Don’t Blame Crazy For Violence

Mentally ill people are not dangerous. Stigmatizing them is

White Caps, from the long history of White Terror in the USA

I have been with a loved one during a psychotic episode. I have tried to reason with them (which is impossible) and got them help (which works). They were sick. They were just sick. They were not violent. Study after study shows that mentally ill people are not violent. They just need help.

Do not throw my loved ones under the bus because America has too many guns and a white supremacist government. Leave the mentally ill alone. They can’t defend themselves, they’re literally sick. This rhetoric just makes it more likely for them to get shot or hurt.

America has a specific problem with guns and white terror. This has nothing to do with mental illness at all. The root of America’s gun violence problem is very simple. Just look at this map.

This is why America (and Yemen) have gun violence. Map from Borysk5

I don’t even know what to say about this. Nobody else has this problem. America has gun violence because America has more guns than people.

The predictable death toll is just something Americans have decided to live with. As Dan Hodges wrote “in retrospect Sandy Hook marked the end of the US gun control debate. Once America decided killing children was bearable, it was over.”

The supporters of gun rights (as opposed to human rights) are obviously terrible human beings. They are also cowards who can’t just say ‘I really like guns and I don’t care how many people die’. So they have to find someone to blame. They blame the mentally ill. It’s reprehensible on top of appalling.

This is just the baseline in America. They have a lot of mass shootings in general, this is normal. White supremacism just makes it worse, because now there’s a political dimension to the latest slaughter, and it comes from the very top.

This current crop of mass shooters is not some random spurt of insanity that sprung up. Americans elected a white supremacist. By definition, white supremacism means that means everyone else is inferior— their children don’t matter, their lives don’t matter, they’re invaders, they’re criminals, they’re scum. This is all hate speech coming from the President now.

Inferior people are being terrorized, because that is the point of white supremacism. You get state terror through the kidnapping of children and freelance terror through wholesale murder. It’s open season.

In 2018, almost all extremist attacks in the US were by right-wing extremists. Most of them white supremacists.

Murder And Extremism report, from the Anti-Defamation League

Asking Republicans for their response to white terror is like asking a fox about henhouses. They are the ones that knock. They are the political sponsors of domestic terror. This is their base.

The Republican party today is the KKK with tax cuts. It’s crazy, but don’t blame it on crazy people.

Crazy people are not violent. The American President and his party are violent, and they’re trying to throw the mentally ill under the bus. Please don’t let them. For crazy and just decent people all over the world. America needs to stop the fucking bus, get the white supremacists off, and try to get back on the road to civilization.