How Anti-China Propaganda Is Killing YOU

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

China mounted the best COVID response in the world and gets nothing but shit for it in the western press. Meanwhile White Empire has mounted the worst and gets nothing but excuses.

Yeah, there’s definitely a cover-up somewhere. There’s 2 million bodies in Empire’s lebensraum, hidden under a pile of newspapers blaming China.

You have to understand that people in China don’t even consume this shit. They’re not reading The Atlantic of watching Fox News. All this propaganda is directed at you. While the lies are merely irritating for China they’re downright fatal for people the heart of whiteness (the US, UK, EU, etc).

While anti-China propaganda is about China, you have to understand who it’s for. It’s really for domestic audiences, to give them an enemy that isn’t their own rulers. Anything to keep people from asking for even basic competence from their governments, because that would be Chinese and China is their enemy.

So you’re being told to shut up, go to work sick, struggle to raise your kids, and just drink the poisoned Haterade they’re selling on TV. China is evil, China is draconian, dying is better than being Chinese.

Meanwhile in China they’re not thinking about this shit at all. They barely think about COVID and they certainly don’t think much of you. All of this propaganda has nothing to do with them. Chinese people don’t see it and they don’t give a fuck.

Maybe someday it’ll build the consent for war, but right now anti-Chinese propaganda is just killing you.

This Is Your Brain On Propaganda

The actual numbers—all bodies covered up with newsprint and piled behind the TV—are shocking. Over 2 million people have been killed in the US, UK, and EU alone. Meanwhile less than 5,000 have died in China.

And yet this thin layer of newsprint and radio waves is so powerful that it gets people to ignore the awful smell of death that they just live with now. China has Zero-COVID and Empire has Infinity-COVID, but China are somehow still the bad guys.

Western elites calculated that marketing death is easier than saving lives, and the shocking thing is that it works.

And people in western media environments really believe this shit. They really believe that China saving millions of lives is somehow evil and not something their governments could or should do. They really believe that living with restrictions and death forever is more ‘free’ than quickly eliminating outbreaks and getting back to life. It’s an absolute triumph of propaganda over a complete failure of governance.

The COVID Response

Even saying that China has had the best COVID response is somehow controversial, but just look at the numbers again. Over 2 million reported dead in White Empire, and less then 5,000 in China (with nearly double the population). I’ll go on, but what’s to say? Just batting the thin layers of propaganda away:

You don’t trust China’s numbers? Dude, don’t trust your numbers. When there’s one case China tests everyone in the whole damn city, often within hours. They catch every case, while people in White Empire can barely get tested if they try. The numbers from within Empire are actually a huge undercount.

You could say it’s incompetence rather than malice, but this is a feature of capitalist wickedness, not a bug. It’s Malcompetence™.

China is just lying? Dude, when the Wuhan outbreak happened you could see the shutdown from space. Even now when they shutdown cities like Xi’an it’s quite visible, and the western media certainly bitches about it. Western audience watch big COVID responses happen and are confused that they have results.

China isn’t lying about eliminating COVID, you can literally see them eliminating COVID. The lie is that your governments couldn’t do the same.

The Propaganda Response

The truth is that while Empire’s COVID response is far worse than China’s, its propaganda response is far superior. Like everything else they have privatized propaganda, and their corporate media dutifully churns out stories about lab-leaks and draconian lockdowns, asking obscure questions about China and missing obvious ones to ask themselves.

Even positive stories about China have ‘but at what cost?’ added to the headline, in case you forgot who to hate.

Anything to stop people worrying about the COVID leaking all around them, the waves of half-assed restrictions they’ve been living under for years, and the huge human and economy costs they continue to pay. And westerners somehow buy it, I guess because there’s isn’t much else to consume. What alternative media there is usually crazier.

The unfortunate thing for anyone that speaks English, however, is that this propaganda spreads everywhere. White Empire has spread this demented idea of ‘living with the disease’ as well as disinformation about Chinese and Russian vaccines. Brains are just a battlefront in their new Cold War, and this zombie information is eating brains.

These jack-asses decided to start Cold War 2 in the middle of a pandemic and like last time it’s killing people in the Third World as well. We get killed by their vaccine hesitancy and our governments that emulate these ‘developed’ countries instead of East Asian countries that actually didn’t kill everybody.

The Unresponsiveness

And so here we all are, in year 4,000 of a pandemic that could have been squashed in two months if these idiots had just watched what happened in China, learned something, and behaved like human beings.

Instead White Empire just watched their stock markets, calculated that it was cheaper to market death, and refused to save human lives. And so here we are in 2022, 23, running up the Greek alphabet while these assholes tell us to fear the Chinese. As long as your rulers keep making money, they’ll keep making this shit up. Why not? It sells.

You have to understand that this is what all the propaganda is for. It’s not about China, it’s about you, and keeping you focused anything but the bodies piling up in your living room.