The Optics Of Impeachment

Chief Justice In The Course Of Impeachment Trial

Photo by Navin Weeraratne

My friend Navin took this amazing photo above. It’s an epic image of the Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake greeting protestors on a day of protests and counter-protests. I think it show the problem the government has here. The last time I saw a picture this epic was when government Minister Wimal Weerawansa was fasting against the UN and Mahinda came to revive him with a glass of water.

Image from the Weerawansa fast.

It’s weird, cause the ruling family usually gets what they want, but in this case they seem to have overreached. I mean, on a procedural level they can probably still impeach the Chief Justice, especially since the people controlling the Parliamentary Select Committee are the ones accusing her in the first place. However, they are taking some significant damage in the process.

I suppose people don’t care how power is executed as long as it’s done, but in this case they’re picking on a Chief Justice who, if not especially beloved as independent before, nonetheless looks innocent and has less negatives than, say, Sarath Fonseka. Messing with the judiciary is a very risky proposition, as the former leaders of Pakistan and the Maldives could tell.

Will the Rajapaksa’s get away with it? Probably. But the optics don’t look good.

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2012-12-05 11:36:56

Rajapaksha’s will get away with all this until the doomsdaywill come on them sooner than later.

They contol 72% of the budget and everything other than the religion and once the CJ is kicked out, you will see a Rajapaksha appointed Mahanayakes of Malwatta and Asgiriya as well as a new Mannar Bishop and a Anglican Cardinal etc appointed and all these guys will fall the Jara-Paksha line.

What we see is a new democratically elected label and act like a North Korea under the beloved leader, Kim Joon Il or Burmese military junta and Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

It is interesting that Jara-Pakshas have got all the bad stuff from the above mentioned regimes and make it localised version for Sri Lanka and will govern until the next quarter century unless a Lankan-spring comes along.

2012-12-05 11:40:56

It is a shame that we had to let a 9th grade dropout and a galkatas wielding former rebel called Pannikkiyalage Wimalasena a.k.a Wimal Weerawansha act as a judge of the so called PSC against the countries academic turned first lady CJ.

Folks in this country do not have something called Shame at all.

Brian de Bois Guilbert
2012-12-05 12:45:25

First of all no body loves Judiciary either :)

2012-12-05 15:28:19

Somehow I don’t think the impeachment will happen. It will stall.

2012-12-05 17:14:32

Aparaade, all the money wasted on the pointless posters, favours to friendly press, plackard bearing trishaws and busloads of paid protesters outside parliament, causing congestion on the roads.

2012-12-06 00:21:39

Nah, better some money distributed amongst the people than lying in one persons fat bank account…. Those people will take that cash and go buy fish. The fishermen wil buy his fish and spend it on oh I dunno, insurance and booze. Then most probably this money will end up back in that same big fat bank account after a while.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
2012-12-06 00:40:26

This battle between this Chief Justice lady and the Rajapakses is a battle between Kumaratunge style reptilians and far superior and intelligent alien beings: the Rajapakses. Underneath what appears to be a mundane human battle lies are a struggle for all of humanity. Things are moving fast, and the Rajapakses’s must win if we humans are to save the Earth as we know it!

2012-12-06 17:34:08

What’d be really depressing about IEatPeopleForLunch’s claims if true is not that those superior aliens might destroy humanity, but the shocking realization that reality itself is an unoriginal, utterly stupid B movie.

2012-12-06 19:11:12

This stupid woman has just walked out of the PSC. Better get the resignation letter ready. Hik Hik :-D

2012-12-06 21:52:25

it is you that is stupid moron!
She did he right thing here and you can see the Sri Lankan spring get its pace now….

2012-12-06 22:05:12

B Rate movie? Boy this is real life.

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