How Joe Biden Is Killing Millions Of People Right Now

“Your murderers come with smiles. They come as your friends. -Goodfellas

Right now Joe Biden is starving almost everyone in Afghanistan through cruel, pointless, and spiteful sanctions. Right now Biden has killed more Americans with COVID than Trump. Right now Joe Biden is still blocking global patent-free vaccines.

Beneath his ‘aw shucks’ grin, Joe Biden is a cold-blooded killer. He’s killing millions of people, right here, right now. Trump was at least a killer clown, obviously bad. Biden is worse because he comes as a friend.


While Biden takes credit for ending the 20 year war on Afghanistan, he has not ended the war. Siege warfare is still warfare, in fact the most brutal kind. We look on ancient troops starving entire populations to death as barbaric, but this is what Biden is doing through bureaucrats.

As Bernie Sanders said: “Afghanistan is facing a humanitarian catastrophe. I urge the Biden administration to immediately release billions in frozen Afghan government funds to help avert this crisis, and prevent the death of millions of people.”

On his ignominious way out of Afghanistan, despite America (under Trump) negotiating with the Taliban, Biden froze billions of dollars of Afghanistan’s own money. This means that people were unable to get paid, to buy food, the entire economy has functionally collapsed.

This is all happening as Afghanistan enters winter, meaning people are starving to death. A shocking 97% of Afghan people are on the brink of universal poverty. According to the UN, a million children are thus far fated to die .Joe Biden is quite literally starving everyone in the country, and for what? To point out that the Taliban is bad?

The sick thing is that Biden does it all with a smile, while his envoys talk about ‘friendship with the Afghan people’.

To paraphrase Henry Hill from Goodfellas: