own people “We are looking at a winter of severe illness and death for the unvaccinated” but leaves out that this includes billions of people across the world. Of these millions will die or become disabled.

As people have been saying for years, the US President has unilateral power to produce much more vaccines, but for purely corrupt reasons he has not got it done. Now all that blood is on his hands, as much as if he’d used guns.

All Blood

And so millions die of deprivation, not only in Afghanistan but in America’s ongoing sieges of Yemen, Venezuela, Cuba, and Iran. Millions die of disease all over the world. And none of this was necessary, all of it was caused. If the bloody Empire had elected someone actually different, there would not be so much blood.

Instead we get this grinning rictus of a President, this walking caricature of American hypocrisy, discrediting the whole democratic process by somehow getting more people killed than the monster he replaced.

Trump was at least transparently evil and both Americans and the world could obviously oppose him. Biden is opaquely evil, and opposition is less obvious, but it’s nonetheless necessary. Americans may feel like they dodged a bullet with Trump, but that’s not true. There’s still dead bodies all around. Joe Biden is a polished, lying killer, and this is even more deadly than a killer clown.