Duminda Silva Makes Me Sick

It’s Provincial Council election time. I saw a few lonely UNP posters and a bunch for Duminda Silva, commonly known for threatening to kill Anarkali and being sued for statutory rape of a 13 year old. Whatever it is, he spends money, and his beefy mug is plastered all over Colombo. Dee has a post about it. Duminda is a repugnant human being who happens to have money. The way he treats women alone is disqualification for public service. And yet he wins. Why? Perhaps because we haven’t offered an alternative. I’m now trying to figure out if/where I’ve registered to vote. I think I’m part of the problem.

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2009-02-06 17:14:32

Urgh. Just seeing his face makes me want to throw up.

2009-02-06 17:58:41

Well, sadly people vote for these bastards depending on what they put on their posters. I wonder if you’ve seen the poster of a SLFP idiot called ‘Lal Peiris’. He’s got this really stupid smile which makes me want to tear the poster apart!

2009-02-06 21:07:39

Oh, he is the famous ‘kudu lal’, mervin’s man.

Sigma Delta
2009-02-06 21:44:10

Makes me sick too!

Someone small
2009-02-06 22:34:48

If only you know his full history – you would fall down.

What you pointed out is the tip of the iceberg, LL hints at some of his other aspects.

He is pretty bad but the rest are not inspiring either.

Under Dog
2009-02-07 09:30:14

He’s a psychopath but he gives a lot of money away to poor people, hence his popularity. The money comes from dubious sources of course. Need to be a crook to make a shit load of money to give to poor people who give you votes so you become politically powerful which helps you make more money. Don’t cha just love politics! Btw, he’s got some hefty bodyguards and he doesn’t keep good company; you might want to watch what you say…

2009-02-07 11:03:39

Makes me also sick ! We need a heard of goats to eat these stuff. If a man with such a bad character win just because of his money we could see the state of sri lankan democracy. I hate this bugger and as under dog is telling he is throwing lots of money to people and this tactic might work.

If you are a politician being famous or infamous becomes the same.

2009-02-07 22:28:17

I despise him. We should have an online petition agaisnt him! CAn’t we? How? Lets!

2009-02-08 14:34:26

He’s vile. Utter and pure vileness. Disgusting!

2009-02-09 00:41:54

I saw some banners in Colombo 13 where he is with an old lady and saying goes as “Son! you’re an precious this earth could ever get”. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009-02-09 01:30:29

The other day he and his entire entourage were parked right in front of World Trade Center (you know, the area where you aren’t supposed to fucking park) – Merc and three jeeps – looking like they owned the fucking world.

2011-10-11 17:16:34

Why such foul language Theena. You are as bad as the drug dude.

Mata Hari
2009-02-09 19:10:07

Ha! Ha! What a punk. He needn’t have bothered will all them posters. I live on the outskirts of Colombo. People in my area just trashed his posters, tore them to shreds a few hours after they were pasted on residential walls and lamp bases. He may pretend he’s king around WTC, but not down my part of the town. So there.

2009-03-13 11:17:51

[...] on a bad hair day, and has an interesting track record, but his (erstwhile) website claims his “foundation” has “donated 9,850 families”, which makes about as much sense as anyone who would vote for such vile swine. As Indi notes, [...]

2009-03-14 05:18:18

This guy has spent millions to put up posters and bill boards at every junction in Colombo to hood wink the gullible voters. He and Thilanka Sumathipala have both got plenty of money and underworld gangs at their disposal and would be dangerous individuals to be vested with political power.The tragedy is even if voters do not give their preference vote to these two characters, they might be elected due to the proportional representive system. The only way to keep these undiserable characters out would be to not vote for the party which has given them nominations.

2009-03-16 13:01:56

There is a probability he may became the Chief minister SHIT ……

2009-04-21 03:58:18

wel this guy is a good human being …. i knw him n hes nt tht bad.. man even if i had a lot of$$$ i d fuck anarkhali for sure shes just a crazy bitch frm cis and she s slept around with lot of men …. pity this guy fall n love with tht cheap bitch who cnt even speak her countries official; language… this guy is young n he l listen to any of ur problems n help u …. unlike those old assholes who earn money through politics..

2009-05-01 07:30:06

Did he fuck you too?

2009-06-30 15:21:29

I agree to you. And I think he is a good man and a good hearted guy. No one can do this all the time. If someone has a lot of money they would keep it, but this guy makes money to give others and I think that is a very kind warm person in him.

Jayanthi's Mom
2011-03-26 20:00:00

Hehe.. Oh my daughter! How you don’t even know the mannerisms of your true father.

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2011-10-11 17:18:25

So at the end of the day its money right??? No morals just money and all is well.

The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.

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2011-06-14 12:07:30

I would like to provide information on the brother of R. Dumindha Silva who is Vincent Silva. Last week on Friday the 10th of June, Vincent and his body guards assaulted a young girl at the club Kama located at Colombo-3. I witnessed this occur as did many of other club patrons. Vincent and two of the guards threw her on the sofa and repeatedly hit her. She was taken out of the club and had to be locked in the VIP room of the club as Dumindha and his body guards showed up shortly after to apparently kidnap the girl. This is disgusting behavior and can be viewed on the CCTV cameras, which the owners of the club are refusing to provide. They did not put the lights on or shut of the music as the assault was taking place. Dumindha Silva was not present when the assault occurred, but arrived 15 minutes later. The safety of every one who goes to night clubs in Colombo is at risk, as every one including my self was too afraid to do any thing to stop it. This needs to be publicized to show people what these men are like and the President should ban them all from night clubs.

2011-10-11 17:20:44

How can the President ban such activities when he is in it too. Maybe not in public though.

2011-06-14 21:05:56

Indi…the only reason that idiots like Duminda, Mervin, Aluthgamage and a host of other idiotic thugs can continue with impunity is because the BIG thug Mahinda and his brother the Goat let it happen…Duminda, Mervin, Aluthgamage and other thugs are Mahinda’s foot soldiers. You continuously keep missing the woods for the trees…So how about a post called, “Rajapaksa and his Family Dictatorship Makes Me Sick?”

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