Cars Are Dinosaurs And Electric Dinosaurs Won't Help

We need to completely rethink transportation, not just electrify it

Cars are heavily armored, highly dangerous beasts. They move more of themselves than us, and kill more people than any other predator. They consume huge amounts of resources to just exist, and the roads and parking they demand both destroy and heat cities. Slightly improving cars is not going to do shit for our climate. We need to drop a meteor on them and evolve.

Electric cars are, in fact, a false hope. They're the idea that we can have our cake and eat it too, and we just can't. We're having a planetary heart attack right now. We need to put down the fucking cake and eat whole-wheat bread and exercise. We need livable, walkable cities, efficient public transport and lightly armored, safe, and efficient vehicles for private transport. Vehicles like this:

Via BBC Sinhala

This kid Sunderalingam Piranavan is more innovative than Elon Musk because he's figured out how to move a person with solar power without stuffing them into a 3000 kg battering-ram of steel. What he's done here is modified a classic form of Asian transport, the tuk-tuk, by making it completely solar powered. At a commercial level, these vehicles have already been made electric at scale by Mahindra: