Blackberry Died, But I’m Still Using One

Blackberry phones are officially dead from January 4th, 2022, but mine is still going. Yeah, I still have a Blackberry. I love it. It is in many ways the perfect low-distraction phone.

On a Blackberry you can do everything you really need and nothing else. This is a feature, not a bug. On my Blackberry I can quickly text and email people, make calls, get reminders, and look up something in a pinch. And that’s all.

I don’t watch videos, I don’t instant message, I don’t check social media at all. When I’m bored I check email, which is boring. Today people have apps and settings to help them use their phones less, but a Blackberry does this by default. There’s simply nothing to be done.

Yes, Blackberry’s are dinosaurs, but dinosaurs were cool. It’s a shame to see it finally go extinct. As their announcement said: