Western Leadership Is Driving Us Off A Climate Cliff

It's time to kick the bums out

A blue car flying off a cliff into the Grand Canyon. Still image from the film Thelma and Louise
From Thelma and Louise

The world is driving straight of a climate cliff, wondering why the car won't stop. We made the engine electric, but it's still going. We made the warning lights bigger, but people just ignore them. Now it's time to do the most obvious thing. Change the driver.

Western leadership has been driving for centuries and they're not even looking at the road. They just watching the gauges, flooring it to make GROWTH go up. They don't give a fuck about the world whizzing past outside. Now the scenery is on fire and they don't even notice.

We're screaming that there's a cliff ahead, and their solution is to drive slower. "In thirty years," they say, "we'll start tapping the brakes." This is the wrong answer. When you're driving off a cliff, you need to brake and turn around. These assholes will never do that, because they're only looking at the GROWTH gauge. "What if we make the gauge green?" they say. It's bullshit. 'Green growth' is still growth, it's still too much resource consumption and still comes too late. It's still acceleration when we just need to stop.

These people will never get it. We are wasting our time trying to find the middle of their dumbass populations, trying to make them understand. They will never take their foot off the gas. They will never stop counting their money. We have to kick them out and hit the brakes ourselves.

Meanwhile the car is full of children, and they're screaming as well. Our maniac driver's solution is to throw 'pledges' and reports in the backseat, anything to shut them up. The west doesn't believe in any of this shit (they're still accelerating!) they just do it to shut the children up. The truth is that, they need to get the backseat now. They need to shut up. They need to listen to the children, listen to every 'developing' country, listen to the indigenous people saying this for centuries. You're getting us all killed. It's time for responsible people to take the wheel.

The fact is that our entire climate is careening off a cliff and we're trying to just politely talk the main driver out of it. It's not going to work. We're discussing the paint, the engine, and the radio station on the car and not the real problem. We need to change the fucking driver.

As long as we live under western hegemony, we will not live very long. We need to do like Jesus and take the wheel. We need to kick out western power, not even listen to their bullshit, and just turn the wheel, hard. What do you call such a turning of the wheel? A revolution. How else do you turn the world around?