All The Stuff Sajith Can’t Say

Sajith is also running against the UNP

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Sajith is in a weird spot. He’s running against Gotabaya Rajapaksa, but also against his own party. There’s a lot of things everyone knows that, politically, he just can’t say.

So I’ll say them.

Ranil Sucks

The Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe promised a lot based on his cohabitation with Maithripala Sirisena. This particular experiment has failed. Badly. It’s Sirisena’s fault, but there still has to be accountability.

Ranil should have some dignity and step down as PM. However, he stay scheming. He is endlessly scheming and will happily wait in opposition rather than let the UNP itself evolve and move ahead.

He has been cock-blocking Sajith Premadasa forever and blocked his Presidential nomination for so long that it weakened him as a candidate. Sajith had to run against Ranil to even get the nomination.

Ranil sucks.

Ravi Sucks

Ravi singlehandedly destroyed Yahapalanaya. The bond scam was a blatant, obvious and huge bit of corruption. To the government’s credit, they froze the money, arrested the most guilty and Ravi lost his post as Finance Minister, where he had been merrily fucking stuff up for years.

Still, the damage was done, and Ranil let him back in as Power And Energy Minister after the coup, to fuck that other vital area up. Ministers are corrupt, but Ravi is obviously corrupt. He literally lived in a corrupt apartment. One thing Ravi does is spread the money around, but he has still completely cost the UNP its reputation.

Sajith has said that no one with allegations like this will be appointed to his cabinet, and everyone is winking and nodding in Ravi’s direction but no one will say it. But I’ll say it. Sajith won’t entertain Ravi, and if he does we should flip.

Gota Is The Worst

Gota has been skirting the law with Ranil’s help. He is protected. He is not a citizen by any standard that applies to normal citizens. I can’t say I have the file at home, my brother signed it. I can’t say that my renunciation of US citizenship doesn’t appear in their official records, but it will. Besides this, he is skirting multiple criminal cases for corruption and murder. If he was anybody else we would call him a crook. He is a crook.

The SLPP is trying to lie its way into power to avoid their court cases and get back to looting. They are lying about Muslim doctors sterilizing people. They are lying about the MCC giving America some weird plot of land between here and Trinco. They know they’re lying and they don’t care. He’s just a liar.

Sajith doesn’t say this directly either. Perhaps he should, because why everyone treats fascists so politely is beyond me.

The Politics

None of this is politically correct (in a literal sense). As a politician Sajith can’t say it. Ranil is the party leader and commands the loyalty of many people. Politically, they have to be worked with. Ravi is one of the few active people in the party, who has spread money around the grassroots. He has to be worked with.

Sajith Premadasa is a politician, and this is politics. This is us. He is a better politician than these guys and he is certainly better than Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

However, he’s fighting with one hand behind his back, and that hand is Ranil and Ravi’s UNP. A vote for Sajith is a vote to free the country from fascism, but also the free the UNP. I wish he could show his hand but he can’t. I think everyone knows, but I’m just saying it out loud.

The UNP sucks. Vote UNP.