How Cars Are The Apex Predators

If aliens were watching Earth, they’d think cars were the apex species. I mean, just look. If they looked down, this is what they’d see:


Photo by Ian Beckley from Pexels

Road, roads everywhere. 20% of the earth’s surface is within 1km of a road, and the rest is vivisected into 600,000 pieces, most of them tiny.

Where there aren’t roads, there’s parking.


Dodger Stadium parking lot in Los Angeles, via 21st Century City

Parking, parking, with no one there. In LA there’s more parking spaces than human spaces (housing). As Strong Towns says, “parking is the dominant physical feature of the postwar American city,” and this car cancer has spread all over the globe.

Aliens can see it from space.


If they’d look a little closer, they’d also see that cars are predators.

The human herd is relentlessly culled by these beasts of prey. Cars are the #1 killer of young people (aged 5–29). Our children have to cross car-infested rivers every single day.

The most popular trucks in America are so big drivers cannot even see children (WTHR)

Cars have evolved to get bigger and bigger, such that you can now fit an entire Kindergarten in the blind spot of the most popular trucks, which are often bigger than some of last century’s tanks. These behemoths absolutely splatter children and hit everyone else square in the internal organs.

Who would our aliens believe runs the Earth? The kings of the road, or the roadkill?

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