Sri Lankan Girls (Are Cheaper)

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Apparently. Egad I love Sri Lankan women. God forbid I offend them, but then women like that. This is more to say that – on the free market – Sri Lankan girls are apparently cheaper. Not that I’ve been, being devoted to sexual autocracy. There’s a dude I used to work with, lets call him Prawn Curry, a total capitalist whore. In addition to storing loads of porn on company servers, he spent his entire disposable income on prostitutes. He used to send this entirely classless porn everyday until I set a filter to automatically delete his mail (and the company cracked down on the huge bandwidth costs). Once, however he sent an attachment that wasn’t an image, looking strangely legit. It was an Excel sheet.

Amazingly, dude had made a document containing the names, prices and contact details of all the whorehouses in Colombo. It was surprisingly detailed and thorough for something so retarded. The first line was:

Upon forwarding your Company ID “foreplay Free”

Ahahahaaaaa, WTF!!? This was the stupidest, saddest document I had ever seen, yet touching in the care he’d taken to address this particular, er, demographic. I think many men have got ‘massages’. I think too much and find even strippers depressing, but I guess I don’t condemn prostitution – in the the abstract. However, in the form it usually takes (exploitation and even slavery) I do think it’s horrid. If it was legal and regulated that might be better, but even that’s iffy from both a policy and a moral perspective. But I digress. Men do go to hookers. They just don’t talk about it, or document it in spreadsheets.

Except for Prawn Curry who, incidentally, also got circumcised cause he thought it made his dick bigger. ‘For the hookers?’ I wondered, ‘Do they care?’ But I digress. These are some of the highlights of the list. I have edited the names and addresses to protect the guilty.

Night Club of [Transvestite Thai] Hotel – Russian prostitutes are available but for a premium price.

Chinese Medical Clinics [all off Duplication Rd] – (LKR 1000 for 45 minutes massage / room + LKR 1000 for full service) USD 1.00 = LKR 104.00 [ahahahaa, what? The spreadsheet included exchange rates]

[What Shines At] Night Club – Chinese Girls (good quality- SLR 5000 per 1 Hour SLR 10000 Full Night. Till next morning 8.30. Room at Tropicana Beach Hotel SLR 1650 (A/C, Hot Water) Russian women are available too.

Liberty Plaza – Sri Lankan Girls – Rs 3000 to 5000. (For extra Rs 2000 you can get a threesome) For a full night at your place Rs. 10,000 Russian girls Rs. 6,000

Kandy, Galkanda Road – Sri Lankan girls – US$ 25 (All inclusive)

Havelock Road – … after passing there is small black gate. Sri Lankan girls are available between Rs. 2000 – 3000.

[Testicular] Casino – Thai Girls US$ 80 – 100

Unawatuna – Sri Lankan girls Rs 1250 – 2000 (3 hrs)

Dehiwela – Young Sri Lankan girls are available. Admission USD 3 & full service US$ 10-20 [Oh God! But this was before inflation really hit]

I’m not including details because I don’t support this business. Something like 20% of the Google visitors to this site are looking for “Sri Lankan Girls” and I’m not the one to gratify them. I just posted cause it’s fucking hilarious. If you’d like to wash your hands in erudition there’s an interesting Empirical Analysis of Street Level Prostitution (PDF) from the University of Chicago. There’s also an older hooker post from 2005 – Miss Working Girl, and one about Montreal strippers called Telemarketing Sucks.

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2008-06-28 09:48:00

Let us know how the traffic peaked ;)

2008-06-28 11:22:20

Would I like my mother, sister or daughter to be a prostitute? No of course I wouldn’t, What a horrible thought… Then these poor girls you are going out with is also somebodies mother, sister or daughter. Give a thought about this…

btw machan, the Miss working girl link is not working ;)

2008-06-28 11:55:39

It is a terrible industry on all sides, especially here in Sri Lanka where – for locals – its almost guaranteed exploitation. But it’s a supply and demand sorta thing, I don’t know how you control the world’s oldest profession, let alone eliminate it.

2008-06-28 15:01:48

“Control it” by legalizing. That way the exploitation (in terms of pimps and getting chicks hooked on smack) factor would be a thing of the past and as there would be regular medicals involved it would reduce the incidence of STDs. The taxman would also benefit!

If a person wants to sell his / her body, what right does anyone else have to deny it?

2008-06-30 14:16:29

yeah but you would need to regularize it as you would any other industry and introduce labor law, codes of conduct etc. to bring it out of its clandestine status and competely limit exploitation.
i dont think society as a whole is ready for that!

2008-07-01 01:15:13

What Java said.

Also: I think I know who this Mr Prawn Curry is. I wish I didn’t.

project pat
2008-07-01 17:46:35

eghk, sri lanka as a country (and people in general) doesnt have the money nor the discipline to legalize and regularize such a thing

we cant even maintain a road

2008-07-02 00:11:37

apparently brothels and massage parlours are illegal but if u want to prostitue yourself its legal in this country.

its quite sad actually. i heard once where women were kidnapped from asian countries stuffed like sardines in a container and shipped to Europe. sigh

2008-07-04 11:34:42

Legalise! Ugh. Pathetic pimpy prawn curry.

2008-07-20 21:36:02

I was on a holiday in lanka recently, and for starters, i dont know why anyone needs to resort to prostitutes when the demographics in lanka are 3 girls to every man, yea… no bull. Must be the heat.

Here in Australia, they knock back patrons at clubs if its a sausage sizzle (60 guys to 40 girls ratio). Honestly I had the best time in lanka, chicks every where!

But… my cuzin told me a freaky story bout how girls get in to the business; We went down to the town and I saw a familiar face. So I asked my cuz who it was. He told me who it was, and turns out, that we all used to be friends when we were like 4. (I left lanka when i was 6). So i asked my cuz what the guy does with his life, n apparently he screwed up n drives a tri shaw. So, I though id go say hi to him when my cuz stopped n said, “ah trust me u dont wanna mix with him, his an ass hole” and he explained…

Apparently, the guy chats up girls when they want a liftin the tri shaw. If he succeeds, he takes her somewhere, n does her… most of the time its a park or something where no ones around. He gets his mates to hide her clothes, and and when she realises, they all come out and take photos of her. Then, they gang rape her while taking more photos, and black mail her to join the industry.

I wanted to seriously punch him in the face. Its really sad, but it does happen. So… if ur going to go looking for a working girl at least tip her well, most of them are decent girls who were tricked in to the industry by these dick heads.

2008-07-23 14:44:49

I think you’re friend prawn curry is sick. prostitution still exists today because of people LIKE prawn curry.

susantha perera
2009-04-08 23:21:20


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2009-04-10 10:21:58

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2009-04-15 13:25:38

Why…………………Why……life goes on

ashan silva
2009-04-19 17:29:05

mail me the phone numbers of those girls

2009-05-15 12:49:18

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2009-06-11 18:58:09

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2009-06-11 18:58:49


2009-06-24 15:57:07

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2009-07-09 15:28:05

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