America Doesn’t Protect Shit. It’s Just A Protection Racket

A ‘bust-out’, as portrayed in The Sopranos

The entire premise of the Global War on Terror was to protect ordinary people from being blown up. However, the practice of the Global War of Terror was to blow up well over a million completely unrelated people, as if that somehow evens up. It doesn’t! In hindsight, the ‘terrorists’ were/are right. White Empire was the terror all along.

The entire premise of the ‘rules-based order’ is protection. Protection from something much worse. That’s why you get all the movies about ‘rogue’ terrorists getting nukes, brought to you by the only country to actually use them on civilians. The fear they peddle is, as Leo Tolstoy said, “only touch the present order and the greatest evils will follow.” People are supposed to accept living under a global police state because the alternative is worse. As Leo continued:

It is usual, — not only for those to whom the existing order is profitable, but even for those to whom it is evidently unprofitable, but who are so accustomed to it they cannot imagine life without governmental violence, — to say we must not dare to touch the existing order of things. The destruction of government will, say they, produce the greatest misfortunes — riot, theft, and murder — till finally the worst men will again seize power and enslave all the good people.Butnot to mention the fact that all this — i.e. riots, thefts and murders, followed by the rule of the wicked and the enslavement of the good — all this is what has happened and is happening, the anticipation that the disturbance of the existing order will produce riots and disorder does not prove the present order to be good.

As Leo said, all of the ills America warns us about — rule by the wicked and enslavement — “all this is what has happened and is happening” under their imperial rule! They keep pointing to isolated (often manufactured) evils in other places, and saying this justifies having one evil empire rule. This is like chasing a rat out of your house with a tiger. It’s worse! You can see that, right? It’s so much worse!

The Rules-Based Order

Under the present order, America is still occupying Germany, Japan, Korea, and the Middle East. Long after the world wars are ostensibly over, they’re still keeping the spoils. The idea is that they’re occupying over 700 military bases out of the goodness of their hearts, to ‘protect’ everyone. The idea is that they’re ‘just helping out, aw shucks,’ and that American Empire doesn’t even exist, is just a public service project. But this is nonce.

The ‘rules-based order’ is just rule by America, and it’s oppressive and violent AF. What protection are you really getting from a ruler that blows up your pipelines (Germany), rapes your women (Japan, everywhere), never finishes wars (Korea), and just inflames new ones (Middle East, everywhere)? What everyone is seeing now, in the final absurd atrocity of Israel, is what this ‘rules-based order’ always was. Not protection but a protection racket. America’s expansion was based on extortion, backed by violence. Always was.


America ‘protects’ the globe like a mafia ‘protects’ a neighborhood. “Nice place, shame if something happened to it,” as the saying goes. Then they punch you in the face, take your shit, and make you pay protection money every month. That’s all American Empire is, except you get bombed and have to buy US treasuries. All the fancy economics in the world just obscures the basic mafia economics that actually runs the joint. Into the ground. America doesn’t protect shit, least of all the planet. It’s just an old-fashioned mafia bust-out.

Rule Americana is just Rule Britannia with more hypocrisy. That’s why I call the whole thing one undifferentiated White Empire. To those trod underfoot, who cares what fucking flag is on top? The premise now — as it always was — is to take resources and labor from the global majority, and to make up some bullshit as to why we should be thankful for the privilege of being robbed by such great people. In truth, there’s no protection here, just a racket, and Americans are occupied as well.

I say that Americans are misruled as much as anybody because, well, look at them. Today a majority of them don’t approve of the latest genocide against Palestinians and it doesn’t matter. The ‘people’ running for President are (besides Cornell West) are all pro-genocide. This obviously shows you that some higher, inhuman entity is running the place and, historically, that’s precisely the case.

The hypocrisy of the American Empire is that their Declarations and Constitutions are any more meaningful than the marketing of a McDonald’s burger. They’re not. In truth, the great American Revolution had fuck-all to do with ‘the people.’ At founding, only a fraction of white people could vote, and most people didn’t count as human at all. The only organizing principle was the almighty dollar and everything else was just marketing to sell it to rubes. Once the American oligarchy finished genociding from sea to sea, they expanded across the globe, to manifest some more ‘destiny,’ upon everyone.

Corporate AI

It’s important to know who exactly to blame not to excuse American elites per se, but to know your enemy. As I said America was born out of an oligarchic revolution, but it’s worse than that. America isn’t even run by rich people, it’s run by corporations, who are both legal persons and total psychopaths. America and, thus, the White Empire is run by corporations. The comprador class of ‘shareholders’ and ‘directors’ merely carry out this hostile AI’s metabolic functions, and there’s as replaceable as the bacteria in your gut.

In truth, even these ‘rich’ people don’t direct shit at all. They’re just cogs in the cybernetic machines called corporations. We are already ruled by malevolent AI, American people as much as anybody. As mentioned, a majority of Americans doesn’t even approve of the current genocide of Palestine, and it doesn’t matter. America is ruled by the powers that be, and they want their militarized parking spot near the gas station, so fuck Palestinians, fuck the world, and fuck Americans too. There’s really only one law in the ‘rules-based order’ and it’s fuck you, pay me,” as Henry Hill said in Goodfellas.

Mechanical Mafia

The fact is that we are all ruled by a mechanical mafia, which uses politicians like cogs, businessmen like grease, and everybody (and everything) else are just marks. All the politicians are paid off, and the people paying do it through corporations. As western law has established for centuries, corporations are legal people and that’s who actually runs the place. The only thing that matters to these Leviathans is money and the metabolic processes of money (ie, the reproduction of capital). Everything else — human prosperity, human life, animal life, the living planet — is at best secondary and, at worst, erased when inconvenient. As is happening now.

The Brain-Fart Of ‘Enlightenment’

What birthed this abomination, this douchebag ex machina? Well, western philosophy, of course. The great brain-fart of the faux enlightenment was “I think, therefore I am.” Under this ‘logic’, Europeans excluded most of humanity, all of animality, and everything else from the very category of existence, and proceeded to exploit all of the above mercilessly because.

The violent tribes of Europe then incarnated their greed into corporations, starting with the Dutch East India Company, the first IPO in 1602. Legally, this stretched ‘I think, therefore I am’ into absurdity because corporations became ‘legal persons,’ thinking machines. And they were, certainly more than the colored people they conquered, and animals they skinned for profit. These stinking, thinking machines could carry out most human transactions, and even inhuman ones, like genocide and slavery, all with limited liability, of course. They created a Golem and, like the story goes, it turned on everyone soon enough. 400+ years later, here we are, ruled by a mechanical mafia, witnessing the bust-out of centuries. The collapse of Western Civilization which, while well-deserved, is falling on the people that deserve it least of all.

What we are witnessing is the end of a planetary Ponzi scheme. Obscene amounts of temporary capital were created in an artificial world called ‘the economy’ while the actual world was busted out. All the growth, all the innovation, it has all been stolen from the past, or borrowed on credit from the future. From oil made by our ancestors, or from resources our progeny won’t have at all.

Under the colonialism still squashing us, the land was stolen from people that shared it. It was ‘privatized’ by greedy white men, and their greed incarnate in corporate form. The creatures on the land were stolen too, used for labor, meat, and skin, or just discarded. The inheritance from billions of years ago and the inheritance of billions of creatures not-yet born was all stolen.

The mechanical mafia used this theft — from the future and the past — to party and gorge for a few hundred years, but now it’s all coming down. All that’s left is debts that cannot be paid — debts to the planet, to the future, to the gods themselves. It’s a classic bust-out, and what do you do at the end of a bust-out. As Henry Hill said, you light a match.

The Burning Sensation

Perhaps, in an unconscious way, America knew that Empire was done in 2001. However it happened, getting hit in its military (Pentagon) and financial (World Trade Center) horcruxes was a gut shot to Empire, and the mandate of heaven was withdrawn.

History will date the fall America to 9/11 because that’s when barbarians sacked the place. America lashed out, in a blind terror, becoming the terrorism they said they found. Like a wounded animal, they attacked completely random places and unrelated people, millions upon millions of innocents. Thus they incinerated whatever credit they had for ‘fighting terrorism’, along with their military reputation when they lost to dudes in Toyota Hiluxes. How can these people offer protection? They can’t even protect themselves. That’s when the protection racket began falling apart.

Now history is repeating again, another blow to the invincibility of Empire, in their most oppressive colony of Israel. The Al Aqsa Flood of October 7th was a bold and proportional military hit on an occupying power, which was embarrassingly caught with its pants down. Israel and the Western media tried to spin this as a brutal, raping, terrorist attack but it wasn’t. There was no evidence of brutality, none of rape, and most of the targets were military. The 9/11 playbook doesn’t work anymore and, anyways, the world has changed and Empire has fallen.

Whereas the premise of the Global War of Terror was protecting civilians from terrorism, Israel’s response to Hamas (et al) was pure terrorism. If terrorism isn’t bombing homes and hospitals, what does terrorism even mean?Meanwhile the supposed ‘terrorists; of Hamas and Hezbollah are attacking military targets, negotiating, and being generally reasonable. ‘Terrorists’ are acting like statesmen and statesmen are acting like terrorists. I’d say the world has gone topsy-turvy, but in truth I was just standing on my head the whole time. This is how the world always was. Empire always sucked.

Empire never protected shit. It was always a protection racket. Empire never built anything lasting, like a pyramid. It was always a pyramid scheme. Now the whole pyramid is collapsing in front of our eyes, with 10,000 children buried underneath, and that’s just the beginning of the fall. Add a million species, a billion sentient beings, and a trillion creatures that will never exist at all. Now pile them under the vanity of some fuckers saying “I think, therefore I am,” and incarnating this inanity into world-devouring machines. That’s the collapse we’re living through, right now. Empire is going bust, and the planet they busted-out is collapsing at the same time. We live in interesting times and, as the saying goes, it’s a curse.