Chief Justice Impeached

Chief Justice In The Course Of Impeachment Trial

Photo by Navin Weeraratne

Well, that was a predictable farce. The lapdog Parliament, essentially a house of made men, passed a trumped up impeachment motion against the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Why? Because she wouldn’t give Basil Rajapaksa what he wanted – control of provincial monies (in the name of the poor, but mainly for more). Because they didn’t get what they wanted, the Rajapaksas decided to trash the whole court system of Sri Lanka.

Hooting at the Chief Justice in committee like street louts, allowing and encouraging physical assaults on judges and lawyers, and encouraging thugs to break up protests and threaten citizens, including my mum.

This government is willing to destroy anything to get what they want. And Ranil Wickremesinghe – the opposition leader – is willing to get them the two-thirds in Parliament to do it. In between these two fulcrums of personal greed, the people and justice are squeezed.

This is damn nonsense. Lawyers have said they won’t recognise any new Chief Justice. They shouldn’t, they should shut this whole legal system down until natural justice returns to the void.

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2013-01-11 20:45:24

What does milinda Moragoda, the good governance guy say to this farce? Or is he also taking the position of Dayan J?

2013-01-11 20:48:43

I am lost for words. I thought this insane impeachment will fizzle out & normal service to resume! But oh no insanity has to prevail! Parliament is full of thugs, idiots & educated fools. Democracy – Anichawatha Sanchara, RIP, Allah Hu Akbar, etc. It is a night of nightmares thinking about tomorrow.

2013-01-11 21:18:07

Lawlessness is formalized in parliament. Sumanthiran is making more noise about this than Ranil. He should take the blame as much as MR for this situation the country is in.

2013-01-12 23:42:57

This should be done! Corruption is corruption who ever did that.

2013-01-14 01:36:32

and 11 people decide what corruption is, 11 very biased individuals

2013-01-14 09:06:26

Nice little article :

I, for one, don’t really care. The impeachment was unjust but Mrs. Bandaranayake was a puppet anyway and not a credible appointment to begin with, what did we expect to happen?

2013-01-14 23:40:35

Well, in a way, all this did was replace one puppet who stood up for the people once with another puppet (if i hear correct, Mohan Pieris) who will bend over to ingratiate himself to this govt. As long as we stay in the mood you’re in, judging people perpetually for the sins of their past, we will never climb out of this hole we’ve dug ourselves into. For example, TNA MP Sumanthiran made more of an impassioned defense for law and order and the right way of doing things than Ranil. And yet, the extremists will write off Sumanthiran as a Tamil who supports the diaspora, just as you’ve written off Shirani as a stooge.

Is it okay to write a blank cheque to MR and his cronies for their infighting? Yep. Is it still okay to do it when that infighting could screw the entire country up? No.

Its time us Lankans looked beyond the finger and looked at where it’s actually pointing.

2013-01-15 00:44:36

that’s to AS btw :)

2013-01-14 23:43:58

It’s a (*&@%^ banana republic

2013-01-15 12:01:54

The irony in all this is, Sumanthiran (TNA) is championing the cause for rule of law and CPA has filed a FR petition preventing Mohan Pieris from taking oaths.

Where are those puppet patriots when Lanka is falling apart?

2013-01-29 23:26:03

[...] protests also continued in the country. reported that protests for the Chief Justice was broken up by government supporters and the police [...]

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