Anti-Asian Hate Is American Policy

America has been inciting hatred against China for years

Americans have figured out that slanty eyes are racist, so they just draw dragons

America has been attacking China for years. Is it any surprise that Asian-Americans are getting killed? American elites have been deploying weapons-grade propaganda on their idiot population for years now, across all of their media. It was only a matter of time before someone got shot.

Liberal/conservative, Democrat/Republican, everyone has been saying China bad, China bad, China bad. Meanwhile the population can’t tell Asians apart. It’s only a matter of time before someone takes up arms, especially when it’s easier to get an AR-15 than healthcare or a job.

Just look at these headlines. It looks like the laziest state propaganda, but it’s all organic. This is how American liberals think. The conservatives are even worse.

US headlines via @isgoodrum, plus a few German ones

These are from mainstream publications. It’s just hateful, ignorant warmongering of the worst kind. Dragons crawling over your schools, dragons clambering over the world, dragons in the stock market, dragons everywhere. This shit is dangerous.

The War Show

War is just a TV show to most Americans, it’s happening somewhere else. They’ve never had invasions on their soil, napalm on their skin, shrapnel in their air. War is entertainment for the Americans sitting at home, and every season needs a new villain. This season, the villain is China.

To paraphrase George Orwell, America is at war with East Asia and always was at war with East Asia. What Orwell got wrong was the need to laboriously rewrite history. Nobody cares. Americans have been murdering Muslims for decades, and now they’re mad at China for murdering Muslims. Does this make sense? Is wrestling real? Who cares? It’s good TV.

America is at war with East Asia and always was at war with East Asia. Everybody gathers around their TV screen for the two-minutes hate. The only difference is that American hatred lasts two-decades, and the sanctions last forever (re: Cuba, Iran, etc).

Every season needs a villain, first Russians, then Muslims, now the Chinese. The American media has figured out that you can’t draw slanty eyes anymore, but dragons are fine. So westerners see dragons devouring the world, dragons on campus, dragons in your stock market, dragons in your hair. What do you do with dragons? You slay them. Now every Asian has a target on their backs.

You really think someone wasn’t going to pick up a gun?

8 Dead In Atlanta

Now eight mostly Asian women have been murdered in Atlanta. It’s terrible, and it’s not some isolated event. This is a culture of hatred that has been created, and they’re still living in it. Americans are still in denial. They’re really saying the dude was sex-deprived and and not that the country is completely primed for violence.

To understand this demented country, you have to actually follow the Korean news instead. They actually report on the victims, and not dumb statements like the killer had a bad day. As they reported in Korea, the killer’s motivations were very clear. The Atlanta shooter saidI’m going to kill all Asians” and then he did.

Just look at the content he was posting:

This isn’t crazy talk. This is mainstream American thought. Republicans say the same stuff outright. Democrats continue the same policies politely. Trump talked the exact same shit about China and Biden has kept the exact same policies.

Via Wall Street Journal, which is totally down for some yellow peril

People are appalled at this lone-wolf murder by Robert Long, but not the pack-wolf attacks on ‘China’. That’s the problem. This is not one crazy person. This is your whole crazy culture. Long’s views are not far out of the mainstream. They’re not even that far from the current regime.

This violent man said “ALL AMERICANS NEED TO FIGHT BACK AGAINST CHINA” while Joe Biden sat in the Pentagon, America’s temple to violence, and said “that’s how we’ll meet the China challenge and ensure the American people win the competition of the future.”

Biden wasn’t talking about a calligraphy competition. Democrats are the same warmongers as the fascist Republicans, just with the Caps Lock off.

Biden is sending ships to the South China Sea while his corrupt Secretary Of State Blinken is standing in Japan saying “we will push back if necessary when China uses coercion or aggression to get its way.” What do you think this all means? Can’t you hear the beat, from Tokyo to Washington to Atlanta? Timpanis, cymbals, trash-cans — from the orchestra to the street — they’re all playing the drums of war.

Programming A War

America has got its war programming down to a formula at this point. First, find a few human rights abuses. Every country has them. It’s not that America gives a fuck about human rights, Americans are the worst offenders in the world. Human rights are just something to beat enemies over the head with.

After bombing and torturing Muslims for two decades now, they’re suddenly concerned about Muslims in China. Does this make sense? No, but who cares? Americans actually believe they’re the good guys — despite all evidence to the contrary — so this works out fine.

Once you get the press on the scent, they really start believing in this shit. These China people are really evil, we’ve got to do something. Given that all America has is bombs, every solution starts to look like a crater. Has this ever worked before? No, but the same Op-Ed writers that were wrong about the Iraq War, are still there. They’re paid to be warmongering idiots, and no one stops paying them if they’re wrong.

And it’s not just them. It’s demand driven. The American people love war. Americans of all stripes get around ‘supporting their troops’ but never support them enough to keep them out of war. The American people — whose lives otherwise suck — simply love a story where they can be the good guys, where they can feel better than everyone else.

It’s the same TV show they’ve been watching since World War II. Americans really think they and Tom Hanks won World War II singlehandedly, and not the Russians. They really think the hardest part of the Vietnamese war was being an American soldier dropping the napalm and not, you know, getting napalmed. Americans have been watching this weird torture-drama in the Middle East but they’ve been getting pwned by dudes in Hiluxes and it’s getting boring.

Now they have a real enemy, someone they can use all their submarines and bombers on. America spent more on the F-35 fighter jet program than China’s entire Belt & Road global infrastructure program and they’re dying to use it. They’re totally down for this. You can hear their military-industrial complex cracking their knuckles with glee.

Branko Milanovic

America’s Cold War against China has already started, with what you would call siege warfare in any other century (sanctions). The propaganda war has already started, indeed, they’ve even weaponized a pandemic. And now we have the first casualties, not in China, but on the streets of America. By America’s own highly armed idiots, incited by their own idiotic propaganda.

Asian grandmothers are getting punched on the street, and now mostly Asian women have been killed in Atlanta. By a white man who said he wants to “kill all Asians.” It’s chickens coming home to roost, on the people that deserve this chickenhawk shit the least. America has been in a Cold War with China for years now. Is it any surprise that things are getting hot?

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