Checking In On America’s Nazification

‘Weimar Carnival’ by Horst Naumann

Last year, I wrote that America looked like Weimar Germany, you know, before the Nazis. Now that it’s one year later, let’s check in on how the American Republic is doing, referencing Weimar Germany by Eric D. Weitz again.

Biden Time

Unfortunately, the collapse of America seems to be proceeding faster than Germany’s, because Joe Biden is not fucking doing anything. The Weimar Republic was decried as not doing enough to prevent Hitler, but compared to Biden, they did a lot. As Weitz wrote:

“For a time, Germans created a highly liberal political order with very substantial social welfare programs. The lives of so many ordinary people improved greatly: the working day was reduced to a more humane eight hours, at least in the first years of the republic, and unemployment insurance seemed to herald a new era that would protect workers from the vagaries of the business cycle.” Excerpt From Weimar Germany Weitz, Eric D
Weimar Germany by Eric D. Weitz

The Weimar Republic created substantial social welfare programs, while Biden has actually cut the meager relief Americans got. COVID cheques, rent/loan moratoriums, and the child poverty credit all faded on his watch.

America is testing whether they can avoid fascism by doing far less than Germany did, in more ways than one. When Hitler tried to overthrow the government, they at least jailed him for a minute and broke up the Nazi party. It didn’t work, but again, they at least tried something. Americans are having a toothless televised hearing about the January 6th coup attempt, but not actually doing anything. Which is definitely not going to work. They’re repeating the mistakes of the Weimar Republic, except much worse.

As Weitz said, “The Social Democratic unwillingness, in the winter of 1918–19, to break the powers of their longtime adversaries would come back to haunt them from 1933 to 1945, the twelve long years of the Third Reich.”

Weimar Germany by Eric D. Weitz

The Republicans have been totally Nazified and Joe Biden is out there pathetically playing footsie with them. As he said to opposition leader Mitch McConnell, “Mitch, I don’t want to hurt your reputation, but we really are friends,” Biden said, addressing McConnell. “And that is not an epiphany we’re having at the moment. You’re a man of your word, you’re a man of honor. Thank you for being my friend.”

Biden should be out there breaking Republican power and clearing out everybody that tried to coup him, but instead he’s out there giving compliments. Dude (and the Democrats) are completely fucked. They’re bringing a rose to a knife fight and they’re about to get plucked.

He means MAGA and RINO but I have kept the automatic subtitles. Greitner also tied up someone and blackmailed them so cool.

Republicans are running campaign ads talking about how they’re going to kill moderate Republicans and Biden is like ‘I can work with these people.’ He’s a dottard and a fool.