How American Democracy Is Purely Performative (In 3 Images)

What a historical farce

For the anniversary of Trump’s Coup attempt, the Democrats had the cast of Hamilton sing. After years of fighting COVID, they had nurses come in and sing as well. During the largest civil rights movement in history, they wore kente cloth and took a knee.

It’s all performative bullshit. They haven’t done shit.

No one involved in the coup has been removed and they’re just going to come back. Nurses are being forced to go back to work while infected with COVID, dealing with the government’s public health failures. The violent police have been given more money and weapons.

American democracy is purely performative now. It’s a total shitshow.

1. Hamilton

What the impotent fuck

Hamilton itself is a weird sort of self-propaganda, brown-washing the faded lie of American democracy. Everyone in power (from Cheney to Obama) attended it, meaning it’s not threatening to power at all.

Hence Lin-Manuel Miranda et al’s maudlin song at the Coup Anniversary, which will be likely be a celebratory event soon. Hitler’s failed coup anniversary became a national holiday for the Nazis, and Germany’s Social Democrats at least arrested him. America’s Democrats are doing nothingand expecting better results.

It’s just bullshit like people singing:

We’ll bleed and fight for you
We’ll make it right for you
If we lay a strong enough foundation
We’ll pass it on to you, we’ll give the world to you

Meanwhile the person quoting those lyrics, Nancy Pelosi, isn’t doing shit. The foundation of the Voting Rights Act has been destroyed and the Democrats can’t pass a response. They just made Juneteenth a holiday, yay. It’s pure performance art and it’s worse than cringe. This is total collapse.

The Democrats are remembering the coup but forgetting to do anything about it. While Republicans are taking over election boards, while voting rights remain gutted, Democrats are putting on a fucking musical.

2. The COVID Choir

What the sweet propaganda hell

Just as Biden’s lack of planning was throwing nurses into the wood-chipper, his wife had nurses put on a song and dance number. Actually a pretty good description of Biden’s Presidency.

The Northwell Health Nurse Choir was invited for a frankly grotesque performance of, effectively, “We who are about to clean up your mess salute you.” The same nurses that have to bear the brunt of administration incompetencies also have to sing for them.

It is, as Hannah Arendt said, a bunch of “pious banalities”.

Haul out the holly
Put up the tree before my spirit falls again
Fill up the stocking
I may be rushing things, but deck the halls again now

Well, they were rushing things and they’re hitting over a million infections a day now, along with the daily 1000+ dead they’ve become numb to. Entire hospitals, schools, and communities are collapsing. Bring out the holly! Put up the tree before my spirit falls again!

3. #BLM

Nancy Pelosi sternly staring down racism before getting back to insider trading

Then the dumbest shit, which was the Democrats response to the largest civil rights movement in history. Democrats wore kente cloth, took a knee, and went back to neglecting every concern the protesters raised.

Biden doubled funding for police hiring, kinda the opposite of ‘defund the police’. His administration gave $94 million in military equipment to the policy in 2021. And he got Trump off the hook for assaults on protestors in Lafayette Square.

It’s absolute, lying, bullshit, covered up with a bit of cloth. As you can see, there’s a pattern here.

Performative Democracy

In lieu of actual power, Americans have a performative democracy. They get to choose which capitalist party beats minorities to what degree. But the capitalist orgy continues unabated. Republican or Democrat, the shitshow must go on.