How Doctors Became Hacks

Foreign cars for them, no foreign development for us

Padeniya at Gota’s political event (background). Government officers are not allowed to do this.

The GMOA is now the Gota Mob, explictly backing a Presidential candidate and laundering lies through what is supposed to be a medical institution.

The latest is that the American MCC grant (for public transit, traffic and land records) will actually involve building a Trumpian wall across the country. They have gotten someone’s child to draw this:

This is just a complete and stupid lie. Americans can’t even build a wall in their own country. This grant is for reducing traffic and improving land records.

The GMOA is a group which wants car imports for themselves and no international benefits for anyone else. This is what motivates them, not patients or medicine. They just exist (and strike) to extract money and cars for themselves and to block international development for anyone else.

The worst example is that this group of doctors opposes ambulances. Rather than support something that saves lives, they have instead spread stupid lies about it. About ambulances.

When India helped fund a nationwide rollout of life-saving ambulances, the GMOA told people not to use them because they would get electrocuted. Because there were defibrillators in the ambulance. These are doctors. These are supposed to be doctors.

My uncle died of a heart attack at a time when there was no way to quickly get help. I wish an ambulance could have gotten to him in time. The GMOA has said the hospitals shouldn’t accept patients that arrive in an ambulance. The GMOA is criminal.

Now they are completely aligned with one political candidate, appearing at Gotabaya’s manifesto launch sitting next to him. This is illegal as they’re supposed to be a non-political body, but political power of course trumps all laws.

They have also staged strikes, putting lives at risk, to support their candidate, and continue laundering whatever lies will benefit him — including circulating fake letters from the Catholic Cardinal.

Again, the GMOA just exists to get cars and money for themselves and to block and hurt the rest of the country. The only international development they understand is Toyota Prados for themselves. The only oath they keep is to Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

The GMOA is a cartel and a danger to patients and the entire country. As is the candidate they support.