Parks And Wreck


Photo via YAMU.

I was walking in the new Nugegoda park and I liked it, even though I don’t much like the guys on the plaque. Mahinda and family take credit for the park and, indeed, it is a lovely space. There were thousands of people there. People need that. Mahinda and family also, however, have to take credit for breaking the rule of law in order to rule. It’s bread and circuses. You get peace and parks now, and take long-term damage to basic values.

The biggest problem, of course, is the two-thirds majority in Parliament. In this case two branches of government have gotten together to smash another one (the judiciary).

Within Parliament, the SLFP and like half of the UNP have gotten together to cash out. So you gotta blame Ranil for completely losing control of the UNP and giving Mahinda a two-thirds majority in the first place.

But that’s pedantic. The park is nice. I wish there was someone else to vote for.

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2013-01-17 03:27:04

“Mahinda and family take credit for the park ” (?) Why the heck they should not??? If they built it they deserve the credit.

Punchi Baba
2013-01-17 07:10:56

Agree. The UNP controlled Colombo for yonks and they did what? Absolutely NOTHING. Colombo is finally blossoming under Gotabhaya.

2013-01-17 16:24:00

Who paid for it?

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2013-01-18 16:16:28

The beautification of Colombo is good, but I dont think this park at nugegoda which used to be the vehicle park for sand traders as a good choice. You dont have that much of a residential area there. The moment i saw it my impression was like, a park in the middle of tile shops?? Also the cost they said was 80 million (i heard it in swarnavahini news) but i cant imagine how 80m was spent on it.

There are priorities we need to solve before thinking of beatufication. It is not sustainable. What purpose would it serve in a country where economy is going down and every young lankan feels he/she has to go abroad to secure a successful future? The way this beautification is done is NOT sustainable.

Also read this.

Also I will never ever forgive MR and company for the mess he has brought this country into how many ponds he create.

2013-01-18 16:53:10

To my understanding, the park is built on the banks of a canal (kirulapana canal i think) and the footpath is 1.45 km long and the total land area is 5 acres ( And from the photos it looks pretty residential though since i haven’t actually paid a visit there i can’t be sure.

Anyways all these “parks” or at least water parks (“ponds”) in colombo are not not developed with just the intention of beautification. My understanding is that waterways (and “ponds”) are developed as a measure for flood controlling and water parks are just a (decorated) by product of it.

Tania P.
2013-01-17 07:38:10

Colombo is blossoming? If you consider high profile infrastructure, maybe. But surely you can understand the motive behind that. What about the more important stuff? Like basic human needs and values? Cost of living? Assistance to small business? Rule of law?

Bloody UNP. I too wish there was someone else to vote for.

Punchi Baba
2013-01-17 09:42:35

Yes Colombo is blossoming. It is cleaner, greener and more beautiful than it ever was. No more random bomb blasts either.

Basic human needs and values? – Like a corrupt chief justice?
Cost of living? Because it is going down everywhere else in the world?
Assistance to small business? Do we have any big business?
Rule of law? When has is every been perfect? Under a UNP administration?

2013-01-18 16:52:13

“Colombo is blossoming? “

Tell me how Colombo has been developed as a rival to Singapore? How Colombo has been made as centre of trade and commerce, centre of education in Asian region (forget global arena)? Even the Colombo port is losing its importance as an important port in South Asia. What are the steps taken to improve transportation system in Colombo? Has this city beautification been able to tackle with the conjunction we face daily in the roads of Colombo? It takes more than an hour to reach Fort from Ratmalana during the morning rush hours. How has this been tackled?
Tell me I’d like to know.

“Basic human needs and values? – Like a corrupt chief justice?
Cost of living? Because it is going down everywhere else in the world?
Assistance to small business? Do we have any big business?
Rule of law? When has is every been perfect? Under a UNP administration?”

Do u really see Mohan Peiris as a Non corrupt man? In a sensible country this man would be behind bars but in SL he is the CJ. Government or their lackeys cannot play the corruption card, because Mohan Peiris is more corrupt.
In SL cost of living is higher than other countries in the region. Cost of living or inflation never goes down in any country, but it is controlled. In SL ppl have to bear the cost of every wastage by the corrupt rajapakses and their lackeys.

Other countries take steps to enhance entrepreneurship of its people. They help medium sized and small businesses to grow. But in SL small businesses entities struggle at the economic policies of the gov. But casino owners and other rajapakse’s friendly businesses thrive. SL do have big businesses not in the scale of US or even in India. These are mostly funders of the gov and in turn get their support.

Can the rule of law be any worse than the president of the gov acting unconstitutionally? Deterioration of rule of law did start since 1948. But the speed at which it is done has increased tremendously during MR’s time. That is why you see Mervin threatening, assaulting, and even killing people in broad day light and nothing is done against him. Even if he comes and kills ur own relative you will have no justice because the judiciary is not functioning. Police is not functioning.
Are you saying just because governance has been bad during UNP’s time we have to endure everything done by this regime? It’s been 18 years since UNP’s rule and things have deteriorated further.

Baba ta mukuth ma therenne na.

2013-01-18 18:31:29

You really seems to have a some other problem (a one that your not publicly saying) with the current government.

For example if you consider the “transportation system in Colombo” and “What are the steps taken to improve transportation system in Colombo?”and if you really pay attention, government is doing quite a lot about it.

If you need few examples,
* Removing administrative offices from colombo to Battaramulla
* Developing a road parallel to the galle road
* developing the highways which would allow traffic to bypass colombo
are to name a few.

And if you feel that government is doing too slow, well you really can’t do them fast. Because colombo in whatever the aspect you look at it is a very complex mess (you can’t even widen a road because of the unplanned development). That mess wasn’t created overnight or a in a decade. It happened over a period of half a century. And cleaning up that mess will take time and will cost a lot (even if the government don’t steal a cent).

And the present economic policy sucks. And the economic advisers also sucks. And the whole blame is on MR because those are his people.

And the whole CJ thing, i have feeling that this is going to turn bad for everyone including MR.

“But the speed at which it is done has increased tremendously during MR’s time.”
Not really. It really went to the dog during the JR-Premadasa time. Even CBK had her share of goons like DM Dasasnayaka (if you think Mervin is bad) or her bodyguard “baddagane sanjiva”.
Even during UNP (2002-2004) period there were quite a number of “those” activities though they got under reported since all the “unbowed”, “impartial” news media organizations were supporting the UNP government (and we had bigger problems to worry about rather than the government thugs and violations of the rule of law).

So is MR doing things that hasn’t been done before? I seriously doubt that.
Is MR doing those “things” in a higher intensity than before? I seriously doubt that also.

So is it OK for MR to do “those” things b’se SOMEONE have done it before? NO.


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2013-01-18 22:57:10

“because Mohan Peiris is more corrupt”.. Dude..if he is corrupt why not impeach him too!

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2013-01-17 11:35:43

So basically Punchi Baba you’re happy to live your life the way it is? You don’t want anything more? And just because the UNP was shitty in the past it’s ok for the present govt to be shitty?
People like you are the reason this country will never develop…
P.S. I’m not a UNP or SLFP or JVP supporter I’m just a guy trying to get by…oh and the current CJ Mohan Peris is ALSO corrupt…asshole

2013-01-18 17:51:59

” And just because the UNP was shitty in the past it’s ok for the present govt to be shitty?”

No it doesn’t. But limits peoples options. Why replace this shitty government with another shitty government?

BTW our opposition popularized the idea that MR wins by cheating aka “jilmart” through wild claims (those claims they are eating now). And people have now lost their faith in the elections. And people who do not have a faith in the system, do not go to vote.

2013-01-17 16:39:19

MR and family can continue to rape this country as long as he has (m)asses like Punchi Baba!

2013-01-18 17:43:58

MR and family will continue as long as their is a pathetic opposition like now.

And politicians after that (UNP or any other) will continue doing what MR is doing now, until our masses grow up.

2013-01-18 17:45:24

MR and family will continue as long as there is a pathetic opposition like now.

And politicians after that (UNP or any other) will continue doing what MR is doing now, until our masses grow up.

Tania P.
2013-01-17 16:46:33

Just so that people don’t misunderstand, I am not a fan of UNP and hate Ranil even more. My last comment wasn’t about taking sides. It is just to say that as a country we are going downhill fast despite trying to disguise it by building parks.

Just because the regime before you did a shitty job, that doesn’t give you the right to feel good. This is the problem. Like a frog in the well.

End to the war, recreational areas, flood control are very good – and I applaud the current administration for it. But they are trying to use that to hind all other inefficiencies – which is a big no no!

Perhaps CJ was corrupt and she deserved to be fired, but the way they did it sends shivers down my spine – total disregard to the law of the land. And may I ask what happened to others who are 1000 times more corrupt than her? They are running free swindling more and more money just because they are closer to MR. Why only CJ then? Let’s face it, someone had to take the fall for people to feel good about it.

FYI, cost of living is not going up, let alone skyrocketing everywhere else. In fact most Asian economies are rock solid these days. And by the way, growth in small business is a key indicator that an economy is on the right track.

2013-01-18 17:37:01

“I am not a fan of UNP and hate Ranil even more. ”

lot of people are not fans of the UNP and Ranil is the least reason for it. And lot of people who hate Ranil are UNPers. Other (non-UNPrs) don’t hate Ranil. They just consider him to be pathetic, back-boneless, looser who doesn’t deserve a vote.

“Perhaps CJ was corrupt and she deserved to be fired, but the way they did it sends shivers down my spine – total disregard to the law of the land.”

I think you are trying say that CH was fired in a very unjust way.
because our constitution says very little about firing a top judge [ page 82- 107 (3) a single chapter] and technically what the government did was according to the law of the land which is the constitution (and you want find a word about so called “natural justice”).

But yeah i totally agree. What MR did was bad and i have feeling that MR would have to pay (same way CBK payed by appointing Sarath Silva) for appointing his “adviser” as the CJ.

2013-01-18 17:52:40

“and take long-term damage to basic values”…..

R u saying we have basic values???????????

2013-01-20 23:24:29

New Report Says “Cash Cow” Data Caps Are About Pleasing Investors, Not Relieving Congestion:

Wonder if SLT etc are doing the same thing! Hope Dr Samarajiva see’s this and so does everyone else fed up with over paying for capped internet!

2013-01-20 23:29:22

Here’s another one:

So we pay something like 900 bucks for SMS worth 1 MB. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

2013-01-22 02:23:16

If only we had a stronger opposition . Seriously when can UNP get their act togther ?
They have not for the past decade, will they in the next decade ?

I feel like mumford and sons “I will wait” but how long and for whom ?

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