American Troops ARE Losers And Suckers

What else do you call stormtroopers that both lose and suck?

American troops are an occupying army, not heroes. Fuck your troops

One thing American liberals and conservatives can unite around is killing brown people for sport. True American heroism, never to be questioned. I can understand feeling sorry for your troops, but spare some thought for the people they occupy, drone, rape, torture and kill across the world. Spare all the thought.

Dear America, you’re the baddies.

What service?

Americans like to thank soldiers for their service, but what service? How does spending $6 trillion killing Muslims serve you? That’s money that could have made you a developed country? You have no fucking healthcare. You’re poor. The world is laughing at you. What service is this? Someone should call a manager.

What heroes?

Americans like to call their troops heroes when they get killed while killing 10x more brown people. This is a like lionizing Orwell’s boot, stomping on a human face forever. Your troops aren’t heroes for getting killed in Afghanistan or Iraq. WTF were they doing there? Most of your troops are cowards, hiding behind body armor and convoys or even bombing people from a computer screen in Iowa. What heroes are these? To the rest of the world it’s just wave after wave of stormtroopers.

What losers

Americans are shocked that their President would call their troops losers, but that’s what they are. What else do you call a military that loses every war for decades. Since the 1970s the US has been at war every day and they never win. It’s the only empire built on losing wars. They got their ass kicked in Vietnam, which is now a more developed country with world-class health. The war never ended in Korea. I don’t think you can call Iraq and Afghanistan wins as they have created more terrorism than before.

The Soviet Union won World War II but Americans are convinced it was them and have been on a bloody parade ever since. In truth they’re losers.

What suckers

Americans are also shocked that he would call the troops suckers, but that’s exactly what they are. What else do you call someone working for $60,000 a year while arms dealers and contractors make billions. What else do you call people serving as security for Saudi Arabia — a grown up ISIS state that was home to most of the 9/11 attackers? America has dumped enough money into pointless wars to go to Mars or, more to the point, give people health care or functioning services. The American military is a cancer on their country that sucks resources out to kill Muslims all over the world. America is just a pyramid scheme.

What bastards

The argument then is that individual American soldiers are noble, but these people come home and vote Republican and tote guns and are racist. They’re fundamentally just a bunch of white men with guns. Americans feel uncomfortable being occupied by DHS in their own cities, how do you think brown people feel? You literally send your most racist rednecks to Muslim countries with a license to kill? What do you think is happening? How do you think we feel? All of your movies are about how hard it is to kill brown or yellow people, how that makes soldiers feel bad. How do you think the dead feel? Or the tortured?

You know the saying about a few bad apples? The punchline is that they do spoil the bunch. Your entire military is rotten. It’s grift at the top and casual war crimes at the bottom. Your troops are bastards, led by thieves. It’s bastards all the way down.

A Risk map of US troop deployments. The bastards are everywhere

In sum

So, in conclusion, Donald Trump is a coward and a shit but he’s right to call your troops losers and suckers. What else do you call people that lose wars to profit corporations and the corrupt? Loser and suckers. It would be a farce were it not a tragedy for the rest of the world.

America has troops across 85% of the world. They maintain at least 800 bases as staging points for droning, torture, and murder. The US has been actively killing in 14 countries, most of them in Africa. The US has been exporting the failed ‘strategy’ of its Terror War, training countless governments to murder, torture and kill (while not defeating terrorism). All while paying hefty kickbacks to American mercenaries and arms dealers.

This is what you reflexively defend. Its indefensible. Your troops ARE suckers and losers, Donald Trump is right about that, and the jingoistic drones at The Atlantic need to stop clutching their pearls and look at what they’re defending.

You know that scene from Inglourious Basterds where they’re screening a film about a Nazi sniper? America literally made that movie, it’s called American Sniper. YOU’RE THE BADDIES. You support your troops mindlessly but so did the Germans. They were still fucking Nazis. Americans are still fucking thugs. So fuck your troops AND fuck Donald Trump. Two sides of the same bloody coin. We need to stop flipping them and just flip the whole occupation table.