The Flood

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

I’m assuming this is not the flood, but it certainly is heavy. Last night the electricity kicked off and it started thundering, raining and pouring down. Sheets even, it sounded serious. Wake up and it’s still raining, go back to sleep. Wake up some more and hear news that everything in Colombo is flooded, houses in Nawala are under feet of water, and cars are stalled out in the street. If it rains for thirty minutes in Colombo, the main junctions flood. After a night of rains, it’s carnage. I heard it’s the heaviest rainfall since 1992. The traffic is snarled and houses are under so people aren’t really going to work. It’s a rain day for school. This is all fun unless your house or car is submerged, or unless the rains go on. I do hope everyone is OK. Tell me if you’ve got any stories, or email any photos.