Why Bodu Bala Sena


Image via Pakistan’s Nation.

Bodu Bala Sena is scary because it’s a racist force with a fair amount of support. But purely dismissing them as racist and dumb in unhelpful. The BBS is as much a movement within Sinhala Buddhism as much as it is against minorities. As such it involves caste, class, and actually addresses some important underlying issues.

Organized Sinhala Buddhism is rife with corruption, like the Roman Catholic Church with even less daylight. There is no way to formally defrock priests and priests that abuse children or keep women or are corrupt are very difficult if not impossible to move. There is a lot of child abuse and abuse of power that goes on. On a higher level, organized Buddhism controls a vast amount of land and money with very little transparency. The traditional Buddhist orders, also, are largely caste based.

The BBS is a rebellion within Sinhala Buddhism as much as without. I’ve heard reports that, upon receiving reports of corrupt monks, they’ll go and ‘give them two slaps’ and throw them out. Which sorta should be done. At the same time the BBS chaps are thugs and corrupt themselves, but they do position themselves against a calcified and unresponsive institution.

The BBS also addresses the new middle class insecurity in Sri Lanka. There is a middle class of Sinhala speaking people who have money now but find that it still won’t buy them into urban society, such as it is. At the very top Sri Lanka is now ruled by a Sinhala elite, but the heights of business and commerce remain English speaking and disproportionately Tamil/Muslim. It is this Sinhala middle class seeking validation that drives some BBS support, IMHO, though it is of course the poor of all races that have to suffer.

Thus the BBS is more than just xenophobia. They play on valid issues of caste, religious corruption and class – albeit in divisive ways that make the problem worse. However, unless we address some of those underlying problems, the BBS – like the LTTE – will continue to find legitimacy among enough people to cause big trouble.

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2013-03-25 14:50:28

@indica re your post. There’s no such thing as “pure” racism. I don’t think there ever was. The reasons you cite are classic indicators…

2013-03-25 14:51:29

@indica of racism. No one “decides” to hate another community or race. Compounded insecurities among other issues lead them to it.

2013-03-25 14:53:13

RT @indica: Why Bodu Bala Sena: the BBS is much a movement within Sinhala Buddhism as without http://t.co/DvZ6yPwOJK

2013-03-25 14:55:19

RT @indica: Why Bodu Bala Sena: the BBS is much a movement within Sinhala Buddhism as without http://t.co/DvZ6yPwOJK

2013-03-25 14:56:05

RT @indica: Why Bodu Bala Sena: the BBS is much a movement within Sinhala Buddhism as without http://t.co/DvZ6yPwOJK

2013-03-25 14:57:09

@indica ?!?! o.O

Siri Lankan
2013-03-25 15:10:11

The only thing we do about it is writing post, and commenting on it (including me). How many of us will ever stand up and try to stop this racist organization?

2013-03-25 17:19:52

i personally went and met some monks. But they did not belong to BBS. The only thing i could do was inform them to stay out of BBS. But it is seriously not enough. If some1 can form an org for it, that would be gud.

BBS is 9-10 months old org. But they ve done a big impact, of course support from the gov was there. They used social media to a great extent.

They are going ahead becasue of the lack of activity by the ones opposing them.

2013-03-25 15:42:06

I will not protest on the streets because, I have a family and it is not safe to protest. Only thing I can do is to blog anonymously. Nothing heroic but I owe it to my family.

2013-03-25 16:01:22

I read somewhere that the monk that the BBS “raided” was not engaged in anything wrong, but simply that they did not agree with him?

2013-03-25 16:10:26

I agree with your argument, dismissing BBS just as racist and dumb is unhelpful. There is a sizeable support for them, among general public and the business community.

It’s impossible to compare BBS with LTTE. Better comparison would be KKK, Nazi movement or Shiv Sena, who were also motivated with a similar theme that of BBS.

The question is, “who actually support BBS in Sri Lanka?”. I live my life in four districts of Sri Lanka; namely Colombo, Matara, Kurunegala and Hambantota. My experience is, BBS is largely an “urban middle class movement”. I have not come across with hard-core BBS supporters in areas like Nikaweratiya, Kamburupitiya or Suriyawewa. They seems to have better problems to attend in their daily life. It’s largely the Colombo and sub-urban (Nugegoda, Maharagama, Malabe etc) middle class who talk so passionately about BBS. For the moment, this is more of an ‘urban phenomenon’.

Remember the JHU vote base in 2004 general election? Remember from which areas JHU got the most vote percentages and got MPs elected? It wasn’t from Galle, Matara, Anuradhapura, or Polonnaruwa…. It was from Colombo, Gampaha and Kalutara districts… This is the same crowd.

2013-03-25 17:23:46

BUt the dangerous thing is BBS has requested the gov to train Daham pasal teachers. That would be serious mistake that would allow the things get out of hand in large proportions. As we already know this gov does NOT act for the interest in this country and its ppl, we cant be sure of gov.
It is a pain to watch the country get destroyed by the people in it.

2013-03-25 16:39:29

Govt should take the full rsponsibilty for the rise of BBS. they came to prominence with the campaign against Buddhist site vandalizing in the east and the central parts of the country by the muslims. if Govt had taken the appropriate action for them at the correct time , they wouldnt have come this far.

2013-03-25 17:28:20

this is a rare moment i agree with Billy.

gov’s inability to protect buddhist sites in East has given the BBS the chance to pop up. Also this gov’s economic policies (which u support) would eventually put a heavy burden on people and it will impact the race relations. The biggest loser in these economic crisis will be people (of which sinhalese are a majority). Even in our histroy economic crisis in 1970s was followed by ethnic riots and violence. I can just hope these things wont repeat.

2013-03-25 18:31:21

So after reading so much about them I went to the BBS offices @ Thunmulla, to try and find out what they are really about. I had heard.read so much said both for and against the organisation. I met the lay organiser. He is educated (PhD) and did not come across as a racist. In fact he spent a lot of time to explain that they (BBS) are not anti minority as people think but pro Sinhala Buddhist. I now do think there is a distinction. It seems most of what is attributed to the group is actually due to others looking to blame the BBS for their actions. The group is in fact taking legal action against several fringe groups using the BBS logo. The BBS from what I understood is trying to unite the Sinhala community centered around the village temples. Nothing wrong with that as far as I can see. I do think people should really find out for themselves without believing everything they read in the local papers.

2013-03-25 18:46:20

Sounds as reasonable and banal as the Nazis when you read their literature.

2013-03-25 19:08:39

What literature is that Blacker? Can you post a link please? http://bodubalasena.org/sinhala/ is their website. It is mostly in Sinhala. Nothing extremist there from what I’ve seen. Just what I put in my previous post about building communities. You lot should pay them a visit and find out for yourselves. The constant fearful bleats emanating from the minorities on this site is palpable, so please do find out for yourselves if they are a group to be feared or not. Personally, I think not. But then I’m a Sinhala Buddhist. So find out for your selves and assuage your fears.

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2013-03-25 21:43:33

Oh, we have found out for ourselves. u know, when they attack churches, call for attire control and diet control etc. It’s pretty clear what the agenda is. The KKK is pretty good with literature as is the modern neo-Nazi movement. I tend to judge entities on what they actually do, rather than what they write ;)

2013-04-02 10:35:31

Well said.

2013-03-25 22:27:47


they do keep saying, every so often that they are not against minorities, however this brief remark is interspersed between large tracts of anti minority rabble rousing. Their actions are also anti minority, so while they may occasionally pay lip service to inclusiveness, this is just eyewash.

Education is no barrier to racism.

2013-03-26 18:09:38

In the case of Waruna it appears it is no barrier to stupidity either.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
2013-03-27 13:44:29

waruna u dont judge people by what they say, but based on what they do…remember CBK was against corruption and violence in pre 1994 and went on repeating how she hates corruption. BUt every1 in SL now know how she acted when it comes to corruption unless he/she is deaf, dumb and with a disfunctioning brain.

So we look at what they do NOT say.

I guess u have an FB account, if so ure not unfamiliar to the level of racism displayed against muslims. The social network sites in SL are highjacked by BBS followers that the usual friendly place is now very unpleasent. The WORDS these a**holes use in FB are very demeaning and hate mongering. they insult muslims faith in such a distateful manner. If SL had a proper gov, they would have blocked these sites a long time ago. These sites are related to BBS and handled by persons in BBS.

The monks in BBS, Gnasara, Wimalakeerthi fellows give speeches arousing the avg public. The avg sinhalese who had no hatred for an average muslim is made to look at muslims in a suspicious way. What these monks say in TV interviews are extremely hate mongering and racist. So dont come up with this notion, they are not anti minorities.

Also these monks have said in public speeches that SL is a sinhala buddhist country which is against the Lankan state and it is being anti minorities.
They want to dictate terms in what ppl in this country wear, eat.

what abt the attacks on mosques, churches ?

Dont say BBS didnt do them. They are done by ppl connected to BBS. The current anti muslim mentality in sinhala ppl was created by BBS. So BBS should take responsibility to these things even if they are not connected to these acts.

Also these monks try to become Ayatullas of buddhism in SL. I am a buddhist and have a pretty good understanding of buddhism. I believe i m more knowledgable in buddhism than these saffron clad men. Also these thattayas are plain STUPID. I dont want them handling the affairs of this country, sinhala race or even buddhism.

These BBS fellows will take the foolish sinhala people down the line where JVP once took them.

2013-03-25 18:41:28

As usual, reading indiz blog posts and comments gives me great insights. And it also tells me why any opposition to “BBS” is going to fail.

2013-03-27 13:54:47

isnt it better to see how BBS is failing SL?

2013-03-25 19:44:59

The main problem here is that they exclude women. What these monks do is just what happens when you don’t get laid. You rape boys and fight with other men.

I’m not being flippant here. This is their problem. What do you do when your life is without a woman, when you have no children to care for, and you aren’t even allowed to drive? You join the fight club (or like david blacker, join tge army)

2013-03-25 22:05:37

Or like Sara, try to suck off your dad.

2013-03-25 19:52:21

All organised religions exclude women from the hierarchy. So all religious groups, catholics and muslims included rape boys and fight. Id say this is probably true. Organised religion is for stupid cunts or rather not as the case may be.

2013-03-25 19:52:57

RT @indica: Why Bodu Bala Sena: the BBS is much a movement within Sinhala Buddhism as without http://t.co/DvZ6yPwOJK

2013-03-25 22:56:53

the biggest problem in this whole saga is the way people tend to pick and choose when it comes condemning extremism. tamil extremist tribal politics, the openly racist economic practices of muslims..etc are tolerated while any reaction to all this by the majority becomes the only issue..we need to look at the extremism as a whole, be it BBS or suadi sponsored madrases or the tribal exclusive demands of tamils..

2013-03-25 23:27:50

“At the very top Sri Lanka is now ruled by a Sinhala elite, but the heights of business and commerce remain English speaking and disproportionately Tamil/Muslim” – Is this a perception or a statement of fact you are making? If later, what is the source?

2013-03-25 23:31:38


“The constant fearful bleats emanating from the minorities on this site is palpable”

This statement says it all. The minorities are fearful, with good reason.


2013-03-25 23:50:35

Wow. Read the link. Extreme indeed. I can see why you guys on here are so worried. With the BBS after your asses you lot are in deep deep shit. Best leave SL. I hear Australia is rather nice. So is NZ.

2013-03-26 05:13:24

@ Waruna:
Judged purely on the basis of what the BBS (Boru Ballo Shits) have done, they’re religious ethno-fascists. Sri Lanka’s recent history gives a good example of what happened to the last batch of Buddhist monks who misused their religious authority to forment inter-ethnic and inter-religious hatred.

Here’s reminder of how Bhikkus were treated to ‘Buddhist’ punishments by a mainly ‘Buddhist’ govt and mainly Buddhist security service during JVP 2 in the late 1980s:
Monks arrested under suspicion of being JVP activists were subjected to a specifically Buddhist form of punishment called “hitting the dhammacakka”
(dhammacakke gahanava)
The Wheel of Dharma, geddit?

“The monk was ordered to squat on the ground, elbows encircling the knees. A pole was pushed under the knees and over the elbows. With the body hanging from it, the pole was lifted and supported by the arms of two chairs. The body was then spun like a wheel in the space between the chairs and and beaten with a bat until the victim passed out or bled to death.”

“The state invented a specifically “Buddhist” punishment for a certain type of Buddhist.” http://tinyurl.com/c5ner2k

As much as I abhor violence, it seems to have worked. I’m just saying…..
Also, since these monks believe in rebirth, they shouldn’t be afraid of death, because they’ll be quickly reborn, perhaps a Sri Lankan muslim female.

2013-03-26 10:48:59

Sri Lankan muslim ok. But muslim female? That’s a fate worse than any other. Attaining nibbana forth with. BTW Mango I think youve been watching too much bondage porn you dirty old perv. Stop now before its too late.

2013-03-27 07:25:37

@Saman: when the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Countries) sends Mahinda a friendly reminder and perhaps talk of restricting oil sales or maybe restricting employment opportunities, these modayas of Boru Ballo Shits can miraculously produce oil and jobs.

As for the ‘dhammacakke gahanava’ punishment, that’s what was done to JVP monks in 1988-89.

Here’s a little test for you: What would the Buddha do, if he returned to Sri Lanka and saw what was being done in his name, like law-abiding muslim women being abused for wearing veils etc?

2013-03-26 13:18:31

You’ll be next Saman because once they are done with Muslims and Christians they won’t stop…oh no sir, monsters NEVER stop.

2013-03-26 14:04:02

Dinuka is right, they will train their guns on anyone who opposes the regime. Why else would they need to train a special police team to deal with mass protests and riot?


Any why the secrecy?

If it was in response to the killing of the FTZ worker, why wait almost TWO YEARS to train a team to respond to protests? Any why the big cover up at the time, with the main culprit being promoted after the fuss died down?


Mark my words, many more will die.

2013-03-26 18:41:17

Perhaps, but if all you lot say about the BBS is true then its you that is fucked and not me. Best think about packing up and leaving eh?

2013-03-27 14:07:18

why should we leave our country when some psychos destory it, we will beat the shit out of the psychos.

Supiri Diesel
2013-03-26 18:55:47

Agree with Waruna. It’s funny seeing the self righteous shit their pants and scream bloody murder. If you have a problem with the Sinhalese Buddhists pack your bags and GTFO. Simple. The BBS is here to stay and they have a right to voice their opinions. Likewise people have the right to support them if they wish. If they have a pay pal account I would gladly donate to their cause.

2013-03-27 14:57:38

@ Supiri Bullshit, they can voice anything they like, but when they act, we will react. They do NOT have the right to violence.

2013-03-26 19:27:38

If everyone who was ‘foreign’ by your rather wide definition packed and left then you wouldn’t have much left in this country. In fact if that had happened in the past you wouldn’t even have your form of sinhala buddhism.

Supiri Diesel
2013-03-26 19:48:36

I didn’t say anything about “foreign.” Do you have problems with comprehending English, Realist? All I said was if you have a problem with the Sinhalese Buddhists, then pack your bags and GTFO.

It’s quite unfortunate that you feel the need to put words in my mouth.

2013-03-27 15:00:28

Really? If we have a problem, we will take up the problem. It took thousands of deaths and 30 years the last time someone had a problem. You better hope you can stay in for the long run — especially those of you who haven’t even the balls to put your name behind your bigotry, never mind your lives :D

2013-03-26 22:51:07

No one needs to go anywhere. You minority racists should be thrown in jail for the good of your own children. History would prove the consequences otherwise.

2013-03-26 22:58:25

No one needs to go anywhere. You minority racists should be thrown in jail for the good of your own children. History would prove the consequences otherwise.

Or get ready for the blood bath to come. Remember Indonesia and how the Chinese were persecuted when the Rupiah crashed? (post SEA debt crisis) They still haven’t recovered quite. The Muslims are being made the scapegoats in exactly the same way in Sri Lanka.

All ye naive folk just won’t get it – not yet… and frankly there doesn’t seem to be much intelligence around judging by the racist comments even on this forum.

2013-03-26 23:32:17

@Lame, I checked, your one of the first for termination. Enough chandi talk you lame internet warrior, you really do need to go hide after all eh?

2013-03-27 15:02:08

Said with all the bravery of a pseudonym :D Buddhu Balu Shit.

2013-03-27 00:11:12

Not ‘chandi’ talk. I’m saying that the minorities would be killed by the likes of you.. That’s the blood bath I’m referring to. Not good for the country, peaceful citizens, nor your ilk in the long run. Again you ain’t intelligent enough to comprehend.

2013-03-27 09:11:01

Waruna, Supiri Diesel

Just as an exercise, try putting yourself in the minority’s shoes.

Look at this list :


BBS carries a message about minorities and people start reacting.

How would you react?

2013-03-27 10:14:34

At one point, the BBS theme song (in rather poetic language, I might add) calls for the start of a pristine ideological war to annihilate the war-drums of the unrighteous, in the name of the pure religion of the Sinhala people that deserves to be protected for all eternity.

I’m sure more than a few BBS apparatchiks might just read that as a license to declare jihad on my infidel ass.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana

2013-03-27 10:57:58

You muppet, you are against outside influence into your little sinhala buddhist world, hence the you are with us our against us attitude. The BBS is saying that this is not a multi ethnic country, that it belongs only to the ‘homegrown sinhala buddhists’ If not for outside influence you wouldn’t even have your religion. It really is unfortunate we can’t put sense into your head rather than words into your mouth.

2013-03-27 13:20:12

It’s all about the money folks. Remember the economic boom post Black July? People made millions after the riots, this is just an endeavour for the BBS to make some money. After all everybody loves money.

2013-03-28 18:53:33

Making money like the ACJU and the system of halal certification?

2013-03-29 11:28:19

Do you have a problem with people making money?

(Comments wont nest below this level)
2013-03-31 23:30:58

Well, it seems like you do David, seeing as you seem to have gone cross eyed over the Bodu Bala Sena song being available for download as a ringtone on the Mobitel website.

2013-04-01 15:03:37

I have a problem with Mobitel funding a terror group and promoting hatred, yes, Tasty. As a customer of said Mobitel, I feel it is my duty to voice my concerns. What is the parallel with your issue with the ACJU making money?

2013-04-04 13:25:01

I guess being in the army and killing people is not promoting hatred David?

2013-04-05 09:54:44

Tasty, you deshadrohiya!

2013-04-05 12:34:21

I wonder how many people David has killed.

2013-04-05 14:41:31

I suppose you were only patriotically wondering if you could use his talents to silence a few dissenting deshadrohi voices. I take it back.

2013-04-05 14:45:33

Killing people is a talent Shammi? I guess you could look at it that way.

2013-04-05 16:12:33

Hey people stop taking tastyjujubes so seriously he/she/it is a troll…at least David fought for your freedom to rant like a mad man and he wrote about his problems with this govt administration. What have you ever done other than blow sounds out of your ass?

2013-04-05 16:20:08

Call someone a troll and abuse them when you can’t bear what they say; that’s a great way to further discussion Dinuka. Now David fought for my freedom did he? How exactly did he do that? I just find it interesting how David is all so strung up about Mobitel allegedly “funding a terror group and promoting hatred” when he was busy in the army, setting off bombs, training to kill, and killing other Sri Lankans. Now that couldn’t remotely amount to promoting hatred could it?

2013-04-06 14:07:23

Boo hoo tasty are you hurt? Tough luck, you’ll live.
How did he fight for your freedom? Every LTTE terrorist he killed was one less terrorist trying to set off bombs all over SL, possibly saving your ass (but we won’t know that one way or another).
Also, BBS isn’t taking to task any terrorist groups/gangs or anything like that, they’re going after people of different religions.
I’m done with you troll, if you can’t figure shit out for yourself that’s real unfortunate.

2013-03-27 13:22:30

But the middle east prospers despite Islamic fundamentalism. Claustrophobicaly so if you are a minority there. Your argument here must be that Buddhist fundamentalism is some how less than Islamic fundamentalism. That a country run and dominated by Buddhist influence will not prosper. I kinda think that is at least far superior to the current “democracy” we have here. All power I say to the BBS and their struggle. How do I make a donation?

2013-03-27 15:27:36

Those Islamic fundamentalist countries you talk about have a little something called oil…yeah nalin, you keep making those donations.

2013-03-27 16:39:32

Ah master Dinuka he clever mans no? He know everythings. He mother say he handsome too but mirror say she lie. But what meaning “Dubai… economy with the main revenues now coming from tourism, real estate, and financial services?” This meanings oil ? Must be no? maybes like coconut oils?

(Comments wont nest below this level)
2013-03-28 10:30:31

Ever been to Dubai gamaya? Muslims over there don’t go around mistreating others or inciting hate or other such bullshit. Also their politicians aren’t mutts like our buggers…

2013-03-28 12:23:47

But Dubai do not promote fundamentalism…

2013-03-28 21:39:58

“Dubai… economy with the main revenues now coming from tourism, real estate, and financial services?”

it is because dubai set their priorities right and invested in the right places. Also they have zero tolerances for hate mongers like BBS. got it? if u want SL to grow like Dubai, destroy BBS…………

2013-03-27 13:49:17

i too want to ask the same thing…..what is the source indi?

2013-03-27 14:03:38

tamil extremists tribal politics superheaded by LTTE was defeated in Mullavaikkal but the sinhala extremist tribal politics which created tamil racism has not been defeated. instead they are given the opportunity to create muslim extremism.

Sinhala extremism is more dangerous to SL than any other. It prevents this country from being developed, it prevents any political solution being given to tamils, it prevents having a new modern and a more democratic constitution for SL and allows corrupt unpatriotic and unwise politicians to play the race card and snatch this country’s power. Also sinhala extremism creates and nourishes tamil and muslim extremism. So in every way sinhala extremism is the worst enemy SL has ever faced.

SL couldnt defeat sinhala extremism and it has resulted in so many blood baths in this country. Ironically the biggest victim of sinhala extremism is the sinhala people, their culture and language.

2013-03-27 14:10:56

this is an answer to billy boy

2013-03-28 02:44:39

it seems like u were born yesterday. if u know anything about the history, then ull realize how such sinhala extremism always been reactionary, be it tribal exclusive politics initiated by ponnambalms and chelvanayagams in 1920s, to tamil terrorism in 83 to sudi sponsored islamin radicalism in the current days. Also just because gun carrying tamil terrorists are not there, that doesnt mean tamil tribal exclusive demands have been eradicated too . they are still demanding the same exclusive ghetto rather than integrating in to the common political stream.
Also its really funny when one argues about tribal demands of the tamil racists being prevented by a similar racist ideology as a reaction to tamil tribalism..this is the problem i pointed out, when they shout for tribal racist demands as many tamils do, its fine as long as others dont counter it with similar reactions. i recommend you to read bit about the real history, how your tamils racists forefathers initiated this race based tribal politics to safe guard their privileges under british that lead to most of the evils we face today….

2013-03-28 21:54:45

Don’t teach me abt Sinhala nationalism. Read some books written by Sinhalese authors from 1905. And I know how reactionary Sinhala nationalism is. So u killed 3000+ tamils cos LTTE killed 13 soldiers. How innocent they are!. Tamil tribal exclusive demands will exist as long as Sinhala tribal demands exist or in other words until sorry sobs like u live. Tamils were a part of Lankans u want them to be Sinhalese. That is how tribal u are.
The tribal demands of tamils were prevented by armed forces of all races and not by tribal Sinhala demands. It was the tribal Sinhala demands that gave birth to tamil demands and nourished it.
I am not tamil. I m Sinhala and Buddhist. And I am not a tribal idiot like u.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
2013-03-28 22:00:07

Sri Lanka is the homeland of the Sinhalese people. Tamil Nadu is the homeland of the Tamil people. The Sri Lankan armed forces were and are overwhelmingly Sinhalese. It’s the Sinhalese who have stood against invasion after invasion and maintained their unique language and religion in the island for over a millennia.

2013-03-29 10:44:17


Sri lanka is the homeland of lankan tamils, lankan moor, burgher as much as it is the homeland of Sinhalese. Relating historical things in relation to the present state is wrong. There have been Sinhala kingdoms, tamil kingdoms in this country in history. SL is not a continuation of these kingdoms. Sri Lanka was born in 1948 after colonial powers ruled SL for 500 years. By that time different ethnicities have joined the country and made themselves citizens here. Before the colonials come the country was fragmented with competing Sinhala-sinhala and Sinhala-tamil states. The country that was born in 48 is a unified country that was home to many ethnicities. If we as a country need to go forward, this country needs to be inclusive of all the people here. Therefore SL is not a Sinhala country but a country of Sinhala+tamil+moor+burgher+other.
By stating sri lanka is a Sinhala country u are not only being racist and wrong but also doing a disservice to this country. The lankan armed forces have a majority of Sinhalese but there is a significant non Buddhist section. There were muslims and Christians in it. These racist monks who try to drag the country again to a war didn’t go and face the bullets in the frontline. It was the sons of the mothers who are Buddhist, muslim, catholic.
During Portugal invasion, moors fought with the Sinhalese in Mulleriyawa, Kandy. These are historical facts. The ones who first started anti british movement in colonial Ceylon were Tamils not Sinhalese. It is said that even during Polonnaruwa kingdom the army was multi ethnic. SL has had different ethnicities for centuries. It is the home of many. One cannot take the house for himself alone. Buddhism is not unique to SL, it is in other countries. Though Sinhala culture and language is unique it doesn’t give them a monopoly in the island. Sinhala culture and language thrived when there were good relations with other races. Many non Sinhalese contributed towards Sinhala arts, especially tamils. So don’t bring ur racism to this country again to destroy it.

2013-03-29 18:06:23

When discussing ethnic homelands, Sri Lanka is the homeland of the Sinhalese people. It is not the homeland of the Tamils or the Muslims however much people may want to argue. But as citizens of Sri Lanka, yes I will agree that Sri Lanka is the homeland of Sri Lankans regardless of ethnicity or religious background. England is the homeland of the English. France is the homeland of the French. You can be Arab and French, but that does not make France the homeland of the Arabs. Similarly you can be Tamil and Sri Lankan, but that does not make Sri Lanka the homeland of the Tamils. It is the Sinhalese that contribute almost everything that is unique to the island, and not the Tamils or the Muslims. The Tamils are remnants of past invasions into the island; their civilization has no roots in Sri Lanka, but rather in Southern India where they have a long and distinguished history.

Sri Lanka is an old country. It’s current political foundation may have its roots in 1948, but it has been a united island under a single king many times over – unlike India. The Sinhalese have time and time again, over the last thousand or so years resisted foreign invasions – whether they be Tamil or western, and why wouldn’t they seeing as Sri Lanka is their homeland.

The Sri Lankan forces are overwhelmingly Sinhalese. The contribution of the Muslims to the war effort was (unfortunately) negligible. The presence of Muslims in the armed forces would be more correctly labelled as insignificant, especially given that they form ~9% of Sri Lanka’s population. There certainly are Christians in the armed forces, but they are also overwhelmingly Sinhalese. At the end of the day it was young Sinhalese men and women who laid down their lives for the country. The Muslim youth did not do the same.

Buddhism as a faith is not unique to Sri Lanka, but the form of Buddhism that is practiced in Sri Lanka is unique to the island. The same cannot be said of the Hinduism, Christianity or Islam that is practiced in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan Buddhist art, architecture, culture is unique to Sri Lanka and is not to be found elsewhere. Just like the Tibetans have a unique form of cultural Buddhism that is unique to Tibet, so do the Sinhalese and it is unique to Sri Lanka.

As Sri Lanka is the homeland of the Sinhalese people, and their language and culture is unique to the island I would say yes, they deserve to have a sort of ‘monopoly’ in the island. The Sinhalese language should have pride of place in its homeland, and so should their national religion. If the English can have their language and Anglican religion reign supreme in their homeland and be democratic, then the Sinhalese who are a far, far older ethnic group than the English should also be able to enjoy the same with regards to their language and national religion.

2013-03-29 19:07:44

@ tastyjujubes:

The Sinhala Buddhists have shown beyond any dispute that they have a monopoly on narrow-minded, self-defeating stupidity. Modayas will be modayas.

2013-03-29 19:25:22

Perhaps, but they have survived for thousands of years against many odds in their homeland, continued to maintain their language and religion, and still rule their island home. Perhaps the “narrow-minded self-defeating stupidity” has done them well over the past millenia or two.

2013-03-29 19:40:25

No doubt they’ll survive the latest outburst of irrationality, in the way that malnourished or foetal alcohol affected babies survive. i.e. able to function but with severely impaired mental faculties including psychological or behavioural problems, which nicely describes the Boru Ballo Sakiliya.

2013-03-29 19:45:08

Well, the Sinhalese population has never been as large as it is now, and the Sinhalese language has never been as widespread as it is now. The Sinhalese will run their homeland as they see fit, just as they have in the past, regardless of what other people may say.

2013-03-29 19:52:03

One minute you’re worried about Muslims reproducing too much, the next you are saying the Sinhalese population has never been as large as it is now and widespread?

2013-03-29 19:56:05

The Muslims, as a percentage of the Sri Lankan population, have increased by a greater amount than the Sinhalese, as shown in the last census. I have never said that I was personally concerned about Muslims reproducing too much. You must be confusing me with someone else.

2013-04-02 05:58:19

You must be one of the ‘pure’ inbred sinhalese. You have mentioned muslims not practicing birth control several times yet you are ‘not personally concerned about muslims reproducing too much.” Not very bright are you.

Also looking at the census, Muslims have increased overall by about 2% proportionally while Buddhists have increased 10%. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_Sri_Lanka#section_2. Short term they may have increased but if you look over time, small fluctuations are the norm. Again, not very bright on your part.

2013-04-02 10:36:31

Really? Your psychoanalysis is quite interesting. Muslims reproducing and refusing to use birth control is not a personal concern of mine. But it is certainly an issue that is put forward by various groups such as the Bodu Bala Sena.

Buddhists have gone from being 69.30% of the population in 1981 to 70.19% in 2012

Muslims have gone from being 7.56% of the population in 1981 to 9.71% in 2012

You do the math.

2013-04-02 15:29:52

I’m waiting for your statistical analysis to show me that is a significant change. Why only look from 1981, look back further if you want to look at the big picture.

2013-04-04 13:16:13

I am waiting for you to show me how Buddhists have increased by 10% while Muslims have increased by 2%

2013-03-27 14:55:22

I was wondering when you’d come out with the BBS’s actual agenda :D

2013-03-27 15:04:30

That’s to Waruna/SupiriBS, or whatever his name is.

2013-03-27 16:25:28

Hello my gay friends. Long times. But where Halaas? Last time me talking much Halaas everywheres. I thinking even making own shoe shop and hardware shop Hallaas to keeping business. But now sudden no Halaas? Wher go? Me here you much talk BBS? Who this chandia? He stop Hallaas? He much power no?

2013-03-28 21:40:40

halaas are in ur pukaas

2013-03-28 16:25:22

The world is divided between the rich, who get richer, and the poor, who get poorer, and the rich get richer on the backs of the poor. That division hasn’t changed for about 500 years, but there are new, deceptive ways of shoring it up and ensuring that most of the world’s resources are concentrated in as few hands as possible. Michel who donated the head-office to BBS is a single man to our eyes. But there is a greater plan behind.

The plan (by multinationals) is to systematically loot our resources. BBS is used to distract our attention. The New Rulers Of The World’ is a collision of two – imperialism and the injustice of poverty. It observes the parallel between modern-day globalisation and old-world imperialism.

But, there is a worldwide movement that understands this deception and is gaining strength, especially among the young, many of whom are far better educated about the chameleon nature of capitalism. That’s why the holy coalition of Mahinda and BBS will not survive in long term.

2013-03-28 18:51:07

The Bodu Bala Sena is more popular than a lot of people think. What gets many people’s goat I think is that it has shown that the ESE in Colombo matter very little when it comes to issues. The ESE like to think that they call the shots, and that what they say on the SL blogosphere is what goes, but this is not the case at all. Drop by Sinhala middle class suburbs and talk to the people and you’ll get an idea of what’s like. The ESE may wine and dine in Colombo and engage in mutual masturbation online, but they do not constitute the hoi polloi.

Even extreme left wing groups like the Peratugami recognize the depth of feeling here.

2013-03-28 21:43:30

man i dont belong to ESE.
I am a middle class sinhala buddhist and frm maharagama.

so u are not entirely correct. 1s
By the way there is a reason for the downfall of this country. And that is in ur para. if we hadnt ppl like that Sl would have joined the 1st world decades ago.

2013-03-28 21:13:33

The Wahhabi Invasion Of Sri Lanka

After 1973, and the Arab oil embargo that enriched Saudi Arabia greatly, the ultra-fundamentalist Wahhabi sect, which is the official religious interpretation in the Saudi kingdom, began to penetrate Sri Lanka’s adherents to Islam. The Wahhabis in Sri Lanka act through a movement called Thawheed, or Monotheism. They opened numerous medresas. They despise Sufis.

According to M.C.A. Hameed, president of the All Ceylon Thareekathul Mufliheen, a Sufi order whose name means “path of the fearless victorious,” Sri Lankan Muslims then began to find employment in Saudi Arabia, and many young Sri Lankan Muslims were awarded scholarships by Saudi universities. But “those who completed their studies returned to Sri Lanka and… propagat[ed] the ideology” of Wahhabism, Hameed says.


2013-03-28 21:45:11

so BBS is gonna fight wahabs. but in reality they are driving muslims towards wahabism

2013-03-28 21:44:16

so BBS is gonna act against wahabi? they drive muslims towards wahabi u idiot!

2013-03-28 21:56:59

Actually, I think it is bringing the issue of Wahabism to the forefront. It’s the Wahabis who promote the “Ninja Suit” for women.

2013-03-29 10:49:01

u dont need a racist BBS to bring this to forefront. there is a defence mechanism in this country. And they can and will deal with it. The BBS morons are just becoming a distraction for people and making ethnic relationships worse. DO u have any idea how these morons help the ones who want to divide this country? These ppl are just giving the wahabs a reason to attack SL. u fool!

(Comments wont nest below this level)
2013-03-29 10:59:38

What is the “defence mechanism” you speak of? It has clearly failed. The Sri Lankan Muslim leaders have done nothing about Islamic extremism in their own community and neither has the Sri Lankan government. When members of the Sinhalese community raised any concerns, they were shot down under the guise of “religious freedom” … and now you have the BBS.

2013-03-29 11:12:20

What is this “concern” that the Sinhalese community has about Wahabism? If Muslims want to tolerate a fundamentalist strain of their religion, that is their business, not yours. No part of Wahabism affects you as a Buddhist. Having your irrationality shot down doesn’t justify then getting violent about it.

2013-03-29 13:41:42

it is the same defence mechanism that stopped JVPers and LTTErs. BBS is a bigger threat to SL than ur so called wahabism is.
The need of the hour for is dismantling this BBS goons for the sake of the country.

2013-03-28 22:29:14

The goons have started attacking. How is sinhala buddhism better than other exrtemist groups you say? Not in my name! http://colombogazette.com/2013/03/28/pepiliyana-fashion-bug-attacked/

2013-03-29 20:40:14

“The backhoe yard is a Muslim and the entire episode was triggered after an employee of the yard who is also a Muslim was caught having a relationship with a 15-year-old Sinhalese girl in a nearby house.

The parents of the girl had lodged a complaint with the Police alleging rape, after which the suspect was arrested and remanded three days earlier.

However, the father of the girl, a trishaw driver, had allegedly incited the others over incident including monks after which the incident had taken a racial twist.”


2013-04-01 14:43:37

So because they didn’t like one Muslim and couldn’t get their hands on him, they attack whoever they can catch?

(Comments wont nest below this level)
2013-04-04 13:14:13

Because some Americans didn’t like one Muslim, they attack Sikhs?

2013-03-28 22:41:32

I’m merely presenting what I have noticed myself, and also having spoken to JVP and Peratugami reps.

2013-03-29 00:30:55

Do not hijack a great culture and a way of life to harness strength for a low life consort of imbeciles. Like I said the economically successful Muslim minority is being made a scapegoat by vested interests that know the country is on the verge of a severe debt crisis and a population that can’t even feed itself.Get out of your poisoned well and smell some fresh air.

2013-03-29 10:04:19

While it is incumbent upon a majority to be tolerant of minorities, it is also incumbent upon the minorities not to antagonise the majority. It’s clear that there has been and that there is a growing Islamic fundamentalism in the country; add to this brutal animal slaughter, the wearing of the Arab “ninja suit” niqab, supporting the Pakistani cricket team, refusing to practice birth control, the mushrooming of mosques and madrasas belonging to different sects, the refusal of the Muslim community in general to move with the Sinhalese and Tamils, the vandalization of ancient Buddhist shrines in the eastern province, the halal system of certification based on money etc. The leaders of the Muslim community are as culpable for not taking action against the extremists within their own community.

On The Rights of Sri Lankan Muslims

2013-03-29 11:08:20

“add to this brutal animal slaughter”

How is this brutal? The animal bleeds out in a minute or two. Have you seen pigs being slaughtered in the acceptable way in our local sausage factories? I have. It’s far more brutal.

“the wearing of the Arab “ninja suit” niqab”

How is this more antagonistic than a man wearing an orange toga forcing me to give him my seat in the bus?

“supporting the Pakistani cricket team”

This hasn’t been established. Even if it has, it’s just a game. No one should take it that seriously.

“refusing to practice birth control”

You mean like the Roman Catholics — many of whom are Sinhalese? How is this antagonistic?

“the mushrooming of mosques and madrasas belonging to different sects”

This is no more antagonistic than the mushrooming of Buddha statues and shrines on every corner and the enforcement of alcohol and meat bans on religious holidays.

“the refusal of the Muslim community in general to move with the Sinhalese and Tamils”

You can’t force people to be friends with you. Have you considered that people have the right not to be friends with you?

“the halal system of certification based on money”

It has already been established that the halaal system doesn’t cost the consumer any money. As a Buddhist you shouldn’t be eating meat anyway.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
2013-03-29 13:55:27

Refusing to practice birth control? Isn’t it the BBS calling for a ban on vasectomies?

2013-03-29 10:53:01

does JVP knw u talk to them?

Buffalo Silva
2013-03-29 17:16:06

Jesus Christ!!! the monk on the pic looks like a drunken ape. I refuse to associate myself with monkeys.

2013-04-03 00:07:35

Ofcourse not
You are a Buffalo as your name suggests
Buffalos dont mix with monkeys

2013-03-29 18:10:48

Well David, then no one should have any concerns about the BBS then. If the Sinhalese community want to tolerate a fundamentalist strain of their religion, that is their business and not yours.

Sach, the need for the hour, I would say, would be to take action against both Islamic and Buddhist extremism.

2013-03-30 00:02:06

The whole thing was pre-meditated. Here’s the racial hatred that started it a week back where the monk verbally attacks Fashion Bug for employing Sinhala girls..The rape story is hogwash. Get Duminda and the Tangalle PS Chairman for real rapists.

2013-03-30 04:41:05

You don’t seem to get the point. No would care about the BBS if they didn’t break any laws.

Devil worship is fine as long as it doesn’t involve human sacrifice.

2013-03-30 07:30:56

What I don’t get is why are the government’s highest powers (power?) breaking the law? I don’t even believe this is the work of the BBS anymore. The monks are being USED! Not that the powers didn’t break laws before but it wasn’t happening before openly, but in this case so blatantly and obviously? I never heard a word of condemnation and I don’t believe the law enforcement is so blatantly useless that the attack was allowed to go on for 2.5hrs while the police watched. This requires either direct orders from the very top. The only thing defence authorities did was to warn and ensure CCTV camera footage would not be shown to media. This is not about sinhala Buddhism or abhaya wearing Muslims women. Its not about respect for the orange drape or the mysterious ‘grease devils’. This is about money and power.

2013-03-30 07:48:08

So the uneducated imbeciles can go on about the great Sinhala race and how their founding was through beastial acts with a lion as is in the mythical mahavansa. They have a right to their opinion too but no right for hate speech and blasphemy. The educated amongst us should know better than to be silent about the sponsored apertheid. To be silent is to accept the hatred and hatred will do nothing but empower government interests in the short run.(divide and rule) Remember..power hungry despots don’t really care how their country is portrayed internationally. They only care about ensuring their survival locally. (N.Korea, Cuba, Libya)

2013-03-30 11:46:54

If people do not have the right to hate speech and blasphemy, then sections of the Quran ought to be purged or censored. Islam itself promotes apartheid by dividing humanity into Muslims and non-Muslims (Kafir) and the world into Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb. In an Islamic state, the non-Muslims have to pay a Jizya tax.

2013-03-30 20:21:48

To digress, I suppose then that this makes you highly suitable to be a Muslim!

(Comments wont nest below this level)
2013-03-31 14:19:49

That won’t happen mainly because I reject many of the teachings of Islam and do not believe in the existence of Allah.

2013-03-30 14:49:19

Whatever thoughts one may have regarding religions, this kind of lawlessness and attacking communities is disgusting and degrading.

These monks do not practice buddhism or dharma at all. BBS just has a racist agenda, no matter whatever valid concerns of Sinhalese underpin the support for BBS. They will usher in dark period for SL if their influence continues unchecked. I thought we would have learnt the lessons of playing race politics by now.

To compare to SL to Wahabi Islam or Islamic countries is not the point. Does Sri Lanka really want to end up like them. None are successful other than Turkey which was primarily due to it secular foundations built by Ataturk. Malaysia is productive due to it’s ethnic Chinese population which has emboldened the Malays to replicate their industriousness. Same applies to Indonesia.

Bringing an Arabic culture to any country is a literal step back to the past and stupidity. Just look at Pakistan.

2013-03-30 19:11:35

But bringing in an Arabic culture is exactly what the Wahabis want to do, and are doing in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan Muslim population, in general, has greatly moved in the direction of Arabicization. The Arabic language is taught to Muslim students in preference to Sinhala/Tamil, Arabic forms of dress such as the Niqab and Abaya are promoted, Arabic culture/history units are established in national universities, old native trees are removed and date palm trees are planted to give an area a Middle Eastern look, street signs are written in Arabic, there is a movement for the full implementation of Sharia law in Sri Lanka. What many don’t seem to understand is that Islam itself acts as a vehicle for the introduction and promotion of Arabic culture, often at the expense of the local one. I agree with you about the violence.

2013-03-30 20:20:19

I suppose then that this makes you highly suitable to be a Muslim!

2013-03-30 20:45:58

from your logic jujubes:

Then why on earth do we recite gathas in Sanskrit? Shouldn’t we be reciting in Sinhalese you racist? I call upon an immediate reversion to chanting only in true Sinhalese and stop using a ‘bad’ foreign language by Sinhala Budhists.

Ordained monks should only be taught in Sinhalese and only Sinhala translations of the the Tripitaka from Sanskrit and Pali should be allowed.

All landscaping should only use sacred Fig trees for planting as it would create a true Dharma Dweepaya look.

I also immediately call upon all Sinhala Budhist women to stop wearing the sari (an unacceptable import from the Indus Valley Civilisation which is from 2800-2000BC) and be clothed only in a bustier and wrap around fabric. Wearing sari and exposing the naval (the source of all life power) is a 5000 year old unacceptable form of clothing!

No self respecting Buddhist should wear western clothes because these are European looks. It is a movement for the full implementation of an Aethist law in Sri Lanka and where nudism and naturism would be accepted freely.

2013-03-31 14:17:35

Firstly, Sanskrit is not used that much in Sri Lankan Buddhism. It is in Tibetan Buddhism, however. A particularity of Sri Lankan Buddhism is that the liturgical language is strongly Pali, but Sankritised Sinhala is used in general religious discourse eg. Dharmaya is used over Dhamma, Karmaya is used over Kamma. Sanskrit, Pali and Sinhala belong to the same language group of Indo-Aryan languages alongside Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Oriya, Nepali etc. They are not foreign to the region. Sanskrit, particularly, has influenced almost all languages in South Asia and is the sacred language of Hinduism; it cannot be divorced from the region. Arabic on the other hand, is a Semitic language alongside Hebrew and Aramaic and has little to do with the region.

Secondly, most ordained monks are taught only in Sinhalese. It is only recently that English has been added. Perhaps Tamil can be promoted as well, ideally. It is Sinhala language translations of the Tripitaka that are used for study purposes. Pali is definitely taught as a liturgical language, but it is not used as a living language.

The Banyan tree is native to South Asia. It is already part of the natural environment.

Thirdly, no one knows really when the sari came into existence. The Salwar Kameez can be traced to Iran. But not so with the sari. It was definitely present in the Kandyan Kingdom, however. But these days most Sinhalese women are happy to wear a dress and/or jeans/pants.

2013-03-31 16:05:54

So you are OK with foreign as long as its a regional culture /language /dress /tree /religion? What radius around Sri Lanka is acceptable as regional for you?

2013-03-31 16:44:37

There are two great centers of civilization and culture in Asia. One is “India” and the other is “China.” Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia have been largely influenced by “India” and Indic culture, whereas Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia largely by China and Chinese culture. Indic culture is born from Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and more recently Sikhism with two main language groups – Indo Aryan and Dravidian acting as vehicles for the transmission of that culture and tradition. Sri Lankan Muslims also belong to this tradition, despite the desperate attempts to identify with Arabs and Arab culture.

2013-04-03 20:43:42

I think @jujubes got one over on you there @lame. Makes you sound like a right silly cunt. lol.

2013-03-31 17:39:27

So now its not about ‘regional distances’ but about ‘great centres’ of civilisations.. Given that the sea on the west coast of Sri Lanka is the Arabian sea, what ‘time period’ are you choosing to refer to when you say Sri Lanka’s Muslims belong to the (and should abide by) Indian movement of tradition?

2013-03-31 17:41:55

There is no particular time period. The vast majority of Sri Lankan Muslims are Tamils who have converted to Islam. It is only a very tiny minority who have any actual Arab connection.

2013-03-31 22:37:30

So you are saying Sri Lankan Muslims are all of Tamil Nadu origin and should therefore dress and act like people from ‘Indian Civilization’?

Inspite of how Naive that hypothesis sounds, would you agree to allow the Malay Muslims to wear the Kebaya, and the Mamon Muslims to wear the Garga Cholis and Hijabs, the Indian Muslims to wear the Shalwar and 5000 year old Indus Sari, the Borah Muslims their form of Hijab, and the Arab Muslims the Hijab or Niqab?

Would you also exceptionally allow the wearing of other type of clothing such as skirts and trousers, shorts and skinnies by other Muslims inspite that they are forms of clothing not of your categorized acceptable range of ‘Indian Civilization’ clothing?

2013-03-31 23:02:13

Yes, the vast majority of Sri Lankan Muslims are Tamils who have converted to Islam. That is why their mother tongue is Tamil, and they are highly attached to it. That is why they also follow many Tamil customs like the dowry system and that is why the vast majority look no different to their Tamils brothers and sisters. The Malays are obviously not descendants of Tamils. Even the term Malay is a bit of a misnomer because they are actually descendants of the Javanese [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Javanese_people ] and not ethnic Malays [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethnic_Malays ]. The Memons are largely of Sindhi origin, so why would they not wear clothing that is common in Northern India? The shalwar is actually a popular Punjabi item of clothing; It is not an “Indian Muslim” item of clothing. The Punjabis belong to different religious, although most Punjabis are Muslim (there are also Sikh, Hindu and Buddhist Punjabis). The Shalwar Kameez has been popularised because of the wide influence of Punjabi culture. Skirts, trousers, shorts and skinnies have lost any ethnic or religious connotations that they may had. They are not used to hide people away from society or prevent people from mixing with those belonging to different ethnicity or religions.

2013-03-31 22:52:38

Would you also allow the speaking in Urdu by the Manon and Borah Muslims, Malay by the Malay Muslims and Arabic for purposes of reading the Quran by all Muslims… Or by your acceptable ‘Indian Civilization’ are only translations of the Quran in Tamil and Sinhala allowed? (Perhaps English too because you don’t have qualms with the Queens English)

2013-03-31 23:05:59

The Memons speak Sindhi and Urdu because it is their mother tongue. The Malays speak Malay because it their mother tongue. The mother tongue of the vast majority of Sri Lanka’s Muslims is Tamil and not Arabic. English is the international language and has been a language of administration for more than a century. The Arabic language has very little if anything to do with Sri Lanka and its peoples.

2013-03-31 23:31:51

You haven’t answered any of my questions.

2013-04-01 09:27:46

What I don’t understand is why people are so butthurt about what happened thousands of years ago and what may/may not happen in the future. I mean we’ll all be dead and gone, so will our children and grand children. Shouldn’t we be more concerned about what’s going on now? Like the government backing racism to divert the attention of the majority from an economic quagmire?
Also why do people assume that muslims will take over the island? Heck it could be the Chinese, the Indians or maybe WW3 happens a few years from now and everyone in SL dies…
I guess most people are just too stupid for their own good.

2013-04-01 11:18:34

No one cares what you Sinhala Christian bigots think. You guys already raped the country along with your colonial masters, and didn’t raise a single voice against all the religious oppression that took place then but now bleating like lambs.

2013-04-01 14:45:42

I don’t think they should be dismantled. It’s always good to have the psychopaths where you can see them. Banning them will just drive them underground where they are harder to catch. All that is needed is for the law to be enforced.

2013-04-01 23:59:04

Don’t see the point of discussing with bigots anymore. Conversation’s rather redundant to the extent of being rather tiring.

2013-04-02 07:50:46

Where is the President when the country needs him to interfere? The bloody BBS is on a crazy rampage destroying decades of hard work done by Lankans to come to a reconciliation and move forward as one nation. Their latest target being the Lankan cricket players who is participating in the IPL… How crazy is that?

2013-04-04 08:20:14

Wow you guys on here are amazing. Im in awe. Changing the world from your arm chairs. Awesome stuff. Absolutely.

2013-04-04 20:31:08

All hail Sharia law and its introduction to Sri Lanka!

Britain ‘concerned’ after Saudi Arabia ‘orders man to be paralysed’

The Foreign Office has reacted with “deep concern” to reports that a Saudi Arabian man has been sentenced to be paralysed, describing the punishment as “grotesque”.


2013-04-05 19:36:28

Of course, Tasty. Not indiscriminate violence, but when it’s done with precision, using skills mastered through training.

2013-04-06 05:54:59

// Not indiscriminate violence, but when it’s done with precision, using skills mastered through training.

Reply to this comment//

This doesn’t apply to David Blacker. According to him the probability of getting killed by the Army and the probability of getting killed by the LTTE were equal if you were a civilian. Considering also the government claim that it was only the LTTE that intentionally attacked civilians and the Army fought with Geneva Convention up David Blacker’s ass, this would mean that whatever the Army was doing, it was not precision killing.

2013-04-06 21:19:41

So you dont even know the difference between civilians and combatants.

2013-04-07 08:50:40

[...] Lankan blogger Indi Samarajiva explains why Bodu Bala Sena, a hardliner Buddhist organization, is gaining popularity in Sri [...]

2013-04-07 17:18:20

[...] Lankan blogger Indi Samarajiva explains why Bodu Bala Sena, a hardline Buddhist organization, is gaining popularity in Sri [...]

2013-04-27 12:42:20

[...] as a protracted campaign of hate speech by the BBS against minority groups in the country. Blogger Indrajit Samaraiva attributes the politics of the BBS to more complex dynamics within the Sinhala Buddhist community [...]

2013-04-27 14:52:28

[...] as a protracted campaign of hate speech by the BBS against minority groups in the country. Blogger Indrajit Samaraiva attributes the politics of the BBS to more complex dynamics within the Sinhala Buddhist community [...]

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shammi: But you do agree that not arresting G.A. Gnanasara and any other lawbreakers from both sides will only serve to deepen this mistrust? If you don’t, you must be living in said land.

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Nandasiri Wanninayaka: Nice to see you are blogging again.

What A Colombo Revolution Might Look Like (Thailand) (6)

Shirley Silva: Good analysis but you failed to mention that unlike in Bangkok a good shower would send the UNPs scuttling home. Above all there is a big leadership vacuum. No charismatic leader like in Thailand

sharanga: Good constructive criticism.

sharanga: >the electorate is too ill-informed to decide This is almost always true in any country. It’s one of the greatest faults of democracy. The electorate is ill-informed and as public choice theorists put it, systematica...

Anti Christian Christmas (2)

Jack Point: I found this video very disturbing. https://www.you tube.com/watch? v=EUHCQyxK3ps&a mp;feature=yout u.be http://dbsjeyar aj.com/dbsj/arc hives/27450

Damian Poosa (2000-2014)

Our family cat Damian passed away last night. He was an American cat and it was fitting that he passed on the Fourth Of July. Damian was an ornery cat made happy by the love and care of my sister and parents. I brought him home on the day of my high school graduation (a stunningly thoughtless thing, in hindsight) and my sister and mother actually raised him. He then travelled back to Sri Lanka and had a great time till he got old.

How The BBS Attacks (A Tale Of Two Cities)

This seems to be the basic BBS gameplan (for fucking up everything we’ve worked so hard to build after the war). It’s a cycle of outrage, riot, fear, repeat. It’s like the eightfold path to not being a Buddhist:

Buddhism And Racism

Buddhism is not racist. The ideas and practice of Buddhism involve meditation, perception of impermanence and ultimately what we would call a renunciation of self. Being a Buddhist, however, is not just that. Being a Buddhist fundamentally involves taking refuge in three things – the Buddha, the Dhamma (his teachings) and the Sangha (the community of practice). As a Buddhist, this is why the violence in Aluthgama is so troubling. Becomes it comes cloaked in the colors of the Sangha. The main racists and instigators of mob violence are monks.

The Tragedy In Aluthgama

I haven’t written here in a while because, well, I guess I haven’t had much to say. I’m been writing about food and leisure at YAMU but, well, somethings gotten in the way of that now. In a way we could sense it because of the constant halal debate on YAMU, which is mainly a food site. That food issue in many ways has become a touchstone for the Muslim/Buddhist tensions rising in this country. Yesterday those tensions seemed to explode in Aluthgama and Beruwela on the Western coast. The racist BBS staged a rally there and then paraded thru the streets. This exploded into violence, attacks on businesses and homes.