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The Night Shift

Kama crowd back when it was called Zanzibar, the last time I went there

You’re honestly in more danger at an expensive Sri Lankan nightclub than in the depths of any slum. In the worst Colombo neighborhood people generally reserve violence for friends and family and fear the law. In Colombo nightclubs you’re generally OK, but since the war days spoilt brats have been popping off guns or thrashing people, harassing women, whatever. There’s also a growing and increasingly inebriated class of political and business scions who haven’t been raised by their parents and are largely outside of the law. And that doesn’t even start on the bouncers.

I hate clubs, so perhaps I’m biased, but this latest incident at Kama is pretty obviously bad. Note that everything mentioned is alleged. Perhaps the real story is different, but someone did get beaten up pretty bad:

The club’s bouncers who acted as private security personnel had allegedly taken the law into their hands and mercilessly beaten the young student, forcing him down a flight of stairs, according to eyewitnesses.

The student had pleaded with the manager who was standing outside the club to stop the assault.

According to eyewitnesses the manager had then taken the boy to the car park at the rear of the club and directed the bouncers to continue with the assault.

It was also revealed that Kama Colombo, allegedly managed by a nephew of a top business magnate formerly involved in the Casino and Nightclub trade, did not possess a valid liquor license.

“They have closed down the club, and they did not possess a valid liquor license. These aspects will be looked into,” The Police said. (Daily Mirror)

I called Kama and they said they’re closed for renovations till next Friday, presumably renovations would include a liquor license. Kama has a bit of a reputation for violence. I don’t know if all the stories are true. But a friend of mine was assaulted there by some dude and then the owner and bouncers piled in for fun. It’s a weird scene. And by weird I mean terrible.

All these casino nightclub types are connected so I don’t see this going anywhere but in circles, but it’s still fun to see the Daily Mirror give the people their brief taste of justice before things return to normal.

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2013-07-08 16:27:27

People who frequent such obviously tasteless places deserve to get beaten! ;)

The Woracle
2013-07-09 15:44:42

A nightclub is not a “tasteless” place. Problem is that that majority of Sri Lankans are tasteless people.

2013-07-08 16:42:58

Liquor and violence go hand in hand. and fights are common in Nightclubs all over the world.
But in Sri lanka, it’s done with impunity. Over the years, a lot of people have earned money the wrong war. War, at times produces opportunity.
Most of this newly rich political + Corporate strata has no class. The only way they get respect is through showing off their power to others.
In general, the society who patronise such ppl should realise that on a global stage sri lanka is a pretty insignificant place.
You can show off to the locals, intimidate them, but outside the tiny island no one gives a damn…

Sri lanka is prominent in the failed state index. If Kama crowd is going to be the future of Sri Lanka, then god bless sri lanka
…….then again god left sri lanka a long time ago

2013-07-08 23:12:46

Spot On mate !. Pity not many people realize this.

2013-07-09 19:13:19

Seems ‘Ramesh’ is against Sri Lanka more than his opposition to night clubs. The last paragraph of his comment says nothing but his damn attitude towards Sri Lanka. While condemning this particular incident happened at night club in the heart of Colombo, Ramesh’s attitude against Sri Lanka as a whole too should be condemned undeservedly.

2013-07-19 14:42:37

The problem is that this night club incident is symbolic of what’s happening all over SL, so Ramesh isn’t really wrong. There is no la, really, anymore. Just a superficial facade than can be used by the powerful to keep down the rest. It’s a one-way glass. The normal citizen has really no recourse to the law when fucked over by someone above him. Whether it’s in a club or on the street, it’s all the same. All that matters is who you know and who is prepared to help you.

SL is well on its way to being completely lawless, and our young are taking their cue from their elders, leaders, and clergy.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
2013-07-19 14:43:31

*There is no LAW, really, anymore.

2013-07-09 05:01:17

It’s tragic that someone may have experienced this ordeal, but the statement “You’re honestly in more danger at an expensive Sri Lankan nightclub than in the depths of any slum” is baseless. It would require a comparative study against violence in slums around the world, which the author has not produced or referenced.
Why even compare the violence in a night club in Sri Lanka to that in a slum? Why not to other night clubs?
Violence in Sri Lanka is something that needs to be addressed, and improved reporting and writing standards will go a long way in credibility to bringing this issue to light.

2013-07-10 11:15:21

I think that statement has some basis. I don’t mean any slum in the world, I mean Sri Lanka/Colombo. The next sentence is “In the worst Colombo neighborhood”. I’ve walked around different areas and that’s the feeling I get, which is what the limited statement is based on

2013-07-12 17:25:17

Hi Supun, It seems my attempt to borrow a line “Blood Diamond” didn’t work well, Sorry abt that.
I’m very much Pro-Sri Lankan, bro.
But these some Sri Lankans are so full of themselves, we’re becoming a bit like the Indians.So some harsh words won’t mind!

To be honest,I’ve never been a big fan of night clubs, there was a phase in my life when I patronised such places. But now I find they are full of wannabes. And you know, the high and mighty have bombarded these spots.
And now, they are taking over the country!

Soz for the attitude

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