Foot Fetish

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

People are grievously offended by rubber slippers. Rubber slippers, flip-flops, thongs, or bathroom slippers. The latter is the mental connotation, as in something you wear to a wet bathroom. I had some two thousand rupee chappals which were fine, until they got wet and unshapely and finally, like, moldy. I have shoes, but those require socks, and it’s hot out. I really don’t understand why I can’t wear rubber slippers. Are my toes so offensive to God and man. Once I went for a homecoming of somebody I barely knew. I just showed up, in rubber slippers. It was at some local wedding hall way out past Kelaniya. Everyone was laughing at me. It was the thing. I felt horrified in the buffet line. But it’s hot out, we were in the grass, and it’s a tropical country. I don’t quite get it.