American Evil Is A Bipartisan Affair

War and corruption have bipartisan support

Americans always talk about unity, like this is going to solve their problems. “We just need to work together, across the aisle.” Well, you already do. You have for decades. Both parties vote for war. Both parties vote for bailouts. Killing and stealing and bipartisan support.

The outrageous wickedness of the Republican Party has blinded you from the banal evil that just is America. Both parties agree on war and looting the treasury. They have for decades. There are some major difference on what people do with their genitals, but they’re united about the money and guns.

It’s a bipartisan empire of grift.


Can you tell when the Republicans or Democrats are in charge? (Brown Costs Of War)

Please look at this graph and tell me what the war party is. It just looks like one long war party. The only time Republicans and Democrats got together to censure Trump was when he withdrew from Syria. When he slightly reduced the bipartisan project of war.

20 fucking years Americans have been bombing the shit out of poor people. America is regularly bombing Africa now. If this isn’t an evil empire I don’t know what is. Other empires at least murdered people and then you were part of the empire, maybe you got a road out of it. America just keeps on murdering you to no end. It’s not Bush, it’s also Obama. American Presidents have been handing off pointless wars since Vietnam.

America is the only empire built on losing wars. It’s the only empire based on looting their own treasury. On a bipartisan basis, this is done.

Now the same trigger-happy Obama crew is back. Biden’s Secretary of State Anthony Blinken supported all this war, and founded a company called WestExec to profit from it afterwards. Western Executive Avenue literally runs through the White House, what he sold was access. Anywhere else we’d call him a corrupt war profiteer, but y’all just talk about how he plays guitar. Meanwhile Biden’s Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin just walked out of Raytheon (back) into the Pentagon. Anywhere else we’d call him a corrupt arms dealer, but y’all just cheer because he’s black. That’s the Democrats for you. Diversifying disaster.

This Sam Wallman comic is sadly evergreen. Written for Hillary Clinton, you can now swap in ‘black person’, or ‘they/them’ and the black humor still works

War has bipartisan support in America and it has for decades. And Americans are frankly oblivious. You assholes keep thanking your troops for their ‘service’. What service? American troops have killed nearly a million people and made over 37 million refugees. What fucking service does this do you, or anyone? Fuck your troops.

Americans will literally bomb our countries and then make movies about how stressful it was… for them. Americans really don’t get it. You’re the baddies.

On a bipartisan, national basis, America is all for war, forever. Your representatives keep voting to drop expensive bombs on poor people, every year. And it’s all a grift. America is the only empire built on losing wars. These wars just enrich arms dealers and all the officials they pay off, none of whom even want these wars to end. Why would they? Blood goes in, money comes out, and the dumb taxpayers just cheer. War is a bipartisan, national project and Americans have forgotten one simple fact. War is evil. The only good war is one that ends, and America’s wars are never-ending.


In addition to fucking the world, America is also fucking itself. For decades now, elites have been looting the public treasury. What do you think tax cuts and bailouts are. Tax cuts are money stolen from the future. Bailouts are money stolen right now.

The rich pay billions in bribes and get trillions in return.

America has legalized corruption, to the point that the people giving the bailouts are openly paid off by the people getting them. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has taken $7.2 million in bribes from the people she regulates. It’s legal, you just have to do it between government jobs, not during.

Politicians meanwhile get bribed through $10,000 plates of chicken at ‘fundraisers’, money that goes largely to media, which then reports on this access-buying as ‘lunch’. It’s so fucking corrupt that Americans don’t see it anymore, but anybody can see the results.

Why do you think your stock market gets bailed out in 24-hours while you’re waiting months for a pandemic cheque? Americans are on the shitty free subscription to democracy, wondering why all they get are political ads. Meanwhile the rich have paid access to power, and they use it. They have been using their access to loot the treasury for years.


Take taxes, or if you’re American, don’t.

Just look at this graph and tell me when Ronald Reagan’s term ended. For rich people, never. Successive governments, Republican and Democrat, let rich people continue looting the Treasury by not paying their taxes at all. If you look at corporate tax rates, the ‘bipartisanship’ is even more obvious.

Bonus graph: corporate tax rates, via Voida Capital

Where do Republicans start and Democrats end? How would a future historian even interpret this? Maybe the parties were fighting about abortion, but when it came to the money, it seems like one regime.

The parties may differ in their treatment of neo-Nazis, but they’re unified on neoliberalism.


It wasn’t always like this. FDR was elected in very similar straits as Obama. Banking collapse, but old President still in power for months. While Obama worked with Bush to bailout the banks, FDR told Hoover to go fuck himself and bailed out the people. He passed the New Deal.

FDR, Jean Smith

What did Americans get after the 2008 crash? The old deal, with a bandaid on some billionaires. Bankers got bailed out while ordinary people lost their homes.

Fast-forward to a complete economic collapse in 2020, and both parties got together again. They literally only noticed when the stock market went down, and then they bailed out corporations more than people. Business got 44% of the $2 trillion stimulus compared to 30% for individuals. Then Americans never got any further relief because the stock market stayed up. Again, if you’re on the free subscription to democracy no one gives a shit. Oligarchy is Patreons only, and the first tier is $500,000.

The modern bipartisan project is to bail out the rich and let the poor drown. And this continues unabated. The rich have gotten richer during the pandemic, while the poor have completely fallen down.

Americans really think they’re rich people but they’re blinded by averages. If we put you and Jeff Bezos in a room, you’re both billionaires on average. But you’re still poor. In truth, 50 Americans hold as much wealth as the entire bottom 50%. The average American lives and dies in debt. Rich people literally trade your debts among themselves, gamble on them, and laugh. That’s what the 2008 housing crisis was. If they make money, they pay off some politicians and skip taxes. If they lose money, the same politicians bail them out. Meanwhile your minimum wage stays the same, and your debts only increase. Jokes on you.

This bipartisan project of looting the poor (which is what most Americans are) has been going on for generations. Other empires looted and pillaged other people. America just kills other people and loots itself.

The Empire Of Grift

I don’t use the word evil lightly, but I don’t know what else to call an empire like this. The sheer amount of dead is evil. You can’t kill millions of people and get away with good intentions. War is evil and as Jimmy Carter said, America is “the most warlike nation in the history of the world.”

The greed and theft is also evil. Americans rob themselves, but they also rob the future through climate change, which Republicans — alone in the world — deny. This leads to a national politics where debating this issue is viewed as sensible, rather than a deadly waste of time. Only Americans will stand right next to apocalyptic fascism and call themselves ‘centrists’. Both American parties are on the far-right of the world, not even in the neighborhood of good. Are Republicans worse than Democrats? Absolutely. But Americans are really missing the point. America itself has broken bad.