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On Being Dead (Why I Don’t Blog So Much No More)

Monday, July 1st, 2013

I was very humbled to get a Lifetime Achievement Award at Social Media Day CMB. Mainly because I don’t blog as much anymore. I’ll get into why cause that may be an interesting post (after ages). It is, of course, funny to get a lifetime achievement thing at age 30, but in Internet years that might as well be 100. I remember a time before Internet, making me a bit of an old timer. There’s an entire generation coming up that takes this stuff for granted. I’ve been talking to people who remember a time before TV or electricity really, that’s a trip.

Anti-Social Marketing (Nibras Bawa)

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

In 2009 this strange character appeared on the Sri Lankan Internet scene, getting angry, flaming, trolling whatever. Then he started naming anonymous bloggers, posting comments as people’s kids, nasty stuff, for which I removed him from Kottu. He also published some plagiarized stuff on Groundviews. He flamed out a bit more then disappeared. Until now. Now he’s back hosting a rather expensive social media event in Colombo, which is a bit ironic, seeing as he was known for being the most anti-social person the blogosphere had seen at the time.

Cricket Blogging

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Red Bull is sponsoring campus cricket tournaments across the subcontinent, including Sri Lanka. This is interesting for bloggers because anyone who can blog coherently about the upcoming games can win a trip to Bangalore to cover the finals. Not a bad shot. If I could write about sports at all I’d go for it, but, excluding grand emotional events like World Cups, I can’t. In SL, the semifinals are coming up on the 19th. If you’re a sports blogger you might as well give it a shot.

Less Swearing On The Blog

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but for I think over a month now, I haven’t cursed on this blog. No F, S or other bombs. Nothing fecal or fornicatory. This was Shru’s idea and I tried it out. It seems fine. I don’t think not swearing has limited my range much at all.

Colombo Telegraph And Copy/Paste

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

I’m no stickler for copyright. As a writer my goal is to be read, generally. However, there is a certain etiquette online. As in, you link, and you don’t copy everything. A lot of Sri Lankans don’t seem to get this. On Kottu, I get a lot of join requests from kids who are just copy-paste articles without attribution. I’ve also talked to print editors who seem to think “Source: Internet” is fine. Then there are site like the Colombo Telegraph, which are almost completely copy jobs now. And Kottu In Lonely Planet

Friday, August 17th, 2012

The new Lonely Planet features this blog ( and Kottu (a blog aggregator), which is very nice. Thanks to Ryan Ver Berkmoes, and one hopes they’ll be helpful to lonely travelers. The links are on page 17, in the Need To Know section. They list four websites, Lonely Planet, Ceylon Today (like Daily Mirror without so many ads?),, and Which is nice, and I hope useful to guests. Maybe next time they’ll include YAMU.

Why I Don’t Write A Book (Because I’ve Written 12)

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

I was getting my passport and the lady asked what to list as occupation. I said writer. She said, ‘can you show me anything you’ve written?’ I wanted to point to a computer but I couldn’t see any. I write for papers but it’s not like I had any on me. So what to do. On my passport it doesn’t list any occupation at all. Someone recently asked me how much I write and I finally did a wordcount. I’ve published over 1.2 million words over ten years now. That’s War And Peace, twice.

Sri Lankan Scans

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

This new blogger Chithrakatha has been scanning and uploading covers (and backs) from older Sri Lankan magazines. They seem to be from the nineties and oughties and have some interesting drawing styles. The basic motif seems to be girl in hippy jeans and guy with shirt buttoned down, in lauw. There is also the village lass, mourning village lass, and varieties of cascading hair. I see these mags on the street (though few seem to be hand drawn anymore) but rarely pick them up. They’re always charming to see.

Parama Weera: Soldiers And Sacrifice

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

David Blacker has a great long read on the Parama Weera Vibushanaya – Sri Lanka’s highest honor for military valor. This is a military award but it’s really about personal bravery, something that transcends any sides or even war. It is very powerful to see the eyes of these men, young boys some of them, and to hear of how they fought and died for honor, their fellow soldiers and country.

South Asian Award For Commentary

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

The Daily Beast/Newsweek is offering an award for South Asian writers/commentators. Seems cool. I can think of some obvious nominees (hint hint), but it’s a good oppo for anyone. India is actually not a proportionally vibrant blogging community, but their papers are booming. I think SL’s paper scene is whack but our blogs and social can be great. The Dives I know a bunch of bloggers that are great. It’s actually an interesting scene. Good to get some blood (money) into it.