As A Colonized Person, I’m Glad The Queen Is Dead

The British Empire were just Nazis that won. Their greatest victory is their their Reich can go on, and expect to be mourned and not scorned. The fact is that Queen Elizabeth inherited a world-spanning white supremacist Empire that Hitler was jealous of. He wanted to be like them, and even more like the Americans. As he said in Mein Kampf:

Many contemporary European States are like pyramids standing on their apexes. The European territory which these States possess is ridiculously small when compared with the enormous over-head weight of their colonies, foreign trade, etc.

It may be said that they have the apex in Europe and the base of the pyramid all over the world very different from the United States of America, which has its base on the American Continent and is in contact with the rest of the world only through its apex. Out of that situation arises the incomparable inner strength of the U.S.A. and the contrary situation is responsible for the weakness of most of the European colonial Powers

Britain cannot be suggested as an argument against this assertion, since faced with the British Empire, one is inclined to overlook the existence of the Anglo-Saxon world as such. Britain’s position cannot be compared with that of any other State in Europe, since together with the U.S.A. it forms a vast community of language and culture.

Therefore, the only possibility which Germany had of carrying into effect a sound territorial policy of expansion was that of acquiring new territory in Europe itself. Colonies cannot serve this purpose as long as they are not suited for settlement by Europeans on a large scale. In the nineteenth century it was no longer possible to acquire such colonies by peaceful means [ie, not spilling white blood]. Therefore, any attempt at such a colonial expansion would have meant an enormous military struggle. Consequently, it would, have been more practical to undertake that military struggle for new territory in Europe, rather than to wage war for the acquisition of possessions abroad.”

Hitler fought genocidal wars of theft in Europe simply because England and the other European countries had already done it across the rest of the world.Hitler’s only mistake was killing and stealing from white people, that’s what was unforgivable. Doing the same to colored people was Queen Elizabeth’s birthright, the literal source of her family jewels, and she directly presided over putting over 1.5 million Kenyans in concentration camps. And then people expect her to be mourned and not scorned. It’s honestly repulsive. I’m glad she’s dead. The only thing I feel sorry about is that she wasn’t executed, and her stolen treasure will just be passed on to another asshole.

Queen Elizabeth was not a good person. She did not represent good things. The people she gave cheer to during World War II did and even went on to do despicable things. It was her European family that started World War I, fighting amongst themselves, and the revulsion against their misrule sparked revolutions that beheaded most of her continental relatives. And it was good riddance to them. The only shame is that Victoria’s direct descendants survived on that accursed island.

People talk about what the Queen represented and what she represented was just evil. She represented class, she was the pole around which the whole wretched circus is tented up. She represented white supremacy, not employing colored people herself until late last century, with the crown still being exempt from racial and sexual discrimination laws to this day. She represented ableism, shunting two disabled cousins off to homes where they were not visited and were even registered as dead decades before actually dying alone there. She represented the most rapey and violent privilege, covering up for her child-abusing son consistently. And of course, she represented colonialism, presiding over it, resisting independence, and still preserving the idea that this was some glorious period and not just even more successful genocide and theft than even Hitler could imagine.

Mourn her? As much as I mourn him. The great whitewashing of colonial history is really the Hitler emerged and—like a bad Jesus—they could dump all of their sins on him. Hitler invented racism, Hitler invented invading people, Hitler was evil and we defeated him. But all Hitler was doing was applying the logic of all the colonial empires in the only place he could find lebensraum, on the European continent. Because the British had a Navy and could visit their trepidations more distantly and on duskier people, it was somehow a positive. But ask the people who lived under it, ask the dead, ask those who still struggle today. The only thing tragic is that the Queen died peacefully in her home, and that her wretched line is peacefully transitioning. She deserves to have died like Hitler, cowering in a bunker with her family blown to the wind.

Mourn the death of the Queen? Billions of people all over the world are either indifferent, celebrating, or angry at watching all this. It’s really like watching someone celebrating Nazis. They were Nazis to us, and we’re expected to honor this woman because she was boring and meant something to her ‘subjects’. As Karen Attiah said, “Black and brown people around the world who were subject to horrendous cruelties and economic deprivation under British colonialism are allowed to have feelings about Queen Elizabeth. After all, they were her “subjects” too.”

So how do I feel about the passing of Queen Elizabeth? The same way I’d feel if Adolf Hitler got to die in his sleep. Fuck her, fuck her family, and fuck everything she represents. She’s honestly not dead enough. Her accursed family goes on and the accursed White Empire that the Americans took over from them is still alive and kicking. Mourning the death of this person is, in itself, an act of preserving the wretched institution she represented. God save the Queen? God damn the Queen. As the embodiment of empire, she can’t be dead enough for me.