0.2) The Undead

...I will tell a history of everything in five rebirths. Because I was there for the whole thing.

Brahma surfing snakes in the cosmic ocean (via)

Before I was born for the first time I was really, really dead. So dead I was undead. Beyond even the possibility of living or dying. The Rig Veda explains that unexplainable time before the Big Bang best. As the Hymn Of Creation goes:

Non-being then existed not, nor being:
There was no air, nor sky that is beyond it.
What was concealed? Wherein? In whose protection?
And was there deep unfathomable water?

Death then existed not, nor life immortal
Of neither night nor day was any token.

Without any Earth to turn, there was no night or day. Without any sun to spin around, there were no years. As Einstein said in his paper on special relativity: