Colonialism Never Ended. It Just Became Capitalism

First they raped us. Now they’ve come for the whole Earth

Still from Burna Boy’s Another Story

Colonialism WAS capitalism. We were colonized by private companies. Sri Lanka still has VoC coins in the soil. People forget that we were colonized and enslaved for profit, not pride. Kings and queens took tribute, most of the theft and brutality was overseen by Boards of Directors. We were colonized by capital.

Colonialism IS capitalism because it never ended. Modern capital markets began with the Dutch East India Company (VoC) in 1602. That was the first IPO. Colonial companies still operate today. Unilever, which used forced labor in Africa, is literally selling whitening cream back to colonized people today. The UK was paying reparations to descendants of enslavers until 2015. Some white assholes were collecting slavery checks just six years ago.

At its peak the VoC was worth twice the market cap of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Apple combined. The bloody age of colonization was the golden age of capitalism. It’s the same thing, and of course it never ended. You think these fuckers just left all that money on the table because they grew a conscience? LOL. Colonizers just started working from home. It became colonialism in the cloud.

Modern capitalism figured out that you don’t need to enslave people, you can just pay them slave wages. You don’t need to set up governments, you can just coup or sanction the ones you don’t like. You don’t need to occupy countries, you can buy off their elites with education, jobs, and points-based migration (the points being how useful you are to white people). It’s colonization as a service, administered through the cloud.

Colonialism is not history. It’s still here. Just look around.

White nations have MORE white troops in the Middle East than during colonization. Poor countries are still providing resources to the rich. People blame third world corruption for all our woes, but follow the money. It all ends up in places like London, not Lagos. The UK runs a literal network of money laundering islands, it’s the money laundering capital of the world.

More obviously, why are rich multinationals able to set up factories everywhere while colored workers can’t move? Why can capital move while labor is drowned for trying? Why are white people allowed to be ‘tourists’ anywhere, while colored people have to apply for passes under passport apartheid? Why are we still stitching your underwear and rubbing your fucking feet?

Where are we? It’s just colonialism with tips. Capitalism is just colonialism by air. And that’s not even our biggest problem. Our biggest problem is where it all ENDS. Exploiting us is one thing. Fuck you for that, but this is worse. Capital-colonialism — left undefeated — is going to destroy the whole Earth.

Climate Change

Capital-colonialism is the exploitation of resources for profit. That’s all it does. That’s what makes the stock market graph go up, that’s what’s measured in GDP. Not air, not trees, not raising children, not caring for elders, all of that has zero value under this system you call an economy. It’s just resources in, consumption up, cash out.

Where do you think this ends? This unchecked exploitation leads to the final destruction of the human Earth. Climate change. That’s literally all BitCoin produces. It’s terminal capitalism, the final conversion of server heat to wealth. This is not something new to this age, it’s hundreds of years old. From colonization to capitalism to climate change. It’s one unbroken line.

Having raped our land and people, capital-colonists have now come for the air. This hurts everyone, but of course it hurts us the worst. Once again, the south gets stuck with the bill. Look at who’s causing climate change compared to who will suffer most:

Climate Winners And Losers — In Two Maps

‘Developed’ (ie colonial) countries caused climate change, and we get the worst effects. You inveterate bastards. Colonized us again.

A map of colonialism is a map of climate change. A map of capitalism is a map of climate change. They lead to the same melted map because they’re they same thing.

If you set up a system that rewards endless growth based on consuming resources, congratulations, you’ve invented planetary cancer. This shit was obviously a disease when it was killing brown and black people, but you told us to be thankful for the railroads. Now look. The entire colonized world was canaries in the coal mine, but the real problem was the coal. Now the whole fucking Earth is on fire.

The Arc Of History Is Crashing Into The Earth

These are not isolated events. The forces of history do not just disappear when you write them down, especially when you do not acknowledge how Nazi-evil colonialism was. Thus we end up where we are today, where colonialism has just morphed into the relentless capitalism which threatens us all.

Colonialism was capitalism. People literally invented capital markets to strip resources from across the world. Colonialism is capitalism, because that’s still what capitalism does, stripping the Earth down to complete collapse. The VoC emblem is branded all over Sri Lanka. These companies branded their names on actual human beings. This shit is very real to us. You need to understand. This unchecked line of white greed leads directly to climate change, where we find ourselves today.

Do you feel shitty about climate change? This is how colonized people have felt for hundreds of years. This is how it feels to be colonized. To see your environment and way of life destroyed. To see your own elites selling out humanity. To see war and destruction and to be told you should be thankful for the ‘civilizing influence’.

The fact is that capital-colonists destroyed civilizations that had lasted for thousands of years and which would have sustained for thousands more. They created flaccid states like the UK, EU and America which seem rich but have shittier public health than the third world. Indeed, they call us third world like it’s an insult. Third world just means the countries that didn’t nearly nuke the Earth last century and are not destroying it with climate change now. You bastards should aspire to be more like us.

This ‘western development’ you talk about. It’s a pyramid scheme, finally collapsing on the Earth. Sri Lanka has nearly the same life expectancy as America, with 94% less resource use. What the fuck are you even doing with the wealth? What do you even get for mortgaging your childrens’ future? You’re literally just burning money for no great human return. It’s just capital-colonialism, the same thing that’s been killing us for centuries, now ending life as we know it. Great job guys. Thanks for the ‘civilization’.

The idea that white people and capitalist innovation is going to lead us out of climate change is a joke. The master’s tools will not dismantle the master’s house. All of the conciliatory noises from the west are just public masturbation. These bastards never gave up colonialism and they’ll never give up capitalism without a demand.

The only way out of planetary ruin is to end what should have ended centuries ago. Colonialism. Capitalism. They’re the same fucking thing. Colonialism won’t end until capitalism does, and the world as we know it will end unless we stop them both.