How Dystopian Art Became Utopian Advertising

Today people look forward to a Blade Runner future, eat Soylent, and dream of a coming Metaverse. If you’ve read or watched any of the media they’re referencing, it’s shocking. Those stories were all dystopias. They were all warnings that people have taken literally, as avertissements. As advertising.

Dystopias have become utopias now.

Blade Runner

Par example, dude went viral saying “Tesla Cybertruck looks unreal . Something straight out of Blade Runner.” Blade Runner, of course, is the story of a future where most life has gone extinct, the rich have left the Earth, and automated robot slaves do much of the work and violence. This is honestly what Elon Musk is building towards, but not in a good way. This vision of the future is fucked.

Blade Runner looked cool, but Deckard and everyone in it was constantly wet and miserable. Life was mostly dead or dying. You never saw green or the sun. But they had cool cars. That’s all we took away from that dystopian warning. A fucking advertisement.

Soylent Green