Unawatuna: Sunset Point Hotel

View out front

Unawatuna is the best beach near Colombo, IMHO. Just past Galle, you can get there in about three hours, inshallah. I’m here now visiting some friends from Bangalore. The first timers are like ‘WTF this is so much better and cheaper than Goa.’ And it is. I always stay at the same humble place and I dig it. This is a review cause it has no particular presence online. The Sunset Point Hotel is a charming and cheap hotel in Unawatuna. I like it a lot.

Really it’s all about the new and undiscovered. Locals have gradually moved from Hikkaduwa to Una to Mirissa and further out and down the coast as the collective consciousness spreads its goday influence out from Colombo. I remember when Una felt new and it doesn’t quite anymore, but it’s still cool. Most people stay on the main strip on the beach, Happy Banana, The Villa, Thaprobane, etc. There’s really only one road in Una, Beach Access Road, and it is full of hotels.

If you continue on this road further than you think you should go you’ll get to a left turn towards Sunset Point Hotel. If you follow the signs you’ll come up to a two story building emerging out of clumps of frangipani. It has a big lawn with a swimming pool and you walk in through eaves of flowers. It smells nice.

I think there are only three rooms and they’re quite simple. There’s a four post bed, functional bathroom (with hot water and a bit corroded fixings). The view from the front is over frangipani and coconut trees. The view from the balcony is of the sea, and the sunset. This part of the beach is rocky and you can’t swim there, but it is beautiful. You can sit out till it gets dark, but then the bugs gather. Excuse me, I’m going to go inside.

View from the room balcony

Inside the room is simple and clean and, most importantly, cheap. I called Wasantha and he said Rs. 1,500 but I got him down to Rs. 1,300, which I almost feel bad for. My friends are paying Rs. 6,000 for a smaller double at The Villa, albeit directly on the beach and with better fixings. But still. I like it here because it is like being in Unawatuna but not in the thick of the tourist thing. It’s just a nice, beautiful and almost abandoned feeling hotel in sound of the waves.

So I recommend. I have no idea what the food or any amenities are like as I’ve never eaten here, but the people are nice. I get pretty good 3G reception for the mobile broadband. What else?

For info contact Wasantha on 913935196. His English is not especially existent, but may be possible. To get there take the Beach Access Road way down, past all the main hotels to where it narrows. There is a sign saying Sunset Point at which you turn left. Then wind around to the right and get to another sign, at which you go straight.

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2010-04-04 19:02:34

sounds like a nice place… one of my mom’s friends used to run a hotel in Una, I think didn’t rebuild it after the Tsunami…

2010-04-04 19:49:52

Unawatuna IS nice… but after the tsunami they over built the area I think without any planning. On high tides the beach shrinks to almost nothing. The beach needs some professional beach nourishment to extend it about another 50 metres into the sea. There needs to be a green bar (coconut trees or just any other trees) of at least 20 metres width BETWEEN the shore and the hotels/shacks lining it – ie when you are on the beach the development should be hidden behind trees and to get to the beach from your hotel/motel you need to walk through this green bar to get to it.

2011-02-13 10:03:35

Hi i read all of comments on above….About sunsetpoint hotel.In these days I am developing and designing the Official website for it.I Promise will give more details about sunsetpoint hotel.

2010-04-05 07:00:50

I went to Unawatuna recently for the first time after the tsunami and was stunned by the changes. There’s virtually no beach at all. The ‘development’ is haphazard, basically ugly and certainly not environmentally-friendly. Zion’s comment is right on!

2010-04-06 14:36:02

I am a recent afficianado of your blogsite, and love your style of writing. I hadn’t logged in for a few days though.

As it happens, I had been looking for an inexpensive but charming place to spend a couple of days by the beach with my kids and had come across some pics and details of this guesthouse in a travel website. The parent company does not seem to be in operation anymore and I was trying to find the contact details for this place. Upon googling the name the first site that comes up is your write-up on the property. what a happy coincidence!

I made a reservation immediately and am looking forward to our little break there. Last year we stayed at Dalawella Beach Villa a little further south, and it was quite nice too, but I’m curious about the this side of the coast with the green, hilly bit. Thanks Indi, for your thoughtful inclusion of Wasantha’s name and tel.no., which helped me to negotiate what seems like a very reasonable rate for us, and do keep writing your lovely blog. Cheers, Shammi

2010-04-07 00:00:18

for sure. I daresay the place is not super high-class, but I love it. I hope you enjoy. One issue is that it is not near the swimmable beach, you have to drive or walk for about 5-10 minutes. The beach there is rocks, beautiful but not swimmable for kids (or anybody)

2010-04-06 20:55:23

yes, there is beach erosion, but during one monsoon one side of the bay has beach, during the other monsoon the other side of the bay has a more beach. the side which is suffering most from erosion is the devale side though.

2010-04-06 23:58:30

[...] Recent Comments Unawatuna: Sunset Point Hotel: [...]

2010-04-22 16:58:34

Stayed at Sunset Point! It was just right for us. Spent as much time as possible on the beach as usual, so didn’t notice the amenities or lack of them at the guesthouse. The short walk to the beach was also very nice, and on the way back it helps you dry out a bit to get rid of the sand that sticks to your slippers. Being April, it was really hot, but shall definitely be returning to Sunset point and maybe hike to Jungle Beach next time.

And HEY………. Indi, spied you on TV when your mum was featured on ‘power women’ on ETV. It was touching to see your admiration for her, though only natural of course. Missed what she said about you though, as I’d switched channels during a commercial break and got engrossed in a song from an old movie. Cheers, Shammi.

2010-11-14 23:24:25

I went there after looking at http://www.go-lanka.com/Unawatuna/sunset-villa/sunset-point-guesthouse.html but was disappointed. The pool was not functional, did not see monkeys or peacocks and not under Czech management. The website used to say TV and Internet is available but they have removed it now. You can get much better rates if you know how to negotiate on beach front property with air conditioning.

The staff is very friendly and hard working. Ownership can make this a much better place with the resources they have. Really nice trees, flowers and a beautiful building right across the rocks.

2010-11-15 08:33:25

When we were there earlier this year we saw several peacocks roaming around the rocks, also monkeys, lots of butterflies and other birds. The pool was in order too, though who wants a pool when you have the sea? Or TV and internet? I find sleeping with the sound of the sea much better than sleeping with an A/C on.
I was chatting to a friend of the owner who said that the local guy who owns the place had been affected badly by the slump in tourism, hence the little shortcomings. The dining area needs to be spruced up a bit.

There are a few quaint little places right on the beach, but I’m sure they’re contravening all the coast conservation regulations. Those restaurants and hotels are too close to the sea and I did wonder how safe their waste water and sewage disposal system was. The authorities should really pay more attention. The beach was rather more polluted than places like Induruwa or Mirissa.

2011-03-10 16:58:02

For more details : go to site http://www.sunsetpoint.lk

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