Hospitals and The Horror

"Dr. Mohamed Al-Haj Ahmed, shot by an Israeli sniper, with a bullet penetrating his back and exiting his hand at Kamal Adwan Hospital in northern #Gaza. Dr. Mohamed Al-Haj Ahmed, shot by an Israeli sniper, with a bullet penetrating his back and exiting his hand at Kamal Adwan Hospital in northern #Gaza. His parents & sister were killed in the attack. Despite his injuries, he hasn't abandoned the wounded, continuing to treat them!" (Via)

I'm in the hospital (for someone else, who's fine) and the thought of someone bombing this place is just abominable. It's unimaginable and yet I must imagine it, because it's happening right now. I think of the walls being pierced with tank shells, the roof coming down, soldiers and drones coming in and shooting people, beating the doctors and torturing them. I think of all this as I walk down anodyne halls, with everything in place, sanitized and numbered. What I see on screen is spilling into reality. Empire imperils all of our souls via empathy. I can't help but feel it, and feel it keenly. 'Israel' and America have attacked normal human life so much that signs of their evil are everywhere. It's unbearable and I'm not even bearing it.

'Israel' has shelled, invaded, and targeted hospitals from day one. I remember in the beginning when they targeted and hit doctors at home, killing them and their entire bloodlines. That was table stakes for the bloodless blood-letting that was to come. Since then, I have seen them sneak into hospitals in disguise, to execute patients in their beds. I have seen them bomb a hospital and blame the Resistance, only to go on and bomb all of them. I have seen them kill everyone around a terrified child (precious Hind), then kill the paramedics that came to help her. Now, the stories coming out of the concentration camps are that the 'Israelis' reserve the worst torture for doctors. Every day it's something worse. Their brutality knows no bounds.

None of this is collateral damage. This is all a planned and executed strategy, they have meetings about this, they mark points on maps, they check names off lists. This is all coordinated, especially with the Americans who have to supply the munitions. Hospitals are the centers of public health and 'Israel' is trying to kill the public. They come out and say it, they don't hide it, only the western media covers it up, the 'Israeli' press doesn't give a fuck. They're killers and they're proud of it. The big complaint within the 'Israeli' public is not taking the gloves off. Even the Germans weren't that into genocide, but 'Israel' is built on it.

This is what genocide looks like. We all know what homicide is, genocide the application of the same murderous instinct to an entire population. And how do you kill a public? By attacking public health, by attacking public water, by attacking public food, by attacking public shelter. Which is precisely what 'Israel' has done. They have attacked hospitals, water supplies, every bakery, and put every UNRWA shelter out of commission. This is a premeditated genocide, which adds up to tens increasing to hundreds of thousands of individual homicides, each a tragedy that crushes an entire universe. I can't believe it but I'm seeing it every day. Truly for Christ's sake, they attack hospitals.

I've been in hospital (with dengue and a hernia operation) and you're uniquely vulnerable. You're tethered to machines, you can't go to the bathroom by yourself, you may not even be able to get up. And these are in the best cases. Many people need dialysis, cancer treatment, special drugs, intensive care. Everyone in a hospital needs water and food, this goes without saying, but all of this is denied to Palestinians. Even without the bombing, the shelling, the invading, the torturing, and killing, Palestinian hospitals do not even have generators to run machines, they don't have running water for bathrooms or to wash, and if they get up, they get sniped or shot by quadcopters. What fresh hell is this? Evil incarnate has truly colonized the Holy Land, and nothing is holy to them at all.

Doctors in Gaza conducted amputations without anaesthetic and now they report just giving paracetamol to people dying on the floor. Just today I saw two children mortally wounded, dying on the pavement. Who can they call? The ambulances have been targeted along with the hospitals. This scene has played out well over 40,000 times, people dying quickly if they're lucky or slowly under the rubble. This maceration of the very concept of medication is premeditated, this is all planned and executed at a national and imperial level. This is a battle without honor or humanity, conducted against the (once) strongest Empire in history against a captive population. It is a battle against the health and life of an entire people, conducted in sight of the whole world. The cruelty is the point, they want us to watch. They want us to be terrified because that—beneath all the marketing—is what White Empire is founded on.

This cannot go on. 'Israel', America, and the tag along racist state of Europe cannot continue after this (it's all one White Empire to people on the bottom like me). There is no rehabilitation of any place that supported this. We either have the concept of rehabilitation in hospitals or the concept of their destruction in hostilities. These two things cannot co-exist. The Empire has to be defeated, it has to be defamed, it and these vile violations have to be thrown into the historical dustbin or this becomes the future.

America normalized mass bombings of civilians after World War II and called it 'strategic,' it became normal. We consider it normal and even good that they dropped nuclear bombs on civilian populations. It's not! Today 'Israel' is trying to normalize the targeted destruction of hospitals as 'strategic', and as long as either of these powers (one power, really) exists, this is what normal is. As the martyr Aaron Bushnell said before he incinerated himself, “this is what our ruling class has decided will be normal.” It is truly us or them. We, people of flesh and blood, have to incinerate this empire of bureaucracy and bombs.

Now the blood of brave Palestinians is already on the table, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the PFLP, the Mujahideen Brigade, all the defenders of life that the newspapers would have you hating. The blood of Yemen is on the table, the people who have already given so much for nearly a decade. And the blood of Iran, and the people of Lebanon led by Hezbollah. All of the people the Empire said were terrorists are in fact terroirists, fighting for their land. Fighting against the genocidal greed that follows no creed but capitalism and books only profit, with a special taste for blood money. Palestine is just the epicenter of rebellion that must spread before everyone is free. Those who took power by fighting won't go without one.

The only comfort is that the Empire is weak now, and fundamentally bullies, used to bombing hospitals, and weddings. They crumble against actual Resistance. They are winning the genocide but losing the guerilla war in Palestine, and also conventional war against Russia. As much as they try to eye poke China, the world can see that America (as the gang leader now) is both a paper tiger and on fire. The White Empire has no moral authority nor the military means to maintain their immorality much longer. They are, as the Quran says, ‘weak as a spider's web’ and their days are numbered. They are a nuclear spider, however, and we are all deeply imperiled by imperialism, especially at the end. Superpower was a misnomer, America is a supervillain. They still have the power to take everyone with them (even more immediately than the climate they collapsed) and the ignorant arrogance to actually do it. One must tread carefully, but we cannot continue to be tread on any longer. We cannot live like this. As anyone with empathy must feel, they're killing something deep in our souls. They're literally attacking hospitals. There's nothing lower than this. This has to be the bottom.