How Geology Buries Black Voters

Voter suppression is built into the bedrock of the USA

America’s Electoral College seems like a weird quirk but it’s actually racism written in stone. Let me give you an example, with a tip of the whole head to Latif Naseer.

This is an electoral map of the American South… from 100 million years ago.

See the southern coast, running through the Carolinas, Mississippi, Alabama. That crescent of land that was the Cretaceous-era coastline and remains blessed/cursed with rich, fertile soil. Lazy, evil white people dragged enslaved people here — families, women and children — and worked them 18 hours a day to pick cotton. Raping, torturing, murdering and selling them at will.

As Booker T Washington said, “The part of the country possessing this thick, dark, and naturally rich soil was, of course, the part of the South where the slaves were most profitable, and consequently they were taken there in the largest numbers.”

After they freed themselves, many descendants of the enslaved still lived in the south, through much persecution, which continues to this day. Part of this persecution is the Electoral College. It means that while their bodies have power, their votes do not.

Let’s look at a modern electoral map.

These blue areas have a high Black population and are voting against the white supremacist. But because of the Electoral College (and active suppression) those votes don’t count.

America Is Built On Voter Suppression

America was not founded as a democracy, unless you mean literally a Greek slave state. At Independence, only 6% of the population could vote. America is founded on voter suppression. That is their bedrock.

Their founding institutions are based on preserving rich, white power, not people power lol. That’s just the propaganda, which is remarkably effective. America was actually one of the last modern democracies to get universal suffrage, in 1962. Fifty-six countries, including Sri Lanka, got it earlier.

America uses its census to create power (Electoral College votes) and then this fucked up board game to take it. The Electoral College means minority black bodies count, but the majority whites get to take all of that power. It’s like the three-fifths compromise, except now they take it all. It’s literally winner take all. Who wins? White power.

This is a terrible, backwards system if you view it from a democratic perspective, but if you view it as the founding bastards intended, it’s working great. They’ve managed to keep the enslaved down even 225 years later. America was founded by rich white guys that didn’t want pay taxes. They’ve never been better.

The American foundation of voter suppression looked like it was getting better, but has actually gotten worse. Black people got the vote, but the Electoral College and downright suppression make it not count in the south. The Voting Rights Act that people fought for has been gutted. Meanwhile the carceral state of six million now disenfranchises more people than were peak enslaved (four million). And America has its first white President. The first that wasn’t white by default, but by malicious intent.

Americans cannot see this through their centuries of hypocrisy, but they are not a good democracy. They are a slave state, with a few wholly inadequate modifications. In any modern democracy the popular vote winner wins. Americans simply accept the loser winning like this is normal, but it is not. The rest of the world thinks you are insane, because you are.

America is not the land of the free. It is the land of the enslaved. Even geologists can see the racism. American racism is written in law, enforced in blood, and carved into the bedrock of the Earth.

I learned this from a thread by Latif Naseer and the facts are wholly adapted from that. Give him a follow or listen to his Soundcloud or whatever.

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