America Deserves Gun Violence

“Robert Baldwin, Jr. (39), Las Vegas, Nevada, April 2019” Gabriele Galimberti — The Ameriguns

The perfect liberal delusion about gun violence comes from this tweet by George Takei. He said: “Crazy thought, but those 20 million AR-15s now in this country could sure arm a lot of Ukrainians.” Americans really think they can inflict violence all over the world and have it never come home. As Malcolm X said about JFK, it’s chickens coming home to roost.

Gun deaths per day in America, 2022. Via Ian Bremmer/Sky News

As Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg said, “I did not carry an assault weapon around a foreign country so I could come home and see them used to massacre my countrymen.” They really don’t get it. This is why your countrymen are getting massacred. The entire American culture and commerce of violence cannot be contained. It literally bleeds across borders. It stains, it stains, it stains.

American politicians view a murder tour on the frontier as a political feather in their caps. It enables US Senator Tammy Duckworth to make violently idiotic statements like this, “I carried an M16 and M4 in the military, so let me be clear: High-powered rifles designed for our troops to engage an enemy with accurate, lethal fire at a velocity of 3,000 feet per second have no place on our streets. I fully support an assault weapons ban.”

Doesn’t she get it? These weapons should not be assaulting people anywhere, least of all in other countries. America needs a full ban on its military, on itself really, not crocodile tears from its resume-building war criminals. It actually is about more than the guns.

Graph via Rex Chapman

America had a brief assault weapons ban, until it was lifted in 2005. Not coincidentally, this is around when America started invading and killing millions of Muslim nations, from Afghanistan to Iraq to Libya to Syria. The same places politicians made their bones. Only Americans would assault so many people and expect assault to never come home.

As Nathaniel Hawthorne said: “No man for any considerable period can wear one face to himself, and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true.” And these people are truly bewildered.

They unironically talk about how they wielded these assault weapons in completely different countries how appalling it is that it happens at home. This is cause and effect. Carnage and its curse. It’s just karma coming due, and at a discount. Americans deserve wholesale destruction. They’re lucky to get just the occasional school shooting.

Do these innocent children and people deserve this? No, of course not. That’s the point. The innocent people of Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, ad nauseum don’t deserve it either. The people at the American border—whom it’s completely legal to kill and put in concentration camps—they don’t deserve it either. Nobody deserves to die like this, and as long as Americans don’t understand this, no one will be spared.

“Joel, 44, and Lynne, 43, in Austin, Texas, with their children and 80 per cent of their gun collection.” Gabriele Galimberti — The Ameriguns

American liberals like to blame everything on the NRA like they blame every bad thought on Russia. They have to be inceptioned into every bad action, it’s never their fault. But this is them. America has used the gun to genocide Native Americans, to round up the enslaved, to invade other countries; violence is in their DNA. It’s not some anomaly that their Constitution has a right to bear arms (for white people). That’s how the nation was made, and by blood it is sustained. To paraphrase the racist rapist Thomas Jefferson, “The tree of hypocrisy must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of infants.”