America Is Ruled By COVID Cowards

Sick nurses are being forced to go back to work… treating vulnerable people. Sick teachers are being forced to go back to school… teaching unvaccinated children. America has just given up on COVID. They’ve surrendered. It’s a nation ruled by COVID cowards.

Biden’s only policy is ‘mask up and get vaccinated’ but that’s private health, not public health. You can’t stop a pandemic millimeters from your face or inside your fucking body. You have to fight it with public health.

What this means is primarily test/trace/isolate, so infections never get near most peoples faces. This basic concept has been known for a fucking thousand years going back to at least Ibn Sina in the Middle East and ancient China. You need to contain a disease and keep infected people away from others. Fighting COVID isn’t a mystery, white people were just dumb.

However, non-pharmaceutical interventions are not even mentioned by American ‘experts’ even though that’s how China beat their epidemic without vaccines at all. Even testing is A) widely unavailable and B) for informational purposes only. Institutional quarantine has never existed. Now positive people are supposed to go back to work.

Public health has just become commodified like everything else. Vaccines and masks are all products and that’s all the government is talking about. Providing government services (including leadership) they simply cannot understand.

Fowl Language Comics by Brian Gordon

Even the basic concept of a government run for the benefit of human beings is incomprehensible. The only thing they talk about, the only thing they care about is their great golden god. The Economy. As a Biden official said, via CNN,

“The economy is booming, there are millions of open jobs, and we do not believe people should be sitting at home if they are vaccinated and boosted, as most adults are… So we are not going to write checks to incentivize people to sit at home, and we are not going to bail out businesses if the economy seems strong.”

What the fuck is he talking about The Economy? You can bring economies back to life, you can’t raise the dead. You can’t make all the people with Long COVID magically breathe normally again.

Thousands of people dying every day, and they’re just like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. This is literally the what Biden’s COVID record looks like:

Via Dr. Tall Eddy

Tens of thousands of people are getting disabled and they don’t give a fuck as long as they can limp back to work. People are dying because ERs are full and healthcare workers and teachers are quitting in droves. The elites just don’t give a fuck. The only thing they’ll respond to is a market crash, bodies can crash down all around them without raising a stir.

America has been having at least a million cases every day and their rulers don’t care as long as millionaires’ stock portfolios are going up. They push the narrative that COVID is mild (it’s not mild!) ignoring the fact that they are brewing up a hot batch of god knows what variants now. What do they care? It’s more monopoly vaccines to sell! More monopoly money!

The country is ruled by profiteers — war profiteers, healthcare profiteers, education profiteers — and a pandemic is just another misery to profit from.

The only obvious concern of the Biden administration is getting the living—even if they’re coughing and spitting—back to work. The dying can fuck off and die, but everybody else has to get back to work.

The whole country is a chain gang now, it’s just an endless chain of transmission, mutation, and their leadership doesn’t give a fuck. The elites are double, triple, quadruple-shotted up. They get on TV from remote locations and yell at teachers to shut up about safety or quit. Elites have testing, masks, and the growing investments to sit on at home. Everyone else can eat shit.

Brian Gordon

As long as the ‘economy’ (ie a graph of rich people’s feelings) is going up, children, the disabled, the poor, the unvaccinated (who do not deserve to die!) can get disabled or die. Less money to spend on Social Security I guess. Forget herd immunity. They’re just culling the herd.

At this point there is no US government that serves people, there was a hostile takeover in the 80s and it’s run by private equity now. Hence during the pandemic, the federal government just serves drug companies. They provided the basic research and funds, they enforce their patents globally, and the President uses the bully puppet to market their wares. Rather than using vaccines to end the pandemic, they’re using them to just sell endless vaccines.

The American government lacks, fundamentally, the will to end this pandemic at all. This isn’t Trump, more people have died under Biden now. On a bipartisan basis, they’re a bunch of surrender monkeys to disease. They cannot even comprehend the concept of winning. What are we? A bunch of Asians? They’re ruled by a bunch of COVID cowards, and they’ve sold the rest of humanity out.