How Canadians Are The Worst Vaccine Racists

Canadians are consuming the most vaccine per capita and blocking the world from making our own

Canadians are real polite bastards. They signed up for COVAX — to procure a vaccine globally — and then immediately undermined it by hoarding. Canadians are per capita the worst vaccine hoarders in the world — they have enough for at least 4X their population. But Canadians want to look like the nice guys, so they front about ‘donating’ their leftovers. But we don’t want leftovers, we want justice, which they’re blocking as well.

Hundreds of countries are demanding a patent-free vaccine at the WTO and guess who’s among the Greedy Nine blocking it? O Canada. Like I said, polite bastards.

Canadians are the worst vaccine racists in the world.

The Greedy Nine

To me, living in the Dirty South, I will never forget this list. These are the countries blocking a vaccine from billions of people. They are killing people for profit. These countries are corrupt and evil, there’s no other way of putting it. These countries are the enemies of humanity and, spoiler alert, they’re also the countries killing us with climate change.

Remember their names:

US     UK     Norway     Australia     Brazil
EU     Switz  Canada     Japan

This is the G9 of crimes against humanity. The Greedy Nine. When Jonas Salk was asked who owned the patent for the Polio vaccine he said, “Well, the people I would say. There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?”

Today drug lobbyists are like “Can we patent the sun?” and these corrupt governments are like “Sure, and the moon. See you at my fundraiser.”

Canada is among this criminal cohort, and every Canadian should be ashamed. I’m actually a Canadian citizen but I live in Sri Lanka and I’m mainly furious. These preening bastards, acting like they’re the sane, kind ones. They only look good because they live above a meth lab. Canadians are, in fact, the worst hypocrites of all. They are literally hoarding the most vaccine. Canada is just another genocidal colony, pretending like they not only discovered virtue but also invented it. And asking us to be thankful.

I say remember their names because these are the same countries that come around talking about development and human rights like they give a shit. What about the ability to manufacture life-saving medicine? What about our right to free movement across the world? Canada is a racist colonizer like everyone else, and it’s never been more clear than with the vaccine. They can never come around here talking about development again.

Charity From Criminals

In response to this Canadians always comment, oh but we’ll donate our leftover vaccines. Like we’re dogs, waiting on scraps. Hell, even our dog gets special food cooked for them. Canadians would treat billions of people as less than dogs, and they want good PR for it. For their scraps.

We don’t want scraps. We want justice. We want what the WHO called for — for COVID vaccines and treatments to be global public goods. We want what decent countries like China and Russia are doing, committing to a shared vaccine and to fighting this pandemic together. This is what the WHO said, and precisely what Canada isn’t doing.

While there is a wish amongst leaders to protect their own people first, the response to this pandemic has to be collective.
This is not charity, we have learned the hard way that the fastest way to end this pandemic and to reopen economies is to start by protecting the highest risk populations everywhere, rather than the entire populations of just some countries.
Sharing finite supplies strategically and globally is actually in each country's national interest.No one is safe until everyone is safe. We need to prevent vaccine nationalism. (Dr. Tedros, DG of the WHO, August 2020)

Instead, the Canadians and every white nation have gone full Vaccine Nazi. They’ve completely fucked up their basic public health response, creating huge demand and actually infecting the world with worse and worse mutations. Then — having created the problem at such a horrendous scale — they are hoarding vaccines and blocking other people from manufacturing their own. For profit. For profit. In the middle of a pandemic. And they want us to thank them for their leftovers. These bastards.

The Future Offenders

We must always remember these names, because the countries killing us now will kill us again. Just as they’ve done before. Just as they were founded. The indigenous people of Canada had a civilization that would have lasted thousands if not millions of years, but Canada genocided them and has done nothing but exploit the land. From clubbing seals to digging up fossil fuels, it’s been one long path of destruction, but aren’t they polite about it, eh?

But look at what they’re actually doing. Look at their actions. Learn from their rank hypocrisy on COVID-19. They’re doing the same thing to us with climate change. Blowing smoke up our ass while lighting the Earth on fire.

CO2 per capita

Canadians are per capita among the worst polluters on Earth, and their economy is centered around climate change. Oil, gas, fossil fuels. Ripping it out of the Earth, lighting it on fire, and sticking the rest of the world with the bill. Of the top 10 financiers of climate change, 3 are Canadian banks. They are profiting from our destruction, and doling out scraps of climate action as PR.

Look again at the Greedy Nine. These are repeat offenders. These are career criminals. THESE ARE THE BADDIES.

US     UK     Norway     Australia     Brazil
EU     Switz  Canada     Japan

These nine countries disproportionately cause climate change and/or base their economies around fossil fuels. Remember them, and understand who they are. Not their PR, not their ‘donations, but what they do. Beware sneaks bearing gifts. These disgraceful nations have showed us who they are with COVID-19. Believe them.

O Canada

O Canada. This genocidal land! Only the profit motive commands. From ripping the skin off every mammal in sight to blocking vaccines to causing climate change, these are not the good guys. These are just polite bastards. They have killed, they are killing now, and they will kill again. They donate to the world like the opiate-dealing Sackler’s donate art — simply to cover their tracks. Look at what they do. Look at who they are. Canadians are the worst vaccine racists in the world.

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