1.3) My Life As A Rock Monster

...Reality is not really about things as they are (infinite), it's about the temporary relation between things. Just points in space. The archaeology of an explosion. Einstein called it Special Relativity. I call it having lots of relatives.

2,600 years ago, a grandson made this monument to remember his Appa and Thatha. "Pa-inmu and his father It." They looked good. (664-610 BC)

I took the oldest man on the train today. He can't hear too great so we don't talk much, but it's a comfortable silence. I like that about him. He's the least obtrusive houseguest imaginable. He just asks for a little extra sugar in his tea. The old man had to bunk with the children, who crawled all over him, screamed in his ear, and were generally on their worst behavior. He loved it. What a blessing to be crawled on by your great-grandchildren. We should all be so lucky.